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Finding a good quality mattress that is affordable and comfortable these days may seem like mission impossible, but I can certainly tell you, it isn’t. A lot of mattress companies give the same promises. Well how are you going to know if these promises are real if you haven’t slept on it or don’t know anyone else who has? Well, this is where I come in. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to test a mattress that had a lot more to offer than most others, in my honest opinion. What is this mattress you ask? It is called The Alexander Signature Select by Nest Bedding. Follow me and let’s go check it out!

Alexander Signature Specs

 Material – CertiPUR-US certified gel memory foam

 Degassing Period – None

 Break-In Period – 7 Days

 Firmness Level 1-10 – 8

Presenting The Alexander Signature Select by Nest Bedding

The Alexander Signature Select-and all of their other beds-are eco-friendly and made in the USA with certified components that are built to last. Their gel foam and support base foams are CertiPUR-US certified, which I absolutely love. This company believes that there should be more than one option when it comes to picking out the mattress that you could be sleeping on for many years and I completely agree. If I love a brand, I expect them to have more than one thing to offer me. If not, there is a good chance I am going to find another brand with more to offer.

The Nest Bedding Promise

Nest Bedding offers a variety of firmness levels that are sure to fit your specific needs. They have promised to give you ideal comfort with the help of multiple selections that are available for you to choose from. They know that you may not find the perfect one on the first try, which is why they ask you to try it for 30 days and if it still isn’t the right one for you, they will help you find the one that is, at no extra cost.

I was able to get my hands on a medium firmness, which is right smack in the middle of sleeping on a rock and a cloud (rock being firm and cloud being soft). With that said, below this section, you will find some helpful information about firmness levels and who they are built for.

The Market Leader

Right now, the Alexander Signature Series is in fact, the market leader for Nest Bedding at the moment. The reason for this is because it is “an affordable alternative to more expensive name brand memory foam beds”. It is made with high quality materials, has no chemical smell, superior design, and all at an affordable price, which is what makes this mattress so desirable.

Another Version

As if it couldn’t get any better, right? There is another version of this which is the Alexander Hybrid Signature Select Mattress. This one has been deemed as “The Most Comfortable Mattress On The Internet”™. It offers an exquisite blend of support thanks to the individually wrapped coils and pressure relief from the memory foam which is copper infused.

The hybrid is a little bit softer than the other version and offers a much cooler sleeping surface and is a little bit on the softer side. It is right between the Alexander medium and Alexander soft. Use SLEEPJUDGE200 to get $200 of this mattress.

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Order Experience & Procedure

When it comes time to order one of these fluffy & affordable mattresses, all you have to do are a few simple things. You first need to pick out the bed you want, in this case, the Alexander Signature Series. You will then select your size and the feel of it which could be medium, luxury firm, or soft. If you aren’t sure, check out their softness diagram and look at where it falls between a rock and a cloud.

Next, just click the buy now option and you will be directed to check out. You will then have the option to finance your mattress, cool huh? There is also a nifty “international checkout” tab for international orders and you can use PayPal, which I absolutely love.

Theoretically, if you were to consider purchasing a Queen, financing would start at $75 a month based on the purchase price of $899.00 at 0% APR for 12 months. The rates can be anywhere from 0%-30% based on your specific credit qualifications.

Shipping & Initial Thoughts

Since all mattresses are made to order by hand in the USA, it can take 4-5 days just to make. Once they are shipped from the West Coast, they could take anywhere from 1-5 business days, depending on your location.

If you want it quicker, you can choose to expedite your order at an additional cost. You have to email them and ask for expedited shipping before they start the process.

Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska are available, but for a $150 charge. You can email them for a quote to give you an exact price if needed. International shipping is also available, as said above. Just click the special button and fill out the information.

Once your item has shipped, they will email you with a tracking number so that you can see exactly where your mattress is and when it will arrive. Also, a signature upon arrival is not required so you don’t have to rush home from work or anywhere else to make sure you are there to sign.

Once your package arrives, you will see that it is an 18 x 18 x 48 inch box, but some of their other mattresses can be in boxes up to 80” long. You will need help to move it since it will be heavy-about 80 pounds-100-150 if you choose one of their other beds.

My Thoughts About The Box

Well, my box came heavily damaged. I am not sure if this was something that Fedex did, but I am just glad that it did not hurt the mattress. The box is just a plain box, no writing, no logo, nothing. But, recently, that has changed. Here you can see the old box on the left and the new box shipping box on the right. Looks fancy!

Features & Benefits

Alright, on to the section that could really help you out with your decision, the features and benefits that the Alexander Signature Select Series with a medium feel has to offer.

What Sets It Apart?

