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Best Pillows for Camping

Rank Product Highlights Warranty

REDCAMP Outdoor Camping Pillow

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  • Small compression, but larger pillow size
  • Very lightweight
  • Washable cover is soft and convenient
1 year

Chillax UltraLight Camping Pillow

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  • Easily adjustable
  • Very light and easy to pack
  • Durable construction
100% lifetime guarantee

Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Camping Travel Pillow

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  • Fast and easy to inflate, deflate, and pack
  • Soft sleep surface
  • Wipes clean easily

Cozy Hut Portable Memory Foam Camping Pillow

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  • Very conforming
  • Washable cover is a perk
  • Rolls up easily but doesn’t flatten when in use
30 day distributor returns

COOP Home Goods Camping Pillow with Bamboo Cover


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  • Fully adjustable
  • Machine washable
  • Full size feel in a compact package
30 day guarantee

If you like to camp, then you know the experience of trying to minimize your camping materials, but still create a comfortable experience. This is especially true if you are hiking and carrying your gear. What you lay your head down upon each night can make the difference between the rest you deserve after a long day of fresh air, or dragging yourself around in exhaustion the next.


Unfortunately, the pillows we are used to are larger and cumbersome, and hardly conducive to a camping and/or backpacking trip. Investing a good camping pillow is most definitely worth the investment, as it most likely last you the rest of your camping lifetime due to its more irregular use. The best camping pillow is one that will help support your sleep position, and yet pack down small enough to be lightweight and take up little space- leaving you more room for other necessities.

What is a Camping Pillow?

A camping pillow is a small pillow made specifically for travel situations. It is usually much smaller than your regular sized bed pillows you are used to. It is often compressible in nature and fits into smaller spaces, or clips onto backpacks with ease. It also is usually very lightweight in order to keep from adding unneeded additional heft to your pack. It usually is only large enough to hold your head in one position, and is not made for side to side movement, but is much more comfortable than going without.


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Types of Camping Pillows

There actually are quite a few different type of camping pillows that you can choose from in order to find what is most comfortable for your sleep position. Camping pillows can also fit your style of camping as you may have more room when traveling by vehicle compared to backpacking, and carrying all your needed supplies


Inflatable pillows may either be self inflating, or needs a pump (or your own power) to inflate. Those that require inflation are actually adjustable to better fit your own personal preferences. Both styles are very lightweight, and have various covers for protection against sharp objects.


Compressible Foam

Foams often compress or roll into a small packages, and then inflate rather quickly when you are ready to sleep upon it. They take up small spaces when compressed, but may weigh a bit more due to the density of the material.