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King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed

The search for the right mattress takes time and consideration in order to arrive at the product that best suits your needs, and this isn’t an exception when seeking a viable temporary sleep solution. Air mattresses can offer a great way to sleep comfortably on the go or to accommodate houseguests; and today, we’re going to take a look at what the King Koil Luxury Airbed can do for you.

We’ve looked at multiple airbeds, and a common feature is its thickness. The further you are off the ground, the easier the user is able to transition in and out of bed. At a full 20 inches thick, however, King Koil stands apart from the others. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed Specs

 Takes about 4 minutes to inflate and deflate

 Reliable water-resistant comfort quilt top

 90-day limited warranty

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Quick and Easy Inflation

Considering the thickness of this product and the fact that I have the queen-sized model, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to air it up. You’ll see your pump and the safety valve located at the foot of the bed. Make sure this valve is securely closed prior to inflation. Then, just plug in your mattress and turn the knob clockwise to inflate. When you’re ready to deflate, turn it counterclockwise.

While some air mattresses require an external pump and a great deal of manual labor to air them up, the King Koil has an internal, electric pump that is easy to use and makes the process hassle free.

It takes about four minutes to fully inflate, and deflation takes about the same. Since you can stop the inflation process at your discretion, you can arrive at a firmness level that suits your needs.

Problem with My Built-in 120V AC High Capacity Internal Pump

When mass-producing any product, it’s inevitable problems will arise. While I don’t have reason to believe this is a common issue, I did run into a problem with my built-in 120V AC high capacity internal pump.

I noticed a burning smell and smoke coming from the pump after airing up my bed. It stopped after a few minutes, but the smell did linger. My pump also overheated during deflation to the point that it shut off. I am concerned about this situation as I didn’t air up the mattress full enough to cause this degree of strain.

During some research online, I was unable to find reports from other users running into this issue. If this happens, you do have a 90-day limited warranty to address manufacturing problems just like this.

Endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association for Alignment

I like the overall color and design, and I found that the elevations on the surface feel good on your back. King Koil’s the only mattress manufacturer endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to help promote proper spinal alignment, and, for an air mattress, I stayed pretty comfortable during the night.

I also enjoyed the extra thick, water-resistant comfort quilt top. This feature combined with the ultra grip bottom to keep the mattress stationary on tent floors make it convenient to use for camping. Just make sure you have access to a power outlet.

Note that, in order to make this air mattress firm enough to accommodate that nice alignment, you’ll want to air it up fully, or close to that. Because it’s an air mattress, the firmness and the way it contours to your body are dependent upon the amount of air that fills the mattress, and you have control of that. If you leave the mattress too ‘soft’, you’ll experience a lot of sinking in, which could cause your back to hurt in the morning or for you to feel overheated during the night. I would recommend filling it at least about 90 percent to avoid excess sinking or leaking of air, since lower levels of air lead to faster air leakage.

Comfort Coil Technology to Maintain Shape and Firmness

Air mattresses are designed to provide a temporary sleep solution, so they can’t offer the same degree of comfort and support as a real mattress. However, I think King Koil has done an excellent job in mimicking the feel with its superior comfort coil technology.

These coils work to help the mattress maintain both shape and firmness. Remember that the air bed is made of a material that stretches in response to heat. Therefore, it will expand when you sleep on it. This adaptation lasts for the first few uses. I was able to sleep through the night without having to air up the product by my third use, so it does an excellent job of keeping air in.

Since it is capable of holding up to 600 pounds, I think this is a good investment if sleep partners will be using it. King Koil’s thick side flock material makes it puncture-proof and enhances durability.

Because you may not have easy access to an outlet that will allow you to fill the mattress in the middle of the night while camping, I would recommend sleeping on your air mattress at home for a couple of nights to break it in, where you can easily add air.

Another thing to keep in mind, however, especially when sleeping with a partner, is that you’ll want to air the bed up to the firmest level if you want to avoid motion transfer. Air mattresses don’t have the technology incorporated to keep you from feeling when your sleep partner moves at night, so the best way to avoid disturbance is to keep the mattress as full as possible. This will avoid some of the dipping and rolling that can wake you.

If you do opt for a mattress topper, you’ll likely need to purchase different sheets with deeper pockets, as standard sheets fitting the 20 inch thick mattress probably won’t suffice with the added thickness of your topper. Be sure to consider this when making that decision, especially since the air mattress is meant to be a temporary sleep solution rather than a permanent one.

Even though the mattress is 20 inches thick, you’ll still be able to use a standard queen-sized fitted sheet. I found this to increase comfort. You could also consider the addition of a quality mattress topper to further mimic the feel of a real mattress.

Deflation Process

When you’re ready to put your mattress back in storage, all you have to do is turn the knob counter-clockwise. It takes about four minutes to fully deflate. King Koil includes a carrying bag to store the product in, and it’s also ideal for easy transport. It can be easily stored in your closet or garage.

When you deflate the mattress, you may find that it’s difficult to get it back down to the size to pack up in the carrying case. You’ll want to wait until the air pump has removed most of the air, and then you can start to roll and press the mattress into the small bundle. This will help push remaining air toward the point of deflation so that the pump can remove the last vestiges of air for you while you work to pack it up. This is a pretty standard issue with air mattresses, and with the King Koil, the use of an electronic air pump to deflate aids significantly in reducing the hassle.


The King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed comes in twin and queen sizes.

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King Koil Reviews and Feedback

Of the air mattresses I’ve had the opportunity to review, I found the King Koil to be one of the best at allowing for mobility. For those who have trouble getting in and out of bed, this should offer the height you need to make the transition feel natural and seamless.

While you can use this product for camping, keep in mind there are a few restrictions. Since you have to be near an outlet to air it up, you won’t be able to top it off unless you bring along an alternate power source or compatible manual pump. I took mine camping, and we had to air it up at a nearby shelter area at the campsite. For more rustic camp settings, I’d suggest looking for a product designed specifically for camping.

So you can gain a well-rounded understanding of the King Koil airbed, let’s see what other people report on this product:


  • Height makes it easy to transition in and out of bed
  • Firmness customization capability adds to comfort
  • Fitted sheets stay in place
  • Carrying bag is compact and convenient


  • Not well-suited for rustic camping
  • Product is heavy

Our Final Verdict

Overall, I am happy with my King Koil air mattress. I found the coil-beam construction to offer a good combination of comfort and spinal support. While I did have an issue with the pump smoking and overheating, the majority of reviews I have seen from other customers made no mention of pump problems. I think this is atypical of the King Koil air mattress line. If it happens to you, this is something the warranty will cover.

I am impressed with the 600-pound weight limit, and I think the quality of the materials used should allow you to enjoy your air mattress for quite some time when used properly.

If you’re looking for an air mattress for camping purposes, and you have a compatible manual pump you can take along to top it off, this air mattress is durable and practically puncture proof, making it suitable for outdoor use. However, it’s heavy, and because it’s mainly electronic, it’s not particularly conducive to rustic camping. I wouldn’t recommend it, especially if you’re not going to be camping in one location and intend to do a lot of hiking or setting up and tearing down of the campsite.

King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed Specs

Thickness Weight Limit Special Feature Sizes
20 inches 600 lbs Comfort Coil Technology Twin and Queen sizes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a manual pump?


Is built-in pump available?


How high off the ground?

20 inches.

Good option for camping?

Yes, if you bring along an electric source or compatible manual pump.

How long is the warranty?

90 day limited warranty.