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Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow

There is nothing better than waking refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this can often be elusive as the many variables that make up a decent rest may overwhelm your body’s ability to relax. The choices you make in sleep products can go a long way towards helping you get the night you deserve, and in particular, your pillow choice may be the second most important investment you make after your mattress.

Sleep posture is extremely influential to your rest, and if you can manage to find the right pillow to help support your body as it should, then catching those zzz’s may not be so difficult. Amongst the many pillows we’ve researched for reviews, The Sleep Judge team has chosen the Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow to provide a personal experience to our review, found below.

Sleep Number ComfortFit Pillow Specs


Comfort Positions- Back and Stomach

Warranty- 5 year

Loft- ~ 6.5 inches

Filling- Shredded memory foam and
down alternative blend

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Breakdown of the Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow

Sleep Number made a breakthrough in comfort and reached the sleep industry headlines with their introduction of the adjustable air mattress. It was created to become a custom fit sleep experience unrivaled by anything found on the mattress market. Their innovative approach to body care addresses each person’s unique shape, weight, height, and personal comfort to provide a fully adjustable experience.

Their pillows are no exception to their comfort rule, and the ComfortFit series of pillows provide three choices of shape and loft for proper body support. The Classic pillow is one that follows a more traditional pillow shape and size and is made to be a thinner choice for stomach and back sleepers. It also works well for smaller, more narrow shouldered side sleepers.

  • Variable support for back, stomach, and some side sleepers
  • Malleable
  • Helps provide support to head and neck
  • Relieves back and neck stress
  • Not washable
  • Not adjustable
  • May have slight off-gassing


The pillow came well packaged in its own protective zippered case that has a carrying handle. This was mailed within a nondescript brown box. Upon opening, it had a very slight off-gassing smell that dissipated very quickly within the first 10 minutes of being unpackaged. Since this is pretty typical of memory foam material due to its chemical composition, it was slightly expected- especially after being stored in an enclosed case for a period of time.

What was immediately noticeable was the softness of the case, and that the pillow had a little bit of heft. It wasn’t overly heavy, however, but it is enough to give the impression of quality. It also gave very easily under the pressure of my grip, as a shredded memory foam blend filling should do.

Features and Benefits

Before making a final selection concerning something as important as your sleep health, you should first take a little bit of time looking over the claims a brand makes about their products. In particular, reading reviews or personal account of product use can also help point you in the right direction. Since there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sleep comfort, detailed account of consumer use can help you decide if the pillow is a choice for you.


The ComfortFit Pillow series by Sleep Number has three different pillows as part of their line up. Each boasts a slightly different shape, comfort, and size; and one is even fully adjustable. The Classic Pillow that we reviewed is called such simply because it is just that: a more traditional, classic design in both shape and size. It measures 18 x 24 inches, which is only slightly smaller than the industry standard of 20 x 26 inches. To me, this slight variation wasn’t even notice as it fits well within a standard pillowcase, and it seemed more than large enough for proper support through the night.


At almost 7 inches high, this seems like a pretty thick pillow overall, and I was a bit skeptical concerning how well it would compress for proper support. Simply put, this is an extremely airy memory foam, which is fairly lightweight overall, and it could be considered borderline ‘soft’ despite the underlying support it provides. Don’t let the resting height of this pillow throw you off initially- it is highly responsive and compresses extremely well when in use.

Comfort Claims

This pillow within the ComfortFit Series was made specifically for back and stomach sleepers, making it their thinnest, non-adjustable choice. Back and side sleepers need a thinner, more responsive pillow to help keep their head in alignment with their shoulders. Back sleepers, in particular, need proper support on their neck as well. The fill of this pillow creates a shapeable, soft yet supportive pillow to provide comfort to a variety of sleep positions.

I found it to work well in any position (detailed reports below), and I even used it for side sleeping as it is easy to get well situated for proper support. The fact that it can also be used effectively for side sleepers, despite made specifically for back and stomach, is a prime example of why personal reviews are beneficial to your buying experience.

