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Wenersi has developed a soft, down filled pillow that not only supports the neck, head and shoulders during slumber but can actually reduce residual aches and pains over time. This company is a producer of sleep and textiles in the United States and is growing in popularity thanks to the rave reviews on their products.

Numerous people feel that a soft pillow doesn’t have the same benefits that a firm one will offer but this is actually not the case if you buy the proper soft pillow for your sleeping position.

Products & Materials

The main product that people flock to when it comes to Wenersi products and textiles is definitely their pillow line. The pillows produced are supportive yet soft, contouring yet cushiony and fairly priced considering the quality.

  • The Down Filled Soft Pillow is definitely one of the top selling pillows from this company and is currently sold through authorized third party retailers such as Amazon. The pillow has a combination of goose down and micro feather filling for a soft but firm all at the same time feel. This type of filling promotes air flow and allows the temperature of the pillow to regulate itself throughout the night. It also allows odors, allergens or other irritants to escape the pillow so you are not breathing it in all night long.
  • The filling supports the weight of the head without losing support so that the head is cradled but not sunken below the shoulders.
  • It can be purchased in either a king or queen size which fits industry standards along with generic pillowcases.
  • A pillowcase is not necessary because it comes with a 100% organic cotton cover which allows for natural moisture-wicking and a higher airflow. While it is not removable, it can be spot cleaned.
  • The cover is stitched in a double pattern and presents any loose down or feathers from poking through the material and into the face or cheek of the sleeper.
  • The pillow will come in a vacuum sealed package but fluffing by hand or tumbling low in the dryer for a short period of time will encourage the down filling to spread out to its full potential.


The Wenersi down Filled Pillow is currently sold through Amazon, opening up a customer base from all over the world. Amazon does give the option to purchase one single pillow in each size or to get a bundle pack of two pillows in both queen and king sizing. The price range for these pillows go from $26.99 to $79.99 and they are shipped by Amazon but sold by Wenersi Textiles.

Warranty & Returns

Where Wenersi sells their pillows through Amazon, any warranty and return policies will correspond with the standards set out by them. You can contact the seller to question what the return policies are; as some websites or retailers do not allow returns of hygienic items such as this.

Shipping Information

As previously stated, the Wenersi down Filled Pillow is sold through Amazon as an authorized retailer. The shipping speed, charges and delivery dates will come through Amazon as they are the ones that will be fulfilling the order. This can be beneficial for international customers as they take advantage of Amazon Prime shipping to reduce costs and fees.