What Size is a Queen Pillowcase?

With so many independent sleep industry companies making headway for personal comfort choices, you’ve probably noticed that the sizing of many products may not all be measuring quite the same anymore. Although usually, these differences are slight, an inch or two here and there and can make a fitted sheet or pillowcase a bit more snug, or loose, than you expected.

Queen pillows are the most popular pillow size, and often runs hand in hand with a smaller standard choice- making them almost indistinguishable from one another. If you are an owner of new pillows and have run into fitting problems with your linens, you probably have begun wondering what size is a queen pillowcase exactly? We are going to answer that below.

Standard Pillow Sizes

Short of sewing your own pillow cases, you depend upon a standard measurement of pillow sizes to coincide with existing pillowcases for good coverage and fit. For the most part, your pillows sizes will match up properly with their respective case sizes, making it important to understand the dimensions of your pillows, to begin with. For this article, we are focused on the pillows used to rest your head upon.

Standard, Queen, and King sizes are the labels you will see pertaining to the pillows you lay your head upon each night. Although there are variations from time to time in their measurements in relation to the company they are constructed by, these are usually slight, and of no drastic concern pertaining to your pillowcase fit. You should always be aware of measurements prior to the purchase of any product, however.

If you are interested in alternative pillow sizes and shapes, Understanding Bed Pillow Sizes and Dimensions can provide you with even more information.

Pillow Size Pillow Measurements
Standard 20 x 26 inches
Queen 20 x 30 inches
King 20 x 36 inches


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Pillowcases vs Pillows

A pillow’s dimensions are not restricted to its length and width; you also need to take into account the loft of the pillow. The loft of a pillow is defined by how high it measures when resting upon a flat surface. Loft does not define firmness level, however, as a lofty feather pillow will distribute into a much thinner surface when compressed, whereas a memory foam pillow may keep its overall height under the same weight.

Because of this, your pillowcase must take into account the overall dimensions and materials of the pillow you are using it for in order not to compromise the comfort you have been promised by the product. If you try to place a queen size pillow in a standard pillowcase, it may look like it fits perfectly fine, but the case may keep the filling from distributing under your head correctly, creating a firmer feel.

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Queen Pillowcase Dimensions

You, of course, want to purchase the respective pillowcase size to match the pillow you have. In general, a pillowcase is approximately 1 inch longer in length and width than the pillow size you have chosen (excluding the flap end). But you should also be aware that there are different categories of pillowcases:

— Housewife

Housewife style pillow cases are some of the most popular styles you can purchase. These cases are made to fit snugly upon your pillow and are enclosed via a zipper, button, or envelope style flap to hold your pillow and keep it from slipping, They provide a clean, and crisp fit, and overall measure only slightly larger than a standard queen pillow.

— Bag Style

A bag style pillowcase is probably the most familiar to consumers. This pillowcase is exactly as it sounds, as the pillow fits into the case through an opened ‘bag’ end. These do not close completely over the pillow, and these longer ends not only provide easy pillow access but also help keep your pillow enclosed and protected. The area your pillow sits within is slightly larger than the pillow, with the end flaps being an extra 3.5-5 inches longer.

— Oxford and Mock Oxford

An Oxford and Mock Oxford provides a snug fit for your pillow via a back envelope style opening. It also includes an extended case surface around the whole of the area your pillow sits within- almost like a frame. These borders are generally 2 to 3 inches in width, adding to your overall dimensions. An Oxford case has mitered corners, whereas a mock does not.

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There you have it! Your queen size pillowcase size is very much determined by the accepted queen pillow size put forth within the industry as a norm. Many pillows are sold as standard/queen and may fall between the provided measurements, and others may be sized in accordance to the comfort they are supposed to provide. Be sure to be aware of pillow measurements when purchasing cases in order to ensure a good fit.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know below!

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