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Wenersi Down Filled Soft Pillow

Your pillow choices are incredibly important additions to your health as they can support your overall body alignment and aid in proper positioning to keep you sleeping well. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of shopping for pillows with only personal preference in mind, rather than the knowledge of what their needs actually are. Most misunderstood is the term soft when used to describe a pillow, and how it relates to overall comfort and support.

The Sleep Judge Team has gathered a series of top reviewed soft pillow choices, and have slept with, carried around, laid upon, folded, and squished these products to provide you with soft pillow choices handpicked from our own experiences. The Wenersi Soft Goose Down Pillow is one of our favorites as seen in our reviews below.

Breakdown of the Wenersi Goose Down Filled Pillow

Wenersi is a company that specializes in home and sleep textiles and provides a high-quality product to aide in your sleep quality. Considered a premium product, the Wenersi Goose Down Filled Pillow is available in varying comfort levels as well as sizes, and it goes through a vigorous cleaning process to ensure you get an allergy-free, comforting night’s sleep.

The materials used in the construction of this pillow are chosen to provide a contouring, soft foundation, and a luxurious cover. Durable and cooling, the details that go into the pillow are there to provide a long-lasting product that helps contain, and distribute the fill when weight is applied. The goose down and micro feather combination keeps your pillow from breaking down over time and providing a long-lasting product.


These pillows come vacuum sealed in plastic and are rather very flat in nature upon arrival. They do start to fluff up right away but not quickly, and to really get them to fully expand you need to give it a few hours, or even toss it in the dryer on low to get them tossed around to get plump. I never noticed any smells from vacuum sealing, storage, or shipping, and the pillows don’t seem to be any worse for wear for being so tightly sealed. I did notice that the casing was very springy and did make a low crackling noise that I expected would eventually go away- and mostly did after tossing in the dryer.

Features & Benefits

Although personal preference is a huge factor to consider when making your sleep product choices, you do need to look to your purchases with proper positioning and sleep health in mind. Not all soft pillows are made equally, and some have more fill than others- which can change the way they are used and feel. Be sure to research your choices to know what they are specified for in order to make the correct decision before purchase. We’ve provided the details of each feature below to better help you make this choice.


The Wenersi pillow is offered in 2 choices: a queen or a king size pillow. Standard pillow sizes in the industry measure 20×30 and 20×36 inches for these sizes, and the Wenersi pillows are considered acceptable at 20×28 and 20×36 inches for the queen and king sized pillows respectively. This ensures they will fit into industry sized pillow cases without bunching.

King sized pillows are usually used for larger bodies, or wider shoulders in order to provide proper support. They are not recommended for everyday use for average-sized sleepers as a pillow that is too large for your body shape can create comfortable sleep and keep from allowing your body to rest in a naturally aligned position. I did find the queen size to be quite large overall and more than enough material and shapeable fill for many pillowy uses. Anything larger, in my opinion, would have been way too much and difficult to get comfortable with.

32 Oz. 5% Goose Down and 95% Micro Feather Fill

Waterfowl down and feathers have been a popular bedding filling for centuries due to how durable and long lasting they can be. They also provide decent airflow, and for the most part are not a product that creates allergy symptoms when properly cleaned. Their lofty nature also supplies a soft surface with an excellent underlying support that doesn’t crush beneath the weight and redistributes well within the casing.

The 32 ounces of filling is considered an average to slightly above average fill quantity to allow for a bit more support and overall versatility. Many people assume soft equals thin, but this pillow is not a true thin pillow and supports a variety of sleep positions very well. The fill amount and type allows for great shaping to ensure you have comfort where comfort is needed.

Down as a stand-alone fill doesn’t always provide long-lasting support due to how fine the material is. This is why it is often mixed with a stronger feather to provide better overall support and long-lasting comfort qualities. Down provides an added loft and overall softness, plus adds to the shaping quality of a feather and down pillow. Micro feathers are used so you don’t feel the shape and shaft of them through the casing, plus they are less likely to poke through.

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Anti Allergy ULTRA FRESH Cleansing Technique

Many people avoid feather and down filled sleep products because they feel they are more likely to cause allergies. Actually, most allergies are caused by dust mite discards and casings which can accumulate over time in ANY sleep product when not properly aired out and cared for. The down and feathers of these pillows go through more than just a rigorous cleansing process, they also are treated with ULTRA FRESH, a technique used to ensure an anti-allergy surface that dissuades the growth of bacteria, molds, or fungi within the fill. This provides you the freshest fill possible before being sealed within the casing.


