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Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

Finding a comfortable position to relax in while pregnant becomes more difficult the farther you are into your pregnancy. This is especially true through each night as the added weight of your baby can begin to pull upon your soft tissues and cause interruptions to your sleep as you struggle to get more comfortable. Sitting or lounging comfortably can also become a challenge, and there may be times when you wonder if getting comfortable will ever be achieved again.

Luckily much of your discomfort can be alleviated through proper body positioning and support, and there are many products available that can help you with that. Of the most popular aides are those that help provide comfort when you are at rest, and the many pillows currently available claim to do just that.

The Sleep Judge Team has acquired a series of top-rated pillows to help you narrow down your purchase choices by sharing our own personal experiences with each. The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, although very different than its many pillow counterparts, offers unique support options that we have provided details concerning it below.

Breakdown of the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

The Boppy Company has been around for quite some time, and their products surrounding comfort for mom and baby have gained a trusted following. Sold through trusted retailers, these products are fairly easy to track down- and since they are supported by both where they are bought, as well as by the company itself, you have peace of mind concerning your purchases.

Although simple in design, pregnancy wedges can pack quite a punch concerning how versatile it really is. Small and compact, it travels well, and also can work in conjunction with other products for an even more customized pregnancy support. Useful as a back, leg, and belly prop, the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is an excellent choice for anyone travelling, needing something less than a full body pillow, or is experiencing discomfort while sitting at work.

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This little pillow comes in its own little plastic case with a snap shut for storage and travel. Easy to access, there was no noticeable off-gassing smell upon unpacking, and other than perhaps wanting to wash the removable cover before use- it pretty much comes ready to use.

Some complaints did arise in other reviews about off-gassing, which is why I mention that I noticed no smell myself (and I am sensitive to chemical smells). If you do notice any, it seems to dissipate within 24 hours and is most likely linked to how the pillow has been stored prior to your receiving it.

Features & Benefits

Like other comparable products, the Boppy Wedge has quite a few helpful features that are worth exploring prior to purchase. Although it may not look like much, it is well loved by pregnant women in all stages due to its simple versatility. Below we’ve provided a breakdown of the many benefits it boasts and our own experiences with each.

Tapered Loft

The name of this pregnancy wedge says it all, and as a tapered wedge shape, you can take advantage of both sides to provide support where, and when, you need it with ease. The overall size of this pillow only measures 14×12 inches with a top height of 4 inches tall. Although it may not seem like much, this unique shape is created to provide both belly and back support through the night to keep you long ligaments, and other soft tissues, from being too stressed.

High-Density Foam Filling

The high density (HD) polyurethane foam is designed to provide a firm yet slightly contouring surface upon which to rest. The entire purpose of the pillow is to fill those areas under your belly, back, or legs for uplifting support. This HD foam is created as a firm comfort and keeps from compressing too much under your weight and shifts in body movement.

It took quite a bit of pressure to push this wedge down, and unless you plan on sitting on it I personally don’t see how you would lose the support it offers.

Support Uses

Built as a wedge, the thinner end of the pillow is able to fit up next to your body to provide a gentle slope for your belly, back, or even hip to rest upon. You can even take advantage of the higher loft size to help hold ice or heat against your back and hips, or even as a simple backrest if you need a little extra support.

The size also makes it useful to help prop up existing pillows which is especially helpful if you are experiencing heartburn, or if you need some additional support under an arm or leg while nursing.

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The shape can be utilized between the legs as well while at rest. When laying on your back, either prone or lounging, placing a pillow under your knees can help ease tension across your lower back. When placed between your knees when lying on your side you can help align your hips and ease the tension of long ligaments as well. Plus this alleviates pressure points.

The further along your pregnancy continues, the more you may begin to feel discomfort in even the most commonplace positions- such as sitting in a chair, or at a desk. Often the lumbar region becomes sore and stressed, and trying to keep proper posture within a chair can be slightly uncomfortable. A pregnancy wedge can help with this as it can be placed higher up on your back to alleviate curves to the spine, as well as provide lumbar support further down.

An unexpected use, but one duly noted by many other reviewers, is how perfect a size it is to help prop up the bottom of a baby’s mattress who suffers from acid reflux. This slightly lifted position is often recommended by pediatricians to help with proper positioning if this is a complication your child has.

Our trial sleepers found all the above mentioned uses helpful in varying stages of pregnancy, and even I, the non-pregnant reviewer, got to use the pillow for lumbar support as described below.

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Zippered Jersey Cotton Knit Slipcover

A washable, zippered pillow cover is always a nice touch as it helps you keep your pillow refreshed and ready to use. The zipper on this case spans the length of the curved edge for easy on and off, as well as access to the foam if needed. The seams are well stitched too, with reinforcement stitching on the inside with a nice flat surface to the outside.

Made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the cover feels like your favorite washed t-shirt and has a little stretch to it. This provides a nice, soft surface that doesn’t slip easily and provides a bit of traction against your sheets. This helps keep it in place when you move during the night.


Unfortunately, memory foam isn’t washable, although you can spot clean it as needed. Liquids can begin to break down the cellular structure of foam, so it an untimely spill does occur, it is important to blot it up as soon as possible. Luckily this is fairly easy to do, and any stains can be treated with a gentle spot cleaner.

The cover is machine washable and dryable, and, as mentioned, removes easily for this care.

Consumer Reviews

Although it may not look like much, this little wedge has a hugely popular following and is a go-to for any stage of pregnancy requiring a bit of extra support and comfort. In fact, there are so many positive reviews I’m feeling a little bit left out as I cannot figure for the life of me why I didn’t know about this when I was pregnant!

