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Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow
Stephen h

I regret trusting the review and buying this pillow. This pillow is too firm and too tall. I can see my toes when I’m sleeping on the pillow.

Karen H Kelly

Do NOT buy pillows online from Sleep Number. I took their “Sleep Quiz’ to find out which pillow would be right for me and was happy when it didn’t tell me that it wasn’t going to cost me $150-$200. I bought their “Pillow, PlushComfort, Curved, Std.” for $60 which was suppose to be very soft and good for side sleepers. Well, the pillow is NOT soft and is so high that I got a stiff neck the first time I tried it. I called to see if I could return it, but they said they cannot return bedding, only exchange it. Well, if I were to exchange it for something softer, now I’m in the $160 range. I thought that $60 was a lot to pay for a pillow, but now I was roped into buying something for $100 more! I felt I had fallen for a scam. Then when I asked them what I was supposed to do if this second pillow didn’t fit its description either. They said that I should go to a Sleep Number store and make sure it’s something that I want. So that’s what I’m going to have to do. The moral of the story is not to buy pillows from their website!

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