Coop Home Goods The Original Improved Dawn Bamboo Adjustable Pillow

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Coop Home Goods The Original Improved Dawn Bamboo Adjustable Pillow

Coop Home Goods has built quite the reputation within the sleep industry surrounding adjustable comfort products. Their pillows in particular are constantly improved upon, and combine quality materials with quality workmanship for a dependable choice upon which to lay your head – no matter which position you prefer to sleep in.

The Sleep Judge Review Team recently acquired a new and improved Original Bamboo Dawn Adjustable Pillow to try out. The following highlights the features of this pillow, as well as our own detailed accounts of our own experiences. Read on below to see what has changed, and what is as comfortable as ever.

 Filling: Polyester fill / Shredded memory foam

 Loft: Adjustable

 Sleep Positions: All

 Warranty: 5 years

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Coop Home Goods Company History

Founded by siblings in 2014, and kept as a small family run business, Coop Home Goods rose to popularity with their Original Bamboo Adjustable Pillow – an adjustable pillow through the use of a quality shredded memory foam. Focused on providing sleep comfort that can be customized to your needs, their pillow, and pillow combos, are designed with the many shapes and sizes of their customers in mind.

Similar to the first design that ever came from the company, the new and improved Original Pillow boasts a bamboo blend cover for breathable air flow, and a shredded foam and poly thread fill. They also have added a name to it to help distinguish it from other pillow designs they have been introducing. Called the Dawn, it suggests the beginning of something new- a fitting choice for their original design. Made to conform to your unique body weight and shape, the filling can be adjusted to your specific sleep position to keep your spine in alignment.


The pillow came in a smaller, branded rectangular box within which was extra filling, the vacuum sealed, and rolled pillow, as well as an instruction card. It was very well presented and upon unwrapping the pillow immediately began to inflate, making it easy to fluff. You also can toss the pillow in the dryer to help fluff it up, but I found hand fluffing in the is instance quick and easy.

When I first unwrapped the pillow it had a very strong offassing smell. This is pretty typical of memory foam that has been stored in an airtight container, but I was surprised at the initial strength. Luckily, it did dissipate very quickly, and within 20 minutes I could not smell it at all unless I pressed my nose to the pillow. Within 2 hours I couldn’t smell it at all.

First Impressions

I very much enjoyed their first original design, and immediately looked forward to seeing what changes, however slight, may have improved their comfort goals. At first glance the difference between the pillows are pretty much not noticeable. The New Dawn Original does have additional filling, which is a nice touch for anyone needing a fuller, more firm choice. Plus, the company stands behind their comfort claims and are willing to provide more if needed.

In searching for anything different I felt that the cover was a bit thinner overall than the first version. Upon further inspection, the filling is mixed with a fiberfill as well rather than only shredded memory foam. Plus, the pillow is not marketed as a cooling pillow anymore, as the company has released a version specific for cooling purposes: the COOP Eden Pillow.

The features and benefits of a product are the details you should pay attention to in order to decide if this is a good choice for you. Below we have highlighted these individually with our own opinions based on our review of the pillow.

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The pillow comes in both queen and king sizes, plus a body pillow and travel camp pillow option is offered as well. This is a nice way to provide variances for bed size, as well as body size and comfort needs. Travel pillows are also often great choices for little heads; and if you have a toddler you would love to spoil, this is a great option.

I received the queen size, which fit perfectly within the queen size pillowcase I had. There was plenty of room for it to be used without it being overly compressed, and covered it well for added protection. Fully filled (without the extra that comes separate with the pillow) it sets at approximately 9 inches high, making it a decent loft overall.

Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam and Polyfill Blend

The foam used by the company is CertiPUR-US certified to provide you peace of mind concerning volatile compounds and caustic chemical use. These products pass a rigorous test to ensure you are receiving a quality foam with no harmful off gassing or other ill effects of the materials used in their creation. It also is freshly shredded into varying size pieces, and is not made with the byproduct waste of cut foam.

As mentioned, one of the new details of this pillow is that the foam is now blended with a poly fiberfill. This helps aerate, and separate the foam to keep it from compressing together when you lay upon it. The overall feel is a bit more malleable,and soft compared to the original design. This works well with the slightly thinner case to provide a bit more of a feather and down-like feel to the pillow.

The fill is easily accessible through the interlock casing that provides a zipper along the entire length of one side. You can add, or remove as much fill as you need to increase the firmness levels, or help soften and thin the overall loft of the pillow for varying sleep position needs. It can be slightly messy, but the fiberfill helps keep the shreds together a bit more than the original and there seems to be slightly less static- making it easy to store in a separate plastic back.

The bamboo derived viscose and polyester blend case is called Lulltra, and is quilted to provide a luxurious feel and increased airflow. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and dirt resistant, and the blend provides a slightly plush, but breathable surface that allows for easy pillow shaping and malleability for you to get as comfortable as you can..

