Best Satin Pillowcases: Soothing Comfort for Your Head

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#1 SLPBABY 100% Natural Pure Silk Satin Pillowcase

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  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: silk
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king
#2 Morning Glamour Single Satin Bag Pillowcase

Different types of fabrics can affect how your hair ‘rests’, and the best pillowcase for your hair is one that is specifically can help keep you tangle free.Click for Price

  • Closure Style: envelope
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard

DreamHome Satin Pillowcase with Zipper

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  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: Polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king

Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase

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  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard

Sweet Dreams Blissford Luxury Satin Pillowcase

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  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king, European

Even more important than the material of the sheets you choose for your bed is the material you lay your head directly down upon. The comfort of your pillow does much to influence your sleep, and the sensitive skin of your face deserve a fabric that influences a healthy complexion. There are many different fabrics from which bed linens are made, but one of the most popular for a more luxurious feel is satin.

Satin is a smooth, silky looking (and feeling) material that is popular for both skin and hair care. Below is an overview of some of the best satin pillowcases you can buy if they happen to be a choice you are considering.

Why Use a Pillow Case?


Many pillows already come with an all-encompassing cover that provides an initial barrier between you and the actual pillow itself. But it is important to provide your own pillowcase as well since body moisture and oils can gather rather quickly upon the fabric, and shorten the life of your pillow support if not properly cared for. This is especially true of foam pillows as many of these are not at all washable and will break down and compress over time.

A pillowcase is also easily removable for washing, which is something you want to do regularly since you lay your delicate skin against it. Your face deserves a clean surface for both complexions, as well as to help keep fine lines and wrinkles from being aggravated. Having multiple pillowcases allow for you to change them out regularly for a fresh feel.

Types of Pillowcases

The pillowcases we use to lay our heads upon and place our pillows within, come in a few different designs for both convenience and style. These choices are offered for personal preference- mostly in relation to aesthetic purposes and pillow size.


These are a common style designed to fit over the pillow to keep it securely enclosed within. These types of cases often have a button, zipper, or envelope type flap to keep the pillow from sliding out, and is often seen in smoother, more silky fabrics that have reduced friction against the pillow.

Bag Style

This is probably the most popular and well-known pillowcase style. It has an open ‘bag-like’ end to slip your pillow into. They do not close shut completely but typically have a longer end to help enclose and protect your pillow.

Oxford and Mock Oxford

Oxford and Mock Oxford style cases enclose your pillow through an envelope style opening. The case frames your pillow with a 2 to the 3-inch border with a mitered Oxford corner, or a plain mock style.

What is Satin?


Satin is not a raw material but is a term used to describe a type of weave. This is a complicated weave that staggers the threads and floats them before weaving them. This creates a smooth, soft surface, rather than the rougher surface of a regularly interlaced weave. Having fewer interlaces creates a lustrous fabric surface that has a dull, more matte like feel due to how the weave is created.

Satin uses silk within its creation, but other acceptable fibers include nylon and polyester. When cotton is used, the resulting fabric is called sateen, due to how it is woven to create the smooth surface.

The fabric is thousands of years old and was first created in China. By the middle ages, it was being produced in Italy and became popular throughout Europe for furniture coverings. BY the 1800’s it was considered a high-class material for dressmaking. To this day it is associated with luxury and quality.

Why Choose a Satin Pillowcase?

Although cotton and cotton blend pillows are the most popular bed linen choices for good reason, satin is definitely one that should not be overlooked. For all of the cotton’s amazing qualities, it also can be very drying to hair and skin. Cotton also can wrinkle under your weight and pressure, creating lines on your skin.

Satin, especially when made from silk, has the beneficial qualities of silk – which are quite similar to human skin due to the chemical proteins found within it. This provides a smooth, gentle surface to rest your head against, and is healthy for your face as it helps prevent breakout since it does not absorb as many oils from your skin. Plus it does not leave behind sleep wrinkles, which play havoc on your skin’s elasticity.


Hair also benefits from this smoother surface as it does not have as much friction to work against, leaving you to tangle free the next morning. Those with thin, fine hair, and coarse, frizzy hair especially like these properties. Nylon and polyester alternatives to silk are just as effective due to how the same techniques are used in the weaving, and the fine strong threads of both these synthetic fibers.

How to Choose the Best Satin Pillowcase for You

Satin pillowcases are fairly similar to one another overall, but your major differences will lie in the raw fibers used in their creation. Many times this is completely unnoticeable in feel and the only major difference may be seen in overall affordability.

Do you sleep hot?

If you sleep hot then this may be a choice you want to closely consider prior to purchasing. Silk is fairly temperature regulating but is considered an excellent insulator. So is nylon and polyester, and the unique satin weave combines fine fibrous threads closely together, making them less breathable than other types of materials.

Do you have sensitive skin or skin issues?

As mentioned, satin can be a healthy choice for your skin sensitivities as it does not hold oils and dirt like some other types of fabrics. It supports skin elasticity and does not leave behind sleep wrinkles.

Do you have hair issues?

If you have fine, thin, or coarse hair then you most likely struggle with tangles each morning as the friction from a more course pillowcase can create havoc. A satin pillowcase is excellent for helping keep that friction from occurring and allowing your hair to stay healthy with less damage and breakage.

