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Simba Hybrid Sleep Mattress

There comes a time when in your search for a great mattress you end up with a wide variety of favorable choices that might not be available for your location. The Sleep Industry, particularly online mattress startups, heavily introduce new products throughout North America- but the emergence of new products elsewhere is becoming more commonplace.

The Simba Mattress Company is based in the UK, and has become a popular choice as far as a factory to front door service is concerned. For an overview of the comfort and offers this mattress holds for you, read on for the Simba Hybrid Sleep Mattress review below.

About the Company

Simba began as a family thread business in 1979 that was used to make mattresses. To date, their product can be found in a mattress in over 35 countries worldwide- and by 2002 decided that maybe they should create their own mattress design using their own product. They set out to create a sleep surface that can be enjoyed by all, and provide a truly high tech, affordable mattress choice. Their hybrid design is truly a unique choice, and what’s best, they deliver right to your front door from the factory- cutting out the middleman, warehouse fees, and delivery to help drive down cost.

Quick Run Down of the Simba Hybrid Sleep Mattress

The Simba Hybrid Sleep Mattress is designed with the best of all comforts made available to give both support and pressure relief where needed. Created as a 5 layer design, this is a true innerspring, latex, and foam combination to allow for all sleep positions to take advantage of it. Innerspring allows for a disbursement of weight without disrupting a second sleeper, making it a great dual sleep choice as well.

Flexible Zoned Base

The bottom base is designed to work with the above layers, and to provide perfect distribution of weight for contouring, supportive, body alignment. It has seven separate zones (explained below) to provide an uninterrupted night’s sleep even if your partner moves through the night.

Where You Can Buy It

Unfortunately for those of us over the water, the bed is only available through the UK and can be purchased through their website, store fronts, or other affiliated sellers. This is awesome for anyone within shipping range as they can have their mattress delivered, in a box, free of charge right to their front door! Plus, you can check it out in advance in one of their growing storefronts if you want a more personalized buying experience (although I hear their customer service is fantastic no matter how you shop).

Benefits and Features

When shopping for a product of significant importance, such as your sleep health, you should definitely pay close attention to the many features and benefits it offers. Mattresses, in particular, are a large investment overall, not only in cost but also in what it can do to help you get a better night’s sleep. Although the Simba Company offers some pretty generous returns- it is still worth looking over prior to purchase.

Size Options

The Simba Mattress is not only available for all European mattress specifications, but it also is made with a profile specific for a twin bed, as well as a cot. 12 different sizes define the choices for everything from a single to emperor based of both UK and EU standard mattresses measurements. All are 25 cm deep as well. Having such a wide range of sizes makes it easy to match to your existing bed frame.

UK Sizes

  • Single : W90 L190 D25 (cm)
  • Small Double : W120 L190 D25 (cm)
  • Double : W135 L190 D25 (cm)
  • King Size : W150 L200 D25 (cm)
  • Super King Size : W180 L 200 D25 (cm)

EU Sizes

  • EU Small Single : W80 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Single : W90 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Double : W140 L190 D25 (cm)
  • EU Double L : W140 L200 D25 (cm)
  • EU Queen : W160 L200 D25 (cm)

5 Layering Design

Sleep Surface

The initial sleep surface is a hypoallergenic air flow system for freshness and temperature control. It can be removed via zipper for machine washing and drying- making it a protective covering as well.


The Simbatex layer is a patented latex created by the company to provide airflow as well as initial contouring support. Latex is popular as it helps keep you cool, and has a supportive surface that does not provide the soft sink of memory foam, but rather provides an immediate response. This second layer is 4 cm in thickness and provides pressure point relief to cradle the heavier areas of your body- such as the hip and shoulder.

Spring Power

2,500, 20 cm high conical pocket springs make up the spring powered layer that each work independently to move both horizontally and vertically to provide support for your body no matter what position you are in, or movement you experience through the night. This works with the above layer to help cushion your body, and create spinal alignment.

