Overall Brand Rating


Bedsure has been around since 1979 and pride themselves in offering premium bedding and products that suit a wide array of individuals. Their mission is to provide individuals with more than comfort, and to introduce products that incorporate the use of smart technology. Bedsure sells directly to customers online to help minimize cost while providing customers with quality products.

Products & Materials

Bedsure specialises in bed-related products such as blankets and throws, mattress pads and protectors, and bed pillows and cushions. The company also sells bedding accessories, as well as towels and bathrobes.

Below is a snapshot of the products that Bedsure currently has:

  • Bedsure sells a wide range of blankets and throws from a cooling weighted blanket to a weighted blanket that have glass beads. They even have a NANOTEX flannel fleece blanket that’s able to resist spills and stains while keeping you nice and toasty
  • For mattress pads and protectors, Bedsure has a selection of six different types from an ultra-soft mattress pad to an overfilled mattress pad depending on which you prefer
  • For their pillowcases, Bedsure has pillowcases that are made with different materials from cooling bamboo to a Lyocell-blend, and even a mulberry silk pillowcase. You’re able to easily select the pillowcase that best suits your needs
  • Duvets and covers by Bedsure comes in different patterns and designs to suit your bedroom interior. From a marble pattern to a spring bloom pattern, you can pick the best duvet cover to match your bedroom
  • Similar to the duvets and covers, the comforters and quilts also comes in different colors and patterns to suit your needs. Bedsure sells a reversible comforter, and even a 100% cotton all-season quilted down alternative comforter
  • For bed pillows and cushions, Bedsure has two types – a bio-zero cashew pillow, and a bio-zero cooling pillow. The cashew pillow is specifically designed for stomach and back sleepers as the shape of the pillow helps to adapt to your sleep position


Prices of the Bedsure items are generally affordable and come in a wide range of prices. For blankets for example, the Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket can be purchased at an affordable amount of $13.99. On the other hand, the Bedsure cooling weighted blanket can cost up to $59.99.

Warranty & Returns

Warranties aren’t explicitly stated on the website; hence, it would be best to check with a customer service professional on if there are any warranties for the items. For returns, Bedsure has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Hence full refunds will be provided for any reason within 30 days after the date of purchase. All you have to do is fill up a form, and a customer professional will respond to you on the return process.

Shipping Information

Bedsure ships internationally at a hefty price. If you’re ordering from Bedsure, it would probably be best if you’re ordering within the United States as shipping is much more affordable. Bedsure doesn’t offer much information about the shipping process on their website. However, you can easily drop them an email to find out more information on the shipping processing time.