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Adjustable Layla Pillow

In the excitement of buying a new mattress, there are so many things to consider. Aside from making sure you arrive at the right firmness, you have to consider your sleep partner, cooling capabilities, and so much more. One thing that’s easy to overlook is the right pillow. Your pillow is responsible for the task of supporting the neck and head, and this is a very important area of the body. It’s all too easy to let the task of reviewing quality pillows fall to the wayside.

I recently had the chance to try out the new Layla pillow which addressed a few details consumers have asked for in the design.

The company has recently been rebranding, but aside from a slightly different look overall, they have given you even more reasons to love the comfort of their original pillow design. On the top of that list is an all-new adjustability feature which allows you to take control of your pillow comfort. Read on below to see why we love this pillow even more!

Layla Pillow Specs

 Offgassing – Cleared off within a couple hours

 Firmness Level (Scale of 1-10) – 5.0

 Trial Period – 120 nights

 Warranty – 5 years prorated

About the Company

Layla recognized early on in the development of their brand that every person has their own, unique sleep needs. They started out by offering their mattress, and it diversified its reach of consumers by offering a sleep surface that’s firm on one side and plush on the other. When they expanded their product line to offer the Layla pillow, they made it a point to match not only the cover design but also comfort expectations.

Layla makes it their goal to create high-quality products that support cervical alignment, and their pillow is a top-rated product in the industry. They do all this without losing sight of their philanthropic duty. They provide funding to homeless shelters in San Francisco where they were founded with future plans to expand their aid through the United States.

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Layla Pillow Overview

The Layla Pillow was originally designed to provide a soft, malleable sleep surface for a wide variety of sleep needs. The cover is a soft, copper infused yarn, and the fill is a blend of shredded memory foam and natural kapok to provide a truly unique experience. This new design takes the pillow one step further and provides the ability to adjust your sleep experience with the addition of a zipper to provide you access to the filling.

Need a softer surface? No problem, simply remove a few handfuls of the fill blend. Want something a bit more firm? Contact customer support. Rumor has it they have no problem trying to get you as comfortable as possible during their generous 120 sleep trial.

The overall look as updated a bit. Gone are the boxy squares which have been replaced with a hexagonal pattern in the same soft gray tones of their original pillow.

Shipping, Unboxing & Offgassing

It doesn’t take long to receive your order in the contiguous United States. The order showed up within a week of being placed in a large, unmarked, plain brown box. This is a bit better than when they used to send their pillow direct in a branded box which told the whole neighborhood what had arrived. The pillow was packed into a branded box in the unmarked box, providing even further protection.

That being said, it’s really simple to unbox. The pillow was set within a bag and rolled, but not actually compressed into the box. This is a smart way for the company to shop as it does not overly compress the foam for long periods of time, plus it keeps it from building up an offgassing. Although there was some initial offgassing upon opening the box and removing the unsealed plastic, it dissipated with a few minutes.

Initial Impression

Let’s get an understanding of the composition of this product. I really like the design of the cover with its subtle gray hues and hexagonal shapes. As you can see, it matches the New Layla Mattress and is made from the same soft, copper infused material for a thick, almost quilted feel.

This cover is unique in a couple of ways. For starters, it’s thick and durable, making it easy to wipe clean. You can see how the edges are double stitched and folded in, and this allows for the foam pieces within to effectively redistribute. It is made from CuTEC performance fabric which uses a copper infused yarn. This is designed to help reduce odor and can actually help remove and replenish dead skin cells to help improve hygiene. There are also many claims surrounding the use of copper and body recovery, which will be discussed below.

In the past, I’ve had pillows that begin to develop indentations due to constant pressure and folding. However, since the memory foam pieces are allowed to move within the cover, this isn’t an issue with the Layla pillow.

For a total cooling experience, you should try the Layla Mattress Topper.

— Copper Infusion

What intrigued me the most about the cover is its copper-infusion. I’m pretty physically active, and many athletes swear by its impact on performance. If you think about it, the cover of your pillow makes the most intimate contact with your face. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself with your face compressed into your pillow through the night.

Furthermore, although science hasn’t proven it, it’s thought that the release of positive ions in copper fabrics promotes health and wellness through the elimination of bacteria, viruses, and yeast.. Something I’ve noticed is that I find myself ready to wake up since using this product. I have no way of proving the copper infusion is the reason behind my new-found rejuvenation, but it does seem to match up with the claims.