Wenersi offers a soft and firm choice of down and feather filling in this style pillow. Obviously, we have decided to review the soft pillow choice, but the firm provides a full 10 ounces more of filling in the same size casing. This makes the pillow a firmer, more dense choice- although it is still fairly pliable.

As mentioned, just because a pillow is earmarked as soft does not mean it is thin or flat in nature. This is especially true if the pillow has been overfilled by an otherwise soft filling. This pillow is made specifically to feel like a traditional down and feather pillow that can be used by just about anyone in almost any sleep position. The 32-ounce fill may be slightly above average, but it distributes nicely and does not inhibit how shapeable this pillow really is to get the comfort you need exactly where you want it.

I wasn’t sure what this pillow would end up feeling like since it came so compressed. But after it had been plumped up and allowed to breathe for about a day, I was happy to find that it felt exactly as I would have expected a soft, down and feather pillow would feel- meaning that it conforms to your weight excellently, does not loft up around your face or head and distributes outwards, and does not bottom out in any way no matter how you use it.

It is not thick or firm, but it does allow for a great underlying support, plus it folds and shapes very well. Since the pillow is not overfilled, you can easily bunch the filling where you need it. This is especially nice if you like to sleep with an arm under your head or use the pillow to lay your shoulders upon as well.

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100% Cotton Cover

Cotton is a naturally breathable, moisture wicking, hypoallergenic fiber popular within the sleep industry. It helps to keep heat retention at bay and can aid in a cooler night’s sleep. This cover is thick and crisp, and it provides a tight enough weave to keep your down and feathers from poking through. You can spot clean it but is not removable, therefore you should always protect your pillow with a pillow protector and pillowcase to keep it fresh longer.

Mentioned earlier was the sound the pillowcase makes. It is a slightly soft, crinkle sound reminiscent of fresh, clean, newly laundered, and starched sheets. After placing it in a dryer I did notice this had already gone away somewhat, and I suspect that through use it will not be noticeable at all. As it was, it really wasn’t bothersome and only really noticeable if you were listening to it.

Double Stitched, Piped Edging

Since feather and down filling is notorious for working its way out of a pillow over time, the thick case is further enforced by a double stitched piped edge. This helps ensure that the quill ends will not poke through the seams- keeping your pillow loft longer. Even all the way around, the piping is also seen in a contrasting color further giving the pillow clean, quality look.


The loft of a pillow or its height, when placed on a flat surface, can be very deceiving as it often has more to do with the type of fill a pillow has rather than its comfort. This pillow sits approximately 7 inches high and by all means looks like a thicker, more firm surface than what it is. Feathers and down are popular due to how ‘fluffy’ they can get as air fills the spaces easily between their light weight. But once weight is applied they compress and distribute throughout the casing- providing you with a much thinner surface to rest upon.

This pillow rests at about a 2- to 3-inch loft under your head, making it a great choice for back sleeping due to how well it also contours to your shape. You also can move the filling around to lower the loft further to accommodate a stomach sleeper, if needed, or even bunch it up to fill the space between your head and neck while on your side.

Dry Clean Only

You may spot clean the pillow, but to ensure long-lasting comfort, it is suggested you dry clean your pillow only. Because of this, a pillow protector and pillowcase should be in place to better protect and provide a barrier between your skin and the surface of your pillow. Even if you are careful, shed skin cells and oils can accumulate upon your pillow through a case over time, and a protector ensures its freshness for years to come.

Placing your pillow on low heat in the dryer at any time also help keep it plumped as well as killing off any dust mites and its waste which can cause allergy symptoms to flair in sensitive individuals. Letting it sit out in the sun is also a good choice to refresh it as UV rays help kill bacteria and deodorize.

Consumer Reviews

The most mentioned comment by consumers who have purchased this pillow is how true it feels to an old-fashioned down and feather pillow- they remember from their childhood and how shapeable it is. Although some stomach sleepers do comment on its comfort, it is most popular with back and side sleepers who love the plush squish and comfort it provides.

It is also mentioned that they are a good balance between thin and thick, and the contouring is awesome because it doesn’t flatten out completely where you place your head. Some complaints surround how over time the entirety of the pillow begins to take on a flatter, wider shape but almost all say that they fluff back up after being placed in the dryer- and that they also work well when stacked on top of each other.

Descriptions surrounding personal comfort has to deal with it being more firm than other soft pillow choices. As commented above, this is due to the slightly higher fill that still allows for excellent capability but does possibly negate it as a good stomach sleeping choice.