With the Alexander Signature Select, you are getting the effects of memory foam without the harsh chemicals and off gassing period. This was one of my favorite things about the mattress. I was able to unroll it and sleep on it the same night, it was great. It is also one of the most eco-friendly mattresses on the market while remaining affordable with these types of features. You probably aren’t going to find a mattress like this anywhere else for the price.

One other detail that I thought was very honest of them is that they do not have one mattress and claim that it is the perfect one for you, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They just believe that as the consumer, you should have a choice as to what you are sleeping on, and I can certainly respect that.

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Construction & Composition

This mattress is made with USA and CertiPUR-US certified foams that are tested for harmful chemicals by a 3rd party. If you did not know, mattresses must pass fire laws, but how can a mattress pass fire laws if they do not use harmful chemicals that are commonly used in fire retardants? Well, this is because Nest Bedding makes their fire barrier with Hydrated Silica, a fabric that is made with Insert Silica, a natural chemical found in toothpaste.

The mattress itself is comprised of 5 layers:

  • 2” 1.5 density soft quilted foam which is covered in a cooling stretch fabric.
  • 4” gel foam memory foam with a 4 density.
  • 1” Visco foam with a 4 density.
  • 2” Amartflow foam with an 8 density.
  • 4” edge support base foam with 1.8 density.

Once you open up your mattress and let it “inflate”, you will notice each of these layers. This is something that I really like about this mattress because unlike other mattresses, you may not be able to see the layers unless you open it up. With this one, you can see most of the layers from the outside because of the way it is put together.


The Alexander Signature Series is best for those who like to sleep on something that isn’t going to eat them whole. By this I mean that you won’t sink in. Two other testers thought the mattress was extremely comfortable. One said that their back pain had went away and the other said that he was snoring less. They also said that the firmness level was perfect for their comfort level.

My husband thought that the mattress was pretty comfortable as well and both him and I were huge fans of the top quilted layer that was sort of like a pillow top. It was soft to touch and fluffy to a certain extent.

Since I am so use to a softer memory foam topper, this mattress was just a touch t20oo firm for my liking. I started waking up sore and stiff, which I do believe that it is just because my body was trying to get use to sleeping on something with a little more support and firmness.

Luckily, the Nest Bedding company has different “feel” options available instead of one general firmness, which if I had the option to exchange it, I would have. I would have probably slept better with a more plush option. As I stated above, you can exchange mattresses until you find the perfect firmness level for you.


Overall, the mattress had great support. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, sometimes when one person is on the other side, there can be a dip that leads to them on the other side of the bed. With this mattress, my husband was able to lay on the other side of the bed and I was on my side without the feeling of rolling towards him. It supported each of our weights just right so that we were not being directed towards each others side of the bed.

One of the main features of the Alexander is that it is suppose to create a pressure-free sleeping environment. The medium plush is made specifically for back and side sleepers, neither of which I am, I am a stomach sleeper. I think that if I were a back sleeper, I would not have been waking up  sore, as I stated earlier.

The first time I slept on it, it felt very firm, but as the days went on, it got a little softer. The break in period was around a week and a half for it to have a steady level of comfort. Once it was broken in, the support seemed to increase.

Edge Support

Honestly, the edge support is pretty good for a memory foam mattress. I have tested other mattresses that had less than desirable edge support. If I sat on the edge, I would sink to the floor. This is not the case for the Alexander. That bottom layer that acts like a box spring, in my opinion, keeps the edge of the bed firm and not saggy. With other mattresses, I could put my leg off of the edge and the whole thing would give away and I would end up on the floor, but not with this one. I was able to swing my leg over and would stay in place.

My husband also liked the fact that he could sit on the edge of the bed put his socks on without sinking to the box spring supporting the mattress. Keep in mind, he is 230 pounds, so if the edge of it can support that, imagine what it would be like with someone lighter. I would assume there would be almost little to no sinking.

If you take a look at the picture, you can see that the edge support is keeping me on the mattress very well.

Temperature Regulation Features

Since the mattress is made with a super breathable High Density Gel Memory Foam and SmartFlow Air FLow Foam, it is suppose to help you sleep much cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses. This is something that I would look for in a mattress because my husband and myself sleep very hot.

I was able to do a heat retention test to put some truth to this claim that the mattress is suppose to help me sleep cooler, scroll down to the next section to find out the results of my experiment.

Heat Retention

I noticed that I was sleeping much warmer on this one than other ones that I have slept on in the past. This mattress definitely retains more heat than other mattresses I have tested.

I thought that I would do a test to show how long it would take for the mattress to cool down to its original temperature after being exposed to heat, the same test I did on another mattress that I tested.

Using an infrared heat gun and a heating sock,I like to tests my mattresses on how long it takes to drop from around 130 degrees to 98 degrees. This one took 36 seconds to cool down, the longest thus far. This had infact confirmed my suspicions that the mattress was retaining heat.