— Kapok

I love the memory foam and kapok combination inside the cover. This super soft and incredibly durable fiber is found in the mature pods of kapok trees native to South and Central America. Their purpose in nature is to promote the spread of seeds, but, due to its cotton-like, pesticide-free, and natural properties, it combines with memory foam in such a way that offers a unique combination of comfort and firm underlying support.

Size Options

When you order your Layla pillow, you’re going to have an option of two sizes.

  • Queen – 18 x 24 x 4 inches
  • King – 18 x 32 x 4 inches

I tried out the standard queen-size option, and it fit will inside my queen pillowcase. I really enjoyed the fact that the memory foam inside the pillow is shredded as this makes it really easy to shape and mold the product within your pillow case, thus avoiding tightness that can decrease the overall comfort and malleability.

Both pillow options are slightly smaller than average in their respective size ranges, and they correspond with how much space they’ll end up taking on the Layla mattress. In my case, the queen pillow on the queen mattress is accommodating, and this allows sleep partners to fit their pillows without overlapping.

However, we all have our unique preferences. For example, you may like the enveloping feeling of an oversized pillow on a smaller bed. Or, maybe you have a king-sized bed, but you like to have a couple smaller pillows on hand to prop yourself up while you read. If you have broad shoulders, the king sized option is likely to offer you the extra support you need. However, for the average person, king pillows can often influence poor sleeping positions.

Does the Layla Pillow Sleep Cool?

Copper has a thermal conductivity of 385 watts per meter Kelvin. This is a fancy way of saying it accels in transferring heat. Considering polyfoam has a watts to meter Kelvin of just .02, this really shows the potential of cool sleeping through copper infusion.

To put this to the test, I laid on the Layla pillow for 30 minutes in a room temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit and watched with my thermal imaging camera to observe the cooldown process. I then compared the results I got using a standard poly foam pillow. Following are my results:

  • Layla pillow – 9 minutes to return to room temperature
  • Polyfoam pillow – 11 minutes to return to room temperature

Considering the use of visco foam, which is notorious for heat retention, I was impressed with these results, and I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers with hot sleeping.

Pillow Loft: What It Is & Why It Matters

Another consideration that must be made in picking the right size is loft. This is the term used to describe the pillow thickness, and it makes a big difference in how you’ll experience the product. Shredded memory foam holds quite a bit of air in between shreds, and this allows for you to plump your pillow up quite a bit. This pillow plumped up quite nicely with all the filling intact. It averaged about 9 inches in height, and also recovered very well overall after placing weight upon its surface. Although loft can be easy to confuse with the height of an unfluffed pillow, it should be used to describe the pillow at rest.

The height what you can expect when the pillow is unfluffed, but you can definitely increase this across a smaller surface area of the pillow. The height of the Layla pillow is four inches, and this is right at average. This promotes a neutral and comfortable neck position and typically offers a universally-accommodating fit for back sleepers. But even if this height doesn’t work for you, because of the new design, you can easily alter the unfluffed height to provide a more firm or soft feel. This is important and an excellent design alteration to provide more for a wider variety of consumer needs.

Head Weight vs. Body Weight

It can get kind of tricky when it comes to head weight and body weight. If your head is heavy, it will exert more pressure on the pillow, thus causing sinkage that would typically necessitate a loftier pillow. However, a heavier body that sinks into the mattress would usually require a thinner pillow since the gap between the mattress and their head is increased.

This same concept applies to mattress firmness since the plusher the mattress, the more the body sinks into it. With so many factors to consider, it can be hard to weigh every possibility as you shop, and that’s what I really like about the composition of the Layla pillow. Its high degree of malleability allows you to shape it to meet your exact needs.

If you need it to be less than four inches thick, it’s easy to spread the contents inside the cover out, or simply remove a few handfuls of filling.

Conversely, it’s simple to fluff it up if you need it to be thicker, or you have an option to contact customer service who may be able to provide you with some additional filling.

For the most part, however, the pillow’s four inch natural loft is pretty accommodating. Because of its versatility, I highly recommend the Layla pillow to anyone who’s struggled to find the right loft for their unique circumstances.

In my case, I found it to be perfect when sleeping on my back. When slide sleeping, I was able to fluff it up accordingly to fill in the gaps, and stomach sleeping was accommodated by slightly flattening the pillow out without having to either remove or add any filling.

Does the Layla Pillow Reduce Snoring?

As you shop, you may come across some claims out there on the Internet that the Layla pillow reduces snoring through the use of copper.

