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King Koil Luxury Raised Airbed
Mary Jane Parato

Same thing happened to me
Waste of money

Mary Jane Parato

I bought and it leaks air every night. It cannot keep air. To me a waste of money $139.00 dollars and can’t keep air.

My review don’t buy it. I even called them and was told after a week it won’t lose air…WELL UR WRONG CUZ IT DOES EVERY NIGHT.

Alice Johnson

I ordered a King Koil California King air mattress for my daughter last summer. Now she tells me it had a leak and it was patched. After that it started leaking again. I see on my invoice that there is a one year warranty which will not expire until this coming summer. I hope you will compensate me for this failed mattress. I trusted that your product was good quality when I found it on Amazon. Can anyone tell me how to pursue this issue???

Alice Johnson

I ordered a King Koil for my daughter and son-in-law last summer. My daughter told me that it was losing air and they did find a leak, which they patched. It is leaking again. I see on my order form that this product is warrantied for a year. How do I go about contacting the company?
I see that another customer indicated that King Koil did not stand behind the product she bought. I hope this is not the case for me!



Are you supposed to wait awhile after you fill it?


Jess RJ

You are able to use it as soon as you’re finished airing it up.

Aaron L.

Nice review! You helped me make a purchase of a King Koil, except I went for the California King. Do you have any after-the-fact thoughts not contained in this review?
Here’s my thoughts:
I find that typically air mattress manufacturers consistently over-state their mattresses’ size. “Queen” is typically equal to a regular bed’s Full/Double, and “King”, if offered, is typically a regular bed’s Queen, etc.
I ordered King Koil’s “California King” and I have to admit, it’s actually clsoe- it’s more a blend of the dimensions of a regular King (76×80) and a California King (72×84). *Note*: California Kings are 4″ narrower than regular Kings, but 4″ longer.
The King Koil ‘California King’ air mattress measures an overall 73×86″ by my best attempts to measure (round edges make it hard to get an exact when using a tape measure)… counting outside the top edges only, not any extra side bulges (so not counting how much room you’d need in a tent necessarily), and this is fully inflated with no weight on it. Expect some increased width with weight on it.
Worthy of note is this is NOT counting the usable sleeping space, which is 63×80 counting the pillow end. (More detail: ~63″ wide, inside of the edge border, and ~80″ length counting the pillow edge to inside the foot edging, or about 70″ inside the pillow & foot edges). However this is still acceptable to me, since this places it with still 3″ more usable sleeping width than a regular bed’s true Queen mattress. Score!
The “Queen” sized air mattresses offered by KK and most other manufacturers, being smaller than a real Queen, don’t allow for very comfortable 2-person sleeping, unless you can deal with the always-touching, ‘snuggling’ kind of partnered sleeping. While there’s a time for that, for my wife & I it’s not all night while catching some Zs camping!
King Koil’s “California King” air mattress is recommended for being a few inches wider than a true Queen bed and right about the size of a true California King all said & done. It’s big, and great for 2 people who need their space.
Like your review of the queen, I find it comfy for what it is. Not “hard” but not overly squishy. All air mattresses will have some bounce when a partner moves beside you, so of course we expect that going in. But this one does a good job at minimizing that compared to previous air beds form other makers I’ve used. And if you add a squishy memory foam topper under the sheet you’ll be in great shape.
P.S. I had no trouble with my air pump on first use. Yours must’ve had a little extra grease from its factory assembly in there. Glad it went away.



After 14 months of intermittent use, this mattress would not hold air through the night. It finally sagged so badly I could not sleep on it. I wrote the company and they refused to stand behind the product.

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