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Updated October 12, 2020

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Would you say this is a good pillow for people with neck and shoulder problems? I kid you not, I have about ten pillows in my pillow grave yard, trying to find a pillow that helps my neck and not aggravate it. I have a herniated disk in on my neck, and if I don’t get the right support I wake up in pain, shoulder pain, and at times numbness. The headaches are awful as well. Everything sounds good about the Layla pillow, but I am reluctant though. I have a similar pillow that you can take out the shredded foam to adjust it, and it doesn’t work for me.

George A Trentacosta

I have used MANY pillows over the years …I just used the layla pillow for the first time last night …Let me begin by saying this is by far THE BEST pillow I have ever slept on!! Let me just say I look forward to going to bed every night knowing I will be laying on a LAYLA pillow at night!!! THANK YOU!!!!!


Jess RJ

Congrats! We’d love to hear back in the future on how this works out for ya!

Deb Sadlowski

If the copper in the Layla pillow helps with acne, then how does it help when you always have a pillow case on it?


Jess RJ

That’s a good question. The copper material is able to penetrate the pillow case and still provide positive effects.

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