Shredded Poly Foam and Down Alternative Fiber Filling

Shredded memory foam is much different than a solid memory foam pillow as the increase in air pockets improves airflow, and the shapes of the foam allow for malleability and a more responsive comfort. When blended with a soft fiber, such as a down alternative polyfiber, the feel is similar to a feather and down pillow, albeit denser and generally thicker.
As mentioned, I actually didn’t know this was a shredded foam blend until I had the pillow out of the case- and I knew almost immediately that this was what I was going to be reviewing. A shredded memory foam pillow has a unique heft and overall feel to it, and this one was no different than many others I have reviewed in the past. These are amongst my favorite pillows for a variety of reasons, so I was excited to try this out.

Quilted, Lyocell Cover

These types of shredded memory foam blend pillows require a thicker, durable case. This case is a thick, soft, Lyocell quilted cover- not unlike what bamboo pillows are made from. Lyocell is a wood pulp derived fiber that uses reconstituted cellulose. Also called Tencel, it is considered a man-made product. This is because, through the process of creating the fiber, chemicals are used. In turn, this makes it a naturally derived, synthetic man-made material, although it is considered an eco-friendly choice overall due to how it recycles and reuses organics.

I found the case to be plush and comforting. Unfortunately, it is not removable, and the pillow is not washable, so you do need to use a protective cover when using it. The quilted surface allowed the thickness of the material to become apparent, and it also worked in conjunction with the fill to provide an overall soft, almost ‘squishy’ pillow experience. The seam is contrasting piping that provides a clean look and durable hold of the fill within.

Care: Spot Clean Only

As mentioned above, the pillow cannot be washed other than to spot clean. Therefore, care should be taken to keep it protected. I have noticed in the past with similar material that they wipe, blot, and clean very easily- and this pillow seems to be no exception to that assumed rule. Cellulose-based fibers also seem to repel dirt somewhat and are considered naturally hypoallergenic overall- making them a good choice for those sensitive to allergens.

Like most other shredded memory foam blends, you can toss your pillow into the dryer on low or tumble dry for 20 minutes to help refresh and plump it back up. Memory foam simply doesn’t do well when saturated as it can break down its cellular structure, but with proper care, it can last a very long time.

5 Year Warranty/30 Day Trail

Sleep Number warranties their pillow for 5 years from purchase date against material and construction defects. Since most pillows last only 18 months to 3 years with everyday use before losing loft, this provides you with the knowledge that the company stands behind their product.
Plus, they offer a 30-day sleep trial through the company, which is pretty much almost unprecedented for pillows since they are such a personal product. Basically, if you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.

Consumer Reviews

The ComfortFit Series is a popular pillow overall amongst consumers due to the unique approaches the differing styles take towards comfort. The Classic, in particular, is a favorite since it is a traditional look that provides a safe approach to introducing something new without shaping or adjustment properties to worry about- unlike the other offered styles.
The pillow stays soft, but it provides a good underlying support as a good plush pillow should do. It also has been commented that it doesn’t go flat and is very easy to plump back up and shape to how you want it. Plus, it holds the shape through the night very well. Side sleepers also have commented on how well it holds their head and supports the width of their shoulders- confirming my suspicion that it can be used in any position depending on your body type.
A lack of stiffness upon waking as well as good neck support has also been mentioned, making people go back to purchase more for the rest of their household. Quite honestly, it was difficult to find anything negative about it. The only true review surrounding what you may want to take into consideration is that it may not be a good choice for anyone who naturally sleeps warm. Memory foam is not known for its breathability, and despite this being shredded with increased airflow, under compression that may be compromised enough to create a heat sink for anyone already sleeping hot.

Second Opinion

I handed the pillow off to another combo sleeper to get a quick trial and their initial impression. As a larger male, trial sleeper #2 typically sleeps on his side and back. He immediately loved the ‘squishiness’ of the pillow despite it being a more dense pillow, but he didn’t feel it would work as a side sleeping choice due to his broader shoulders.

He actually ended up solving that problem as he wanted to use it as a side sleeper by placing a thin pillow under it, which provided just enough loft for a comfortable head and neck support. As a back sleeping pillow, he felt it was a great choice and allowed for just enough sink to feel the support it lent to his neck. He also is a hot sleeper but felt this pillow stayed a pretty consistent temperature and wasn’t cooling, but it didn’t retain heat either.

