What Size is a King Size Pillow Case?

When picking out linens for your home, it can be difficult to make decisions due to the fact that there are so many options to choose from! You could have linens with different textures, colors, sizes, images, etc. Choosing linens for the master bedroom can be especially challenging because you want it to represent a place of peace and tranquility. Finding a good pillowcase that fits your king sized bed can be tricky, but we will be going over some different sizes that you can look into in the article below.

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California King

A California king is the largest size that is commonly used. If you have a king sized bed, it would make sense that you have a king sized pillow to match! A California king sized pillow case will be approximately 20” long by 36” wide.

Regular King

Surprisingly, a regular king pillowcase is actually just about the same size as a California king! A pillowcase to match a regular king sized bed would come in at 20” long by 36” wide.

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Queen Sized

Just because you have a king sized bed and headboard does not mean that you are limited to only using king sized pillow cases. Try mixing and matching different sizes for aesthetic appeal. A typical queen size pillowcase is about 20” long by 30” wide.

Regular Sized

The same logic can be applied to standard sized pillows. You could have multiple smaller pillows decorating your bed, or to be used for extra comfort. A standard pillowcase will usually come in a size of 20” long by 26” wide.

Play with Pillow Designs

Having a nicely made up bed is part of what makes your bedroom your safe haven. It is up to you to decide how you would like to arrange them. One popular idea for a king sized bed is to have a larger pillow in the back, and a smaller (maybe a standard pillow) in front.

Another suggestion would be to have two queen-sized pillows in the back, and two throw pillows in the front. Or you could go all out and have a layered tier of pillows, starting with three big ones in the back, and steadily getting smaller until you are left with one tiny cushion in the front.

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Once you decide on a size for your pillows, there are other important choices to make. The material of your pillowcase will be a familiar sensation to you at the end of a long day. A satin pillowcase will be very shiny and smooth to the touch. It will also not bunch up and leave crease marks on your face as you sleep. Satin is seen as being a luxury material and therefore is more expensive than other materials.


Cotton is a much more common material that is often used in pillow cases. Cotton is a material that will keep you cool when you sleep, and it can absorb sweat. However, cotton tends to bunch up under your head as you sleep, which can leave slight marks on your skin.

Nylon pillows are another option that you could pursue. Nylon has the appearance of satin at a cheaper price. However, nylon is not an absorbent material, and your face can get sweaty when using it. When you wash nylon pillow cases, they will dry quickly and be ready for the next use.

Velvet pillowcases are not a common material but are still used sometimes. It is very comfortable against your skin when you sleep. The problem with velvet is that it can get very warm during the summer. This can be combated with a fan or AC. It is also difficult to wash velvet.

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Which Pillows are Best for Comfort?

This question is tricky to answer because everyone has their own unique preferences as to how they sleep best. However, there are a few guidelines to follow for a general idea. People who usually sleep on their side or stomach, in particular, tend to squish their pillow up while they sleep. This means that the pillow is creating a sort of mold around its head.

This will maintain the softness and height. If you are this kind of sleeper, the best pillow for you might be a smaller sized one. This could be a standard sized one, or even smaller. This is because the king and queen sized pillows will typically have a lot more volume than a smaller one.

Other sleepers actually prefer to keep their pillow on top of their head, to avoid any light or noise sneaking through. Again, a king or queen pillow might not be best, due to their heavier weight and size. A pillow that would be best for this situation would be one that has a very soft fill, perhaps with feathers or all down.

A queen size pillow would be best for someone who tends to toss and turn during the night. The sleeper will have a lot of room on each side of the pillow. The extra size will give the sleeper a reassuring feeling of safety and security.

A king-sized pillow would appeal to people who spend a lot of time reading or doing work in bed. King pillows have the extra length and width for comfort, but they also provide good back support. They are good for leaning back against the headboard with a book or laptop.

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The Bottom Line

A California king and a regular king-sized pillowcase are the largest options that are commonly available. If you want something larger than these, you will likely have to order it special and have it custom made. You have a lot of choices about the design of the pillows, and what the cases are made out of. The best type of pillow for you may depend on what type of sleeper you are, so be sure to pay attention to that before you make a purchase.