Now, if you like to sleep a little on the warm side, then you will have no problem sleeping on this mattress. On the other hand, if you like the mattress itself, just not the heat retention, there is always the option of purchasing a cooling mattress pad. I tested one not too long ago called the Slumber Cloud Nacreous Mattress Pad. It has a wonderful cooling factor and works very well, even on the warmest mattress. If you click that link, you can read our review more in depth.


I am actually quite surprised to say that there was absolutely no smell to the Alexander. I had initially read on their website that their mattress had no odor to it because it was made with all natural materials. I have heard this claim before and it did not hold to be true. I was extremely impressed when I opened it up and there was literally no smell. I was able to sleep on it the same night without having to mask a chemical smell with sheets that have been drenched in fabric softener.

To me, the fact that there was no odor, meant a lot. This is because my baby still sleeps in my room and if a strong chemical smell would be bad for me, I can’t imagine what he would be thinking if he had to smell it all night too. With that said, this mattress gets the mommy approval sticker.

Durability & Quality Of Construction

In my opinion, the quality of construction on this mattress outdoes other online mattresses. On their website, it says that it is made with USA certified components that are built to last. Upon further investigation of the mattress, it looks like the stitching is nice and tight and made with strong materials. The top portion of the mattress also looks like it will stay strong and supportive as long as it is taken care of properly.

As for the inside of the mattress, the second layer, which is under the quilted cover, is the most durable. It is built with high density gel memory foam that was made with durability in mind.

Consumer Feedback

In this section I would like to share with you what other users had to say about the mattress so that you can get a better perspective that is not only coming from myself.

  • Considerable Durability
  • Nicely seamed
  • Materials seem to be good quality
  • Very supportive on the back
  • Contours to the body just right
  • Some say it is too soft and others say it is too firm
Customer Support
  • Customer service representatives are helpful
  • Friendly
  • Quick and supportive
Pain Relief
  • Helps back pain
  • Some are waking up in pain as opposed to others
  • Some say their joint pain eased up
Break In Period
  • It is suggested that you give the bed 30 days to adjust.
  • Some claim they were adjusted after a few weeks, even days.
  • Some claim they never adjusted.

Who Is It For?

The Alexander Signature Series had three different firmness levels.

This particular mattress is also great for those who are looking for a more eco-friendly alternative and not having to wait days for their mattress to de-gas. I can attest to this.

The Alexander is also optimal for someone who wants that pillow top feel with the comfort of memory foam. With traditional mattresses, you will get the pillow top, but it won’t be as soft as the memory foam that this one is made with.


Overall, the Alexander Signature Select Series is a wonderful mattress for someone who likes a quality constructed mattress that is firm yet comfortable. I recommend it to anyone who likes the pillow top feel and knowing that their mattress is healthy for the environment.

This company has many options to offer as far as comfort, not just one and Nest Bedding will work with you to find the one that best suits you, even if you have to keep exchanging it at no extra cost.

If the Alexander Signature Select Series mattress sounds like a good deal and something you can see yourself sleeping comfortably on, click here to check it out.

Alexander Signature Specs

Shipping Weight Trial Period Warranty Cost (Based on Queen)
8o pounds. Cali King 100 Days 20 year warranty against defects
in material and workmanship

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a foundation needed?

It is recommended that a non-flexible box spring is used under the mattress. If it is flexible, the mattress will sink in the middle which can cause back pain. It is best to keep it on a breathable foundation that does not flex.

Is a mattress pad or protector needed?

It is not necessary, but it is a precautionary measure that can be done to protect the life and warranty of your mattress. It will keep dead skin cells and dust mites out of your bed. Mattress pads can also offer added comfort or cooling factors.

Does it work on adjustable beds?

Yes, any mattress found on their website can be used on an adjustable base.

How easy are returns?

Nest bedding does ask that you give their bed a chance, at least 30 days. If after 30 days you still don’t like it, you can return or exchange it. Just contact their customer service team for return authorization. Once you have the authorization you can donate the bed to a local charity and provide Nest Bedding with the receipt and they will then refund you the original purchase price or you can schedule a pickup if you are in their delivery area. You can also exchange the bed to find the right feel at no extra charge. Their locations are currently in San Francisco, CA., Albany, CA., Mountain View, CA., Santa Monica, CA, Studio City, CA, and New York City, NY.

Is there a warranty?

The Alexander mattresses have a 20 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Is there a trial?

There is a 100 day trial period at no cost and no risk. You can exchange the bed after 30 days if you do not like it and continue with the 100 day trial.

Do you need to rotate the mattress?

It is suggested that mattresses are rotated from end to end to ensure even wear every 30 days.