Memory Foam Shaping

The memory foam layer found beneath the spring layer is 3.5 cm and moves with the weight from above to provide very specific points of contour. As weight is dissipated through the layers you are better able to enjoy a supportive mattress if no true sink occurs in areas of pressure. The memory foam shapes to your body weight from above without creating any sort of sink.

Support Base

15.5 cm of high resilience foam makes up the bottom support base which has 7 separate zones for further weight distribution. It is channeled for heat dissipation as well and provides even more airflow for a cooler sleep.

Safety Certificates

The company prides itself on not only on environmentally sustainable practices in the making of the product but also in their choice of materials. All the foams used have received a CertiPur label,meaning they meet the requirement of not using unwanted (or needed) chemicals. No ozone depleters, heavy metals, flame retardants, mercury, or lead are present- making them safe for everyone.

Testing and Refinement Process

The Simba Hybrid Mattress that is available today took many years of prototype creations and continual testing of the materials and design that was decided upon. These initial designs were created from over 10 million sleep profiles to try and reach the needs of common comfort. Testing over and over has resulted in the layered design above and has made it a popular choice as a factory to front door mattress option.

Product Care

The care of the mattress is easy as the cover easily unzips for laundering, and the latex surface is easy to spot clean and blot if the need arises. The base fabric can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth, plus a mattress protector allows for even further safety of your materials.

Frame Options

Like most foam or hybrid mattresses, you do want to ensure you have the proper bed frame support. Unlike an innerspring mattress, hybrids should not be used with a box spring unless it is mentioned that it can be. This is often due to the underlying foam layers, such as this one has, that can become deformed, or not be supported enough to provide you the comfort you deserve.

Make sure to either use a flat platform surface or closely slatted platform or use a bunkie board over an existing frame that may not have enough support as is.

Warranty & Sleep Trial

All mattresses come with a sleep trial that includes hassle-free returns. If you don’t like the mattress, simply call them up within the first 100 days to have it picked up, free of charge, and hauled off. If also has a warranty that covers material workmanship and material defects. This too is hassle-free and ensures a replacement if you mattress fails at any point in the 10 years you’ve owned it.

Old Mattress Removal

Replacing an old mattress with the new? No problem. If you let the company know in advance, they will remove your old mattress for you and recycle it- for no extra cost. This saves you the hassle of having to either find a place to donate, be home for a pickup, haul it to a drop-off, or find a way to dispose of it somewhere (which often comes with a cost at a local dump). This can even be more of a hassle if you live in an urban area, or even in an upper-level apartment. Simba wants you to have a pleasant new mattress experience, without the worry of what to do with the old.

Consumer Feedback

From customer service, to how the mattress arrives, and the comfort is remarked upon favorably to reflect the popularity of this particular product. Consumers love how easy it was to get questions answered prior to purchase, and how quickly it arrived on their doorstep for easy setup. It comes compressed and rolled in a box, making it a quick job to get into the room you are placing it within; long gone are the days of dragging a mattress through the house!

Pertaining to comfort- many remarks it is the perfect firmness, and has helped with keeping them from tossing and turning to get comfortable each night. They also love how the motion isolated from one person to the next, making it a good dual sleep choice. The layers and material choices also keep it sleeping cool, and there are no reports of foam heat sinks or retention. This hassle-free experience, combined with true comfort, has earned it 4.8 stars on the company website- and many favorable online reviews.

Truly, the only major complaint that was consistent and not due to personal comfort choices, was the fact that they’re maybe offgassing upon unpacking. This is common with foams that are compressed and sealed in the transit and will dissipate given time. In this case, most people said that within a few days it was completely gone.


Your choice of mattress can make a huge difference in whether you get a good night’s sleep or not. If you have been struggling to find a sleep surface that meets your sleep specifications and preferences, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is well worth considering. The merging of the best foam layers and pocketed springs created a unique surface that responds to your body weight and shapes to make your sleep experience a comfortable one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

A foundation is recommended for maximum durability.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

Highly recommended but not required.

Are returns hassle free?

Yes, no questions asked during trial period.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?


Is There A Trial Available?

Yes, 100 nights.

How long is the warranty?

Yes, 10 years.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?

Recommended to rotate head-to-toe once every 3-4 months.