30-Day Distributor Returns

These pillows are sold only through online distributors, therefore, are subject to those company return policies. On average most distributors allow a 30-day return policy as long as the pillow has not been damaged. Be sure to look into any policy concerning returns or refunds prior to purchase.

My Trial Experiences

I’m a natural stomach sleeper and have recently been trying to work my way into a more healthy, side sleeping position. I generally do not like a loftier pillow, especially when sleeping on my stomach as it can poof up on my face. Although I did not lean towards this pillow as a good personal choice for stomach sleeping, I did very much enjoy using it as it is incredibly shaped and soft, in my opinion.

Stomach Trial

For my smaller stature and weight this wasn’t too bad a choice for stomach sleeping, but I did find that it lifted my head a bit too high overall that was noticeable over longer periods of rest. I could easily imagine it to possibly be a perfect choice for a larger body than mine, however. When sleeping on your stomach you do want to allow your head to rest as low as possible to stay in alignment with the rest of your spine. Since you already are displacing your cervical alignment by turning your head to the side, the height ends up playing a crucial role in the stress you place on your lower back.

It does seem like the pillow lofts up and around my face from the photo, but it really does distribute outwards and away from your applied weight. To me, this shows great construction and a quality fill as many other types of fills will lift up around the body, creating heat sinks and material too close to your face.

Back Trial

Although I do not lean towards sleeping on my back, I do like to recline to read or work on a tablet. This is a great, soft surface to use on top of a firmer choice for excellent back and neck support when lounging. I also found it to be great for dozing upon while laying on my back. For me, it served as an excellent napping pillow while laying on the floor watching movies with my children. It was plush and contouring but didn’t hold my head up at an angle which often will cause a crick in my neck and place a strain on both my upper and lower back.

I can see how natural back sleepers, who need a supportive yet contouring thinner choice, would enjoy this pillow. It fills the space between your neck and head very well, and it also allows your head to be just slightly elevated to be in alignment with the rest of your spine.

Side Trial

Although this may not be the best position for all people depending on your body weight and size, the shaping of this pillow truly makes a great side sleeping pillow. You can easily, and with almost no effort, plump the pillow to provide a perfect amount of support under your neck to sleep comfortably in this position.

This was, by far, my favorite way to sleep with this pillow. I loved how ‘squishy’ it was and how well it could be shaped to fit perfectly under my head and neck. Plus, I like to tuck one arm up to the side and under the pillow, and this pillow contours perfectly to my arm without creating the pressure of extra lift to my head.

Other Uses

Soft pillows are excellent body support options as they are usually very pliable and can serve to reduce pressure points as well as provide added lift where needed. Placing a soft pillow behind your back while lounging, beneath your hips and knees to reduce lower back strain, or between your knees are all popular ways that a soft pillow can be used in non-traditional ways.

I personally liked to tuck it up under my shoulder, head, and neck while on my stomach to use it as a short body pillow. This was comforting and provided me with the ability to ease some upper shoulder pain I sometimes experience due to a strained rotator cuff. In short, I would recommend a soft, pliable pillow to be a part of everyone’s sleep comfort to help with overall body support.

Second (and Third!) Opinion

Curious to know what other opinions I might be able to dig up from people I personally know, I passed this pillow off to a couple who are back and stomach sleepers as well. The results for stomach sleeping mimicked mine to a ‘T’. They felt it was a bit too lofty for the stomach, but was absolutely in love with the feel of it to sleep with overall as a comfort pillow.


The only thing that really takes this pillow down a notch is that it isn’t machine washable. Although it can be spot cleaned and does refresh in the dryer, it is just one more step to ensure it’s clean and usable. Other than that, it is pliable and easy to shape and can be used in multiple ways to support your head and body to help get a more restful night’s sleep.

The 32 ounce down and micro feather fill mix creates a truly soft, cushiony feel that plumps back up easily after being compressed and contours beautifully to your weight. Different body shapes and sizes can all take advantage of this pillow depending on personal needs, but the overall quality makes it a product worth taking a closer look at.

When shopping for that perfect pillow to provide you with night time comfort, be sure to take into account your sleep position, body needs, and personal preferences. Soft pillows are often excellent choices due to how shapeable and contouring they are. If they are filled with a natural down and feather blend as the Wenersi Soft Goose Down Pillow is, then you have a truly airy yet supportive sleep surface.

The versatility of a soft down blend truly can’t be beaten, and this particular pillow has passed The Sleep Judge test of comfort and quality. Although not every pillow may be a perfect match since we are all so different in our personal qualities, this is definitely a pillow worth taking a closer look at.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Back and Side.

What is the loft?

∼7 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?


Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

30 day return policy.