Nest Bedding

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About Nest Bedding

Nest Bedding is a company founded by Joe Alexander, back in September 2012. Alexander has been in the mattress industry for way longer than that, as he was a sales manager starting with 1999.

Throughout the years, Alexander understood more and more about how much potential this industry has, but also how each sleeper is different, so they required a mattress more suited to their needs.

In 2014, he partnered with John Merwin from Brooklyn Bedding, and now Nest Bedding has a plant where they can execute all these amazing mattresses.

Mattresses Produced

Nest Bedding offers its buyers a total of eight different mattresses to choose from, although some of them can be grouped according to the name of their lines. For instance, the Alexander Signature mattress is available in two versions: a flippable foam version, as well a hybrid bed.

The company also sells the BKB, which is a mattress designed for kids, and available exclusively in a Twin, Twin XL, or Full size.

Materials Used

Since Nest Bedding offers a pretty generous line of mattresses, here is a brief overview of the materials used in each model, to give you a glimpse at what to expect from this product line:

  • The Quail is an all-foam mattress which features a phase change cooling cover, a comfort layer made with cooling memory foam, plus an air flow layer and a support base made from foam. The mattress is available in medium or firm versions.
  • The Robin mattress is firm on one side and medium on the other. It’s made with organic cotton cover and, with the softer side up, integrated three layers of foam which gradually increase in firmness. It also features gel-memory foam as the top layer of the softer side.
  • The Sparrow Signature Hybrid has a supportive layer of Quantum Edge pocketed coils, which lie underneath two layers of foam. The top of the mattress features phase-change material, as well as gel infusion, for better cooling.
  • The Finch mattress gives buyers the option to choose a version made with natural latex, but also an organic latex option. The mattress is divided into three inches of Dunlop latex which can be either soft or medium, and a six inch layer of the same latex, but in a firmer version.
  • The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress is made with a cover that blends wool and cotton, and then continues with a layer made from certified Dunlop latex, another layer made with eco-friendly comfort foam, which transitions to a Caliber Edge coil system. At the base of the mattress lies one more inch of support foam.
  • The Owl features a top cover which is made from organic cotton with wool batting. Then, it has a comfort layer made from certified Dunlop latex, plus one more latex layer that transitions to the pocketed coil system underneath it. The base is made from certified latex as well.
  • The Certified Organic mattress is made with a combination of individually-wrapped coils, and certified organic rubber latex. The cover is made with organic cotton.
  • The Puffin is Nest’s mattress designed for kids. It is only available in a Twin, Twin XL, or Full size, and combines two inches of Energex foam, lying on top of a five inch foam base.

Mattress Production

Nest Bedding has a factory in Phoenix, a place that people can visit to purchase mattresses as well.

Warranty & Return Policy

Nest Bedding provides a lifetime warranty for each of their mattresses. Their warranty covers unraveling seams, broken zippers, or cracks in the materials which are not caused by human error, but also permanent indentations measuring at least one inch.

In order to be eligible for a return, you must have used the mattress for at least 30 nights, but without exceeding the 100 nights of free sleep trial that Nest Bedding puts at your disposal.

Nest also offers the Lifetime Renewal Exchange program. This gives customers the benefit of being able to exchange out their comfort layer, at any time! This can be done as a comfort exchange if the customer finds their mattress too firm or soft. This can also be done years down the road if the customer is finding their comfort insert has worn down after wear and tear.  (This is currently applicable to The Sparrow, The Owl, and The Finch).

Price Range

Prices are as low as $349 for the Twin Big Kid’s Bed. The most expensive mattresses sold by Nest Bedding are those with organic components. You can expect to pay $4,699 for the King Organic Latex mattress.


The mattresses in the Nest Bedding line-up are available for purchase from the manufacturer’s website, but also on Amazon. For those interested in retails stores, Nest Bedding has about 14 different locations.

Shipping Availability

Nest Bedding has a made-to-order policy, which means that their mattresses are not on stock, but will be fabricated the moment you place for your order. It takes between two and four business days to make a new mattress, and can take anywhere between one to five days for your to receive you mattress.

As for the shipping policy, know that Nest Bedding ships mattresses for free throughout the entire continental US. Those ordering their mattress from Alaska or Hawaii will pay around $150 extra in shipping feed. However, people in all states can opt for expedited shipping if they want to receive their mattress sooner.

Nest Bedding also delivers their products on an international level, but the shipping costs will vary depending on your location. At checkout, simply choose “International Checkout” so that you can get more information on the shipping costs to your particular address.

Brand Popularity

The reason why Nest Bedding is a name not soon to be forgotten is because they offer an extended line of diversified mattresses, as they understand that every person has different needs and sleeping habits. Their different mattress models are available in a lot of firmness options, delivered to the customers through a direct-to-consumer business model.