My Sleep Trial Experiences with the Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow

I commented earlier that I was pretty excited when I found out this was a shredded memory foam filling. I am a combo sleeper from my side to stomach, which couldn’t have a more differing pillow support need. Thicker pillows always end up being WAY too thick for my stomach, but thin pillows do not support my head and neck, and it ends up causing strain on my back when I’m on my side. Therefore, I usually look for softer, shapeable pillows that I can create my own comfort with when purchasing for myself.
Feather and down pillows are usually a go-to choice for me, but after my introduction to pillows like the Sleep Number ComfortFit, I have expanded my needs and wants for a good night’s sleep.


I’m a back napper and love to pretend I’m watching a movie with my kids while laying on the living room floor catching a few quick zzz’s. This is also a great way to allow your back to relax and let your spine fall more naturally into place without the tensions of soft tissues working against it. Back sleepers need a thinner pillow that provides just enough support for the head to lay level between the shoulders.

I found this pillow to be an excellent choice for this and was able to settle my head into the center of the pillow and allow the foam blend to fill the gap between my head and shoulders well. Memory foam shreds also tend to move more outwards then up when a pillow is compressed, keeping it from lifting up around your ears or face when you lay back into it.


I absolutely loved this as a side sleeping choice. In fact, it may be my new favorite overall as it kept its shape, provided perfect neck and head support, and allowed me to sleep a whole night through without moving at all. As a mom of two and multiple dog owner, this doesn’t happen much as I usually naturally wake at the slightest sound (probably because I’m not sleeping heavy, to begin with).

What’s better, I woke without any neck strain or back stress from being in the same position for that many hours. I most definitely would recommend this as a side sleeper for smaller bodies or more narrow shouldered individuals as it obviously can be a good fit.


I REALLY, REALLY wanted to love this as a stomach sleeper. Stomach sleepers need a thin, almost non-existent pillow. I will admit I can fall asleep on my stomach with this without any problems-but each time, I do wake up with a slight strain between my shoulder blades. This means that my head is being lifted too high which places stress along with my spine. For a person who is larger than me with broader shoulder, this would be an awesome choice. It is soft, it is conforming, and it doesn’t get up around your face and nose- all perfect reasons to try it out as a stomach sleeper.

Trial Conclusions

No pillow is a one-size-fits-all option, so always know the details of the product and compare it to your own knowledge of your needs and wants. My opinion of the pillow is that it is definitely a pillow that a very wide range of sleepers could take advantage of due to the material and construction. Heavier, more broad stomach sleepers than me probably would find it to be heaven, whereas most back sleepers are going to find it a comfortable choice as well.
Although the pillow is not specified as a side sleeper by the company, it really can serve as one for the correct body type. It’s plush, malleability makes it a popular go-to for many consumers, and the fact that the brand name is a strong one- helps highlight the quality of construction and materials from years of reviews.


Although I personally would give this a 5-star rating, I do want to take into consideration that the company claims it is good for stomach sleepers, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who ONLY sleeps in their stomach, especially if they are of slight stature. Instead, they need a thinner choice for all night comfort. Also – this is not a washable pillow and care must be taken with it so as not to ruin it (a good pillowcase or protector is sufficient). I definitely wouldn’t be turning it over to my young children to use simply due to the fact that I cannot toss it in the wash.

No matter what downfalls it does have, they are truly slight compared to the comfort and support it can lend to your sleep health. Back sleepers of all shapes and sizes will most likely find this a good pick as it provides excellent head and neck support for cervical alignment. Many stomach sleepers may also like this pillow as long as they have the weight and shoulder width to keep the head from sitting too high. And side sleepers who can take advantage of it are going to rejoice in the serious squishy softness that fills the gap your neck creates and allows the head to sit level between the shoulders.


Sleep Number has become somewhat of an iconic brand associated with innovation and advanced technological approaches to sleep health and comfort. Although their ComfortFit Pillow Series are simple in design, they do provide what they claim: a better night’s rest to those who can take advantage of it. The Sleep Number ComfortFit Classic Pillow is no exception and may be the best example of this as it can provide proper support to a wide variety of sleepers. If you have been on the hunt for a quality pillow to aid in sleep comfort, this one comes highly recommended. And you honestly can’t go wrong with the 30-day sleep trial – if you don’t like it, return it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Back and stomach.

What is the loft?

6.5 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Moderate and wears off after a few days.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

5 years.