How Wide is a King Size Bed Frame?

When searching for a new bed, you may have become blinded by the many products you have to choose from pertaining to both mattress and frame style. Some truly excellent designs in decor and comfort exist, and it can quickly become overwhelming to narrow down your choices.

One thing you can do to help you begin to pick from all that has been presented is to focus on measurements first in order to ensure your top choices will fit where you need them to. This is especially true if you are looking to size up from what you currently may have. A common question many have is how wide is a king size bed frame, as width, more so then length, can cause problems with upsizing.

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Common Bed Sizes

The most familiar bed size terminology that people commonly associate with include twin, full, queen, and king. Twin and full size beds are popular with children who are getting their first beds, especially since both are also found as part of bunk bed frame designs. These are great choices for kids as they can easily accommodate a grown adult as well, and work to help transition a child into adulthood. Queen and king size beds are more popular with married couples, as well as young adults looking to upgrade from their single bed status as they gain their independence within their first home.

— Mattress Sizes

Many people forget that in searching for a new bed, they need to not only accommodate the mattress size, but also the frame size. Mattress measurements are a good starting point in order to have a rough estimate of how much space you need to accommodate your new sleeping surface. In case you need a reminder of what those are:

Mattress Size In Inches In Feet
Twin 39 x 75 3’4” x 6’2”
Full (Double) 54 x 75 4’6” x 6’2”
Queen 60 x 80 5’ x 6’8”
King 76 x 80 6’4” x 6’8”


There are, of course a few variation, such as an extra long twin, an Olympic and California California Queen, as well as a California King which are usually add length, rather than width to their overall measurements. These sizes require their own bed frames and special sheets for a correct fit.

Most Popular Bed Size

Queen Size Bed Dimension

The most popular bed size for for those initially first investing in their own bed is a queen. They are often seen as a good investment as they can easily transition to a guest bed as a household grows, or when decor and style are being upgraded in a master bedroom. Because of this, almost half the world’s adult population sleep upon a queen sized bed for a majority of their adulthood, if not all.

Therefor, when those looking to size up for a little bit of extra bed space as a family grows, or simply to be able to spread out, the most common questions surrounding bed size deal with king size measurements. How wide and long a king size bed frame is, is an important consideration for your space. The size difference compared to a queen is noticeable, and should be taken into account to keep from crowding your sleeping area.

King Size Beds

King Size Bed Dimension

Obviously a bed frame of any size can vary greatly depending the style you are considering. Floating platform beds will be generally wider and longer per the design, as will most anything that includes a storage – such a shelving and drawers. Sleigh style frames will be longer to accommodate the curvature of the head and foot boards, but there is one thing they will all have in common: the space provided for the mattress to rest within.

If a simple frame is all you want, then you can expect to add, on average, between 2 to 5 inches extra to your mattress measurements. This is to accommodate the materials the frame is made from, although exact dimensions will always be offered by the manufacturer. King size beds (not to be confused with California kings- more on that below) are actually the same length as a queen size bed, but the difference lies in width.

A king is a full 16 inches wider than a queen, allowing you quite a bit of extra space to spread out in. But when you consider that you need to allow for both mattress and frame increase, you are looking at a minimum 18 more inches (and quite possible up to 21 inches) of floor space needed to accommodate the larger size.

— California King

California King Size Bed Dimension

If 18+ inches of width is too much for you to make room for, you may want to consider a California King. This mattress measures only 72 inches in width, but is longer by 4 inches than a standard king or queen bed. This means you may only have to accommodate approximately 14 inches of width at minimum, and only around 4 to 6 inches more of length.

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Much too often people find a product they love and forget to consider the space it belongs within. This is especially true when searching for furniture pieces that you may very well spend the rest of your life upon. A king size bed is significantly wider than a queen, but of the same length, requiring you to find quite a bit of room to accommodate it. A California King, on the other hand, adds to both width and length, but may very well fit your space better than a standard king.

No matter you decision, just be sure to approach your purchase with measurements of your space in hand so you don’t end up with a crowded room, or a heartbreaking return. If you have any questions, please let us know below!