Personally I did like the thicker feel of their first original case, but completely understand their move in making it slightly different to meet the needs of their consumers. It is still plush and soft, and very high quality. This change provides increased airflow and a cooler sleep surface.

Interlock Inner Casing

The interlock inner casing is for the containment of the fill and is made from 100% polyester fabric. With a 100 thread count, the inner case is highly breathable and serves its purpose well as it does not add to the overall profile or change the feel of the filling adjustments.

Lay Flat, Hidden Zipper

If you aren’t looking specifically for the zipper, you most likely will miss it. The inner zipper lays flat and is not at all felt from the outside, and the outer zipper is sewn into the seam in such a way that it not only lays flat, but looks like any other seam along the pillow case. This is pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this company inthe way of both quality and detail. The attention to small conveniences such as this showcases the care and attention they put into their products.

Pillow Care

What is even more spectacular about this pillow is that it is completely machine washable and dryable. All of it- fill included- can be washed as long as you take care to dry it completely. This is great news as most memory foams (and foams in general) begin to degrade with moisture as it is hard to completely dry out the dense structure. Obviously the shredded foam does provide more surface space for drying, plus you can remove the foam as well if needed.

The warranty on material and workmanship is more than generous. With 5 years of coverage, you are eligible for a replacement if your pillow has a defect of any sort. Many pillows have limited periods of returns for any reason simply because of the more personal nature of the product. Coop Home Goods is more concerned about your comfort and their product life than to make you uncomfortable in any way.

There isn’t much to criticize concerning this pillow as it is a popular pick amongst consumers looking for an adjustable sleep surface. The only drawback of a design like this is that you cannot get a thinner, firm surface as the more fill you remove, the softer the pillow becomes.

The complaints are specific to the offgassing that is noticeable upon opening, and that the pillow may be too soft for some sleepers overall depending on body shape and size. Some have also mentioned that after the better part of a year the pillow will have gone fairly flat. Although I haven’t experienced this with their products, the warranty should cover an issue such as this and I am sure you could get more fill if what you received was defective.

But other than this, people are impressed with the comfort, and how easy it is to adjust. The malleable feel and ability to shape it is also popular for many people to help support their unique sleep positions. Even those who did not like the pillow for themselves make comment on the quality of the pillow, and the unique design.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

As a stomach and side sleeper I prefer a pillow that has some shaping ability to better support my head and neck if I change positions through the night. Down and feather pillows are my regularly go to, but I seriously appreciate an adjustable sleep surface that still provides some malleability. Overall, this was a great pillow for me after finding my adjustment levels. The fill is a bit of a pain to get stored without making a mess, but if you do it over a pillow case at least it is all contained in one area for easy cleanup.


I like to decompress after a long day by taking a quick 10 to 15 minute nap. I usually do this on my back and if the pillow I’m using is too firm or flat, I’ll start to get a tension headache up the back of my head within a few minutes. A good, soft, plush surface is what I prefer, and this pillow is the perfect match for this. I did remove about half the fill for stomach sleeping which also worked well for this.


I sleep on my side part of the time if I tuck a pillow between my knees. To me, this pillow is the perfect side sleeping choice as it sets up under your neck and head to help bring you into alignment, and the filling can be shifted around for even more comfort. The fill does not loft up around your face at all, and redistributes in all the right places.

When sleeping on your stomach you really should have as thin a pillow as possible, if one at all. I like to lay on the pillow to allow for a gentle slope that supports my upper body, head, and neck better than if I used a pillow under my head only. This is a great pillow choice for this as it shapes well under body weight and reduces pressure points without creating a firm surface. Since I roll onto my side through the night I had only removed about half the fill in order to be able to tuck the pillow under my neck without feeling as if I had too high a pillow.

The offgassing of this pillow was bothersome to some, especially those sensitive to such things. Plus, despite the extra fill it comes with, it is still a fairly medium firm feel without the solid core feel of other memory foam pillow products. To some, this is still too soft for their personal preferences, making an adjustable pillow probably not their best choice overall.

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In comparison to other bamboo pillow choices, this is probably one of the best in the industry. It is highly breathable, well made, and comes with an amazing warranty. Customers everywhere have praised the original design, and now highly recommend the newest update for even better comfort. We found it to be one of the best in the business overall for its category of claims, and have it as a top rated choice.

Our Final Verdict

When you need an adjustable comfort, and are not sure which pillow fits you best, you would do well to consider the Coop Home Goods Improved Original Dawn Pillow. Made specifically to meet the needs of a wide variety of sleepers, this is a filly adjustable pillow that provides comfort and cushioning where needed. Also fully washable, your peace of mind for long lasting use is put to use through regular laundering for hygiene and fluffing of the shredded foam blend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Side, Back, and Stomach.

What is the loft?


Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Moderate- wears off after around 48 hours.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

5 years.

Is there offgassing?

Moderate- wears off after around 48 hours.