King Koil

Overall Brand Rating


King Koil was first known as the United States Bedding, founded by Samuel Bronstein in St. Paul, Minnesota and was renamed King Koil in 1930. Today, you can find King Koil in 90 countries all around the world. Their current headquarters is located in Willowbrook, Illinois.

Products and Materials

There are a number of collections that King Koil has to offer.

First, there is the Intimate Collection. Intimate mattresses have been made and sold since 1898. They have the Excellent Edge Foam Encasement, a Perfect Contour Reaction Coil System, and pressure relieving support. These mattresses reduce motion transfer and can be used on an adjustable base. They also use gel and graphite memory foam to keep the mattress cool.

The MHybrid Mattress Collection features the PCR Coil System, reduced motion disturbance, offers pressure equalization, and uses hybrid technology. With zoned micro coils, responsive memory foam, and HypurGel, the MHybrid Mattresses can support you while keeping you cool at night.

The Xtended Life series uses a unique rapid response foam and pressure relieving support to keep you relaxed while you rest. It also uses the PCR Coil System as its main method of support. It provides proper spinal alignment and regulates temperature with graphite infused memory foam. It uses strong resilient materials such as Tencel Fibers to maintain a long life and can be used on an adjustable base.

Finally, there is the Luxury Mattress Selection. These mattresses use iFusion technology and body conforming encased coils to provide luxurious sleep every night. These models use Tencel Fibers, provides proper spinal alignment and is safe to use with an adjustable base.


Unfortunately, King Koil does not sell their products through the website unless you have a verified location near a King Koil retailer. The price of each bed will range depending on where you are positioned.

There are no solidified prices for every mattress option there is on King Koil’s website. It is simply a method of viewing their selection and what they have in stock.

If there is no retailer close enough to your home, King Koil will not let you view prices either.

Warranty and Returns

With returns, your refund will be the exact cost of the mattress (there may sometimes be a reduction to compensate for resale costs) and nothing more. The shipping fee you have to pay will not be refunded. If the product is found defective due to a fault by King Koil in manufacturing the mattress or they made a technical error, then you can get a replacement product.

Your exchange or refund will be delivered within 14 days. If your return does not make it to the company, then there will be no exchange or refund.

The warranty changes from one mattress to the other. All King Koil products are guaranteed, however, from any manufacturing defects in either workmanship or materials. Your original receipt is required in order to make a warranty claim.

Shipping Information

Deliveries will be made through the most convenient courier within 10 working days. If any products are damaged or lost during shipment, King Koil will take no responsibility for refunding or delivering a replacement. All shipments and deliveries will have to be paid for, even if they do not reach you. If you choose not to take the package and return it instead, you will still have to pay for the shipment both ways.