My sleep partner suffers with obstructive sleep apnea, and we’ve tried out various anti-snoring devices. Some worked great, some didn’t. When it comes to the Layla pillow, it did nothing to reduce his snoring.

If you just suffer from light to moderate snoring, there are claims that snoring apps have indicated a reduction in snoring when using the Layla pillow. However, with an understanding that snoring is primarily caused when the tongue and soft tissue block the airway, I find it hard to believe it’s the copper that’s producing these results.

I’d be more inclined to believe it’s due to the increased head and neck support offered by the memory foam and kapok blend. While these claims may not be false, if you’re trying to put a stop to snoring, don’t count on a full remedy with the Layla pillow alone.

Consider the SmartNora Device

If you want a pillow that stops snoring, I’d strongly suggest the supplemental purchase of the SmartNora device. It fits into your pillowcase and can audibly detect snoring, at which point it raises the head and then lowers it back down in a subtle way that stops snoring but doesn’t wake you up.

Copper’s Effect on Acne and Inflammation

Studies suggest that copper ions can help increase blood flow. This can directly promote natural healing and improved healing times. Since copper is a natural antiseptic capable of fighting off bacteria and viruses, it makes sense that trial studies have shown a reduction in acne and inflammation attributed to contact with copper. This is definitely a plus for Layla pillow users!

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

From sweat and spit to mucous and more, a lot of nasty things come out of your face. You want to make sure your pillow is clean. Although the cover of the Layla pillow feels great, I definitely recommend you use a pillow case as a first line of defense as it can be easily cleaned with your regular laundry.

Of course, a pillowcase is a thin barrier, and you’ll need to clean the pillow from time to time. You can machine wash, but pay close attention. Doing it wrong can void your warranty. Always use the gentle cycle, and dry on low heat. It can take several cycles to dry the pillow completely. Since machines differ, Layla cannot guarantee the suitability of yours to safely clean your pillow, so it’s best to spot clean using a non-toxic cleaner.


I’m always surprised when people are willing to spend thousands on a new mattress yet cringe when the cost of their pillow nears the hundred dollar range. Your pillow makes a huge difference in your quality of sleep, and cutting corners can significantly reduce your level of rejuvenation and comfort. Considering the many qualities of the Layla pillow, I think you’re getting a pretty good value for the two sizes available. The company also offers discounts through the year for various reasons, and are worth watching for.

If you can’t quite make the full payment, Layla does offer financing through Affirm with payments as low as $17 per month.

Layla Pillow Reviews and Feedback

All in all, I loved the Layla pillow. Its malleability made it super easy to get comfortable, and I really loved the unique feel produced by the blend of the memory foam and kapok. I think it could prove to be a great fit for all sleep positions due to the adjustability, and the size options help you narrow down the best one to meet your individual needs.

We all have our own opinions, and I want to make sure you have more than just mine. That’s why I took some time to see what other people have had to say about the Layla pillow:

Who We Recommend the Layla Pillow For

The memory foam used is CertiPur-US Certified, and the use of natural kapok can be a plus for those with allergies. Although Layla doesn’t make claims this product will put a stop to snoring, it is being put out there that it can reduce the problem. In our case, snoring didn’t change, so if your primary purpose for buying is to put an end to a snoring issue, I’d strongly suggest you look into an anti snoring device.

However, if you’re looking for a versatile, fully adjustable pillow that offers soft comfort while still providing firm support, the memory foam kapok blend could be the perfect solution. The copper-infused cover proved to be effective in heat transfer, allowing the unique ability to enjoy the qualities of memory foam in your pillow without getting too hot. It can also be a great fit for people who:

  • Suffer with acne
  • Appreciate a pillow that’s highly malleable
  • Are looking for a medium loft

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Our Final Verdict

I hope this information has been helpful, but, if you’re still not quite sure, remember that you do get a 120 night sleep trial, so this gives you a year to figure out if it’s going to work. If not, you get a full refund. It’s also backed by a five year prorated warranty.

By investing in the right mattress, you can expect many years of quality sleep. It only makes sense you’d be willing to make the same investment in the comfort of your head and neck. The Layla pillow offers the key components most people need to get the most out of their sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Pillow Case Needed?

A quality pillow case definitely helps in keeping your pillow looking its best, but you don’t have to use one.

Are Returns Hassle-Free?

100% full refund during sleep trial

What’s the Warranty?

5 years prorated

Is There A Trial Available?

Yes- 120 nights