It is loved for the support it provides under a heavily pregnant belly, especially towards the end of the third trimesters, as well as for back support when sleeping on the side. Plus, its smaller size made it an excellent choice for travelling on planes or in the car for lower back and between the leg support, but even more so because it doesn’t take up much room in the bed- which was a huge perk for partners since many body pillows can be so bulky.

First trimester mothers are not as big of fans simply because they do not have the weight of their belly pulling upon their hips and ligaments as those in later stages due, but many are glad to have it once they begin to show more.

Complaints surround it not necessarily staying in place really well for certain expecting mothers, and that it could be a bit larger for later term pregnancies for even better support. Others found it a bit too firm overall and wished it provided more contouring.

1 Year Warranty

Although each authorized retailer that offers this product for sale does have their own return and exchange policies, the Boppy Company does provide a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects as long as you have the original receipt. This is a great perk offered by the company on top of any retail store offers, and to top it all off, they have their own support site specifically to help you with any issues that may arise.

Trial Experiences

For our various trials, we used a detailed survey to gauge the needs of our sleepers, as well as comfort level. The stages of each pregnancy, as well as specific problems and wants, were addressed within each survey.

Trial 1: Third Trimester

Eight months into her pregnancy, and standing 5’10” tell, our first trial sleeper had been experiencing frequent interruptions to her sleep for months due to long ligament pain and lower back in hip aches. She had been using a standard pillow to help support her belly and hips through the night but found them to compress too much, although something was better than nothing.

As a self-proclaimed ‘hot’ sleeper, she was excited to try a pillow that didn’t wrap itself around her and was small enough to take with her when travelling in the car. Although she was skeptical of the smaller size, she surprised us all when she proclaimed it the best pillow out of all she had tried out.

Not only did it fit snugly beneath her belly, it provided the lift and support she had been wanting to help alleviate the strain she had been experiencing. When combined with a standard pillow between her legs, she said almost all stress was completely alleviated.

She also enjoyed using it to lean back upon and used it while sitting in her lounge chair to further support her lumbar region which often felt strained after the many hours she put in at work. Although she felt the pillow could have been wider for further support, she felt it was a good choice, and one she would choose again .

Trial 2: Second Trimester

At 15 weeks, our second trial sleeper was sleeping well but becoming increasingly uncomfortable at night as a side sleeper who was struggling to find a new position. She was skeptical of the wedge pillow as she had been getting fairly comfortable trying out our other full body pregnancy pillows and felt something so small was hardly going to provide the support she needed.

To her surprise, she really enjoyed using the pillow. Although she felt it would be better for belly support the further along she was, she really liked how well it supported her back, and it also became a favorite to use while in a seated position. Since she wasn’t extremely front heavy yet, when used to support her belly she felt it was just a bit too much loft to get truly comfortable. Plus she kept trying to roll forward which just created more pressure than was needed.

But when used against her back, she said she felt she could sort of lean back into it and still stay on her side but be in a supported position. She also said this helped stretch out her lower back which was beginning to feel the effects of her growing body.

Her favorite use was at work, where she could place it against her lumbar to help cradle her lower back and provide her with good spinal support while working at her desk. She liked how versatile it was and that she could rotate it and use it in different places along her back to help provide pressure point relief and help stretch out muscles.

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Personal Opinion

Although I may not be pregnant, I was interested in what sort of lumbar support it could provide, especially while working at my desk and driving. Since I commute into work I have a bit of a drive both ways and have found my lower back to get sore if I don’t mindfully stretch it out. Plus, when driving cross country (which we do often) I am constantly looking for good lower back support.

This pillow was a perfect solution for lower back aches and stiffness. When used with the thin edge pointed down, the loftier side fills in the gap made between your back and the seat perfectly. The feel is soft and cushioning and is a great alternative to other, more expensive lumbar support options.

I also had the opportunity to use it as a wedge to help prop up my 3 year old’s pillow when he needed a little bit to help him get over a stuffed up nose at night. Another pillow just provided too much loft for his little head, but the wedge angled downwards, allowed for him to utilize his regular pillow but still get a gentle slope that helped keep his head right where he needed it.

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If you have been on the search for a pillow that can help support specific areas of your body that cause you discomfort, or need more lift for your growing belly, then the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is probably the choice you have been looking for. From the soft, jersey cover that is easily removed for washing, to the various choices you have to support your body- this pillow is a helpful aid in creating a more comfortable position when at rest, and also helps with proper body positioning.

Don’t let the small size and odd shape of the Boppy Wedge Pregnancy Pillow deter you from the awesome support it can lend to your various sleep positions. This pillow is definitely worth a consideration due to how well it can be utilized for a belly and hip support, as well as back support both while laying down and sitting. It works well between the knees also, and it a choice both pregnant, and non-pregnant alike can take advantage of.

The unique shape and material are made to support specific areas of your body, and it can be used in conjunction with other supportive pillows if needed. The fact that it is so small makes it travel well, as I plan on finding out.

Depending on personal preferences, and body shape and size, this pillow may not work the same way for everyone. Although it doesn’t compress too easily, it may be considered too soft if you are using it on your back, and some people also find it too firm for their belly. It also does seem narrow, and even though our first trial sleeper loved it, she mentioned an improvement could be to make it wider for later term pregnancies.

Overall it was a great choice for various body support, and it is definitely versatile enough to keep around to find a use for through a pregnancy. Although the support uses may change through a changing pregnancy, there really is a use for it at any stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Side and back.

What is the loft?


Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Wears off after around 24-48 hours of unboxing.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

1 year.

Is there offgassing?

Wears off after around 24-48 hours of unboxing.