Top Satin Pillowcase Choices

There are many good quality pillowcases available, but the following highlight some of the most highly rated cases through consumer feedback. Value, comfort, and durability are all factors that place them in the top picks

1. Morning Glamour Single Satin Bag Pillowcase


  • Closure Style: envelope
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard

Who Should Purchase This Product:

This is a single pillowcase, made to be your main sleep surface. It only fits standard pillow sizes and measures 20 x 26 inches. The polyester provides easy maintenance as well.

2. DreamHome Satin Pillowcase with Zipper


  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: Polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king

The DreamHome Satin Pillowcase is soft and luxuriously smooth to the touch. This lends itself well to skin and hair health to deter tangles, and hold your curls and body Made from polyester, it is both machines washable and dryable and has a zippered closure to keep your pillow snug and well shaped through the night. Offered in many colors to fit your decor, standard, queen, and king sizes are available to fit your pillow choices.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

A matching set of pillowcases are sold together to provide you with what you need to keep your bed in order. If concerns about pillow movement exist, this is a completely enclosed case with hidden zipper closure.

3. SLPBABY 100% Natural Pure Silk Satin Pillowcase


  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: silk
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king


SLPBABY silk satin pillowcases are made with 100% mulberry silk and are created with your comfort in mind. Silk is recommended by dermatologist for skin sensitivities, and the smooth surface is conducive to hair health: keeping it from tangling and split ends. The hidden zipper ensures your pillow stays put through the night as well. These come in many colors and patterns, as well as sizes to fit your needs.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you want nothing less than the original silk satin, this is an excellent choice. It can be machine washed but must be hung to dry.

4. Betty Dain Satin Pillowcase


  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard


Betty Dain Satin Pillowcases come in a variety of colors and fun patterns and are made specifically by a beauty industry leader to provide a healthy sleep environment for your skin and hair. A concealed zipper helps keep your pillow secure and keeps the comfort from being compromised, and it washes well with your regular laundry. You can even machine dry it. Sold as a single case, it is designed to be your regular go-to for night time beauty care.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

Great for skin and hair, this particular pillow is made for beauty and is easy to care for choice.

5. Sweet Dreams – Blissford Luxury Satin Pillowcase


  • Closure Style: zipper
  • Fiber Source: polyester
  • Sizes Available: standard, queen, king, European


With many colors and patterns available, the Sweet Dreams Polyester Satin pillowcase is another great option. A high thread count promises soft comfort, and easy care with machine wash and dry as well staying wrinkle resistant. This pillow is made specifically for hair care to avoid matting, breaking, and tangles. Skin is also supported by the soft surface.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

This is a great value pillow that is available in many sizes, as well as choices. You can also purchase pillows as pairs or individually to fit your needs.


Satin pillowcases are exactly what your skin and hair ordered. Even if you choose a polyester blend over silk, you still get the amazing benefits of the satin weave which supports a wrinkle-free sleep experience, as well as a way to keep your hair from drying out and becoming a tangled mess come morning. A top favorite pick overall is the SLPBABY 100% Natural Pure Silk Satin Pillowcase as it provides a lot of choices from which to choose, including sizes up to a king. It also has a hidden zipper to keep your pillow from slipping free and keep the comfort intact while you sleep.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are satin pillowcases good?

Satin pillowcases are a great option for people that love a luxurious soft feeling at night. Like a silk pillow, a satin pillow comes with a myriad of beauty benefits. A satin pillowcase is as beneficial to your complexion and hair as it is to your mind for a restful night's sleep. You may have noticed these sleep wrinkles if you sleep on your side. Replacing your cotton pillow case with a satin one can result in much fewer of those. Satin helps keep your hair looking fresh and reduces the look of “bedhead” in the morning. Because Satin is a synthetic material and is widely available it is a more economical choice than silk often costing half of the price. Also, satin is easier to clean than silk as it can be thrown into the wash with all of your other laundry.

Why do people use satin pillowcases?

Aside from the silken feeling a satin pillowcase provides the sleeper there are a number beauty benefits from a satin pillow. Theys can help reduce the cause of wrinkles because the smooth surface offers little friction while you sleep, whereas traditional cotton pillowcases can tug on the skin. In addition, satin pillowcases help keep eyelashes and eyebrows more intact because your face glides back and forth on the pillow without friction. This can result in less breakage and loss. Satin pillowcases can be especially helpful for those who wear eyelash extensions. A satin pillow will help your complexion as satin does not absorb oils easily which will keep your skin clean and avoid it from getting dry or over oily both of which can cause breakouts.

What are the best satin pillowcases?

The DreamHome Satin Pillowcase is super soft and smooth made from 100% polyester. This soft, sensuous satin helps to protect and keep your hair silky smooth while you sleep. They come in a set of two and are wrinkle free and stain resistant.

How do you wash satin pillowcases?

It is recommended that you wash your satin pillowcase weekly. They can be washed with your other laundry in cold water with mild liquid detergent on a gentle cycle. Do not bleach your satin as bleach can damage the polyester fibers. If your pillowcase does not contain polyester you can bleach it but through an onerous two-step process. Avoid washing the pillowcases into a large load of laundry that contains heavy fabrics as they may snag the satin. Instead, wash the cases with satin sheets or other delicates.

Can you put satin pillowcases in the dryer?

It is preferred to air dry your satin pillowcase on a clothesline in the sun or breeze. However, they can be dried in the dryer on low heat. Just make sure you remove the pillowcase before they are completely dry to avoid static. A dryer sheet may also help prevent this. You can also shake the pillowcases while they are wet to remove wrinkles and excess water after the final rinse and spin cycles complete. Do not wring out the water as this may wrinkle or crease the satin.