Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad Review

Updated September 9, 2019

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There’s a vast difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad. A topper is better used to describe a thick, plush, and sometimes supportive layer that goes on top of your bed to make it more comfortable.

A pad is more for covering and protecting your investment. It evens out any small bumps on the bed and some can create a protective layer for allergies with hypoallergenic features.

The Bedsack mattress pad is definitely a pad, and I think it’s a good one. I’ve taken the liberty of testing it out for myself so I could see the product first hand and break down the features, pros, cons, and anything else I could think of. Hopefully, this will help you in your decision when looking for a great mattress pad or protector.

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Presenting The Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad

The Bedsack pad is made with care and quality, in my opinion. There were mixed reviews online (we’ll get to that) so I was apprehensive when opening the item. But I was surprised to find that it was thick, durable, and seemed to be made well.

The company claims to have a product here that can rejuvenate your mattress and provide a hypoallergenic layer to protect you from dust and other allergens while also providing a smooth, well fit pad to cover your bed.

I think this is a great product for people who are looking to spruce up their old mattress until they buy a new one, and also for those who really do need a hypoallergenic cover for their bed because that’s one of its best features.

It’s made from something called “Perfect Puff” polyester fill, is machine washable, and when compared to other mattress pads in its category, I think it holds up. So let’s take a look at the product in a detailed breakdown, shall we?

Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at all of the features and my findings, because what I think is a plus may not be the case for you. When buying a new product, you should look at all the info and decide what to take from it.

What Sets This Product Apart?

The product comes in a great, convenient plastic carrying bag with a little handle, so you could take it on the go, if need be. I thought that was a great feature because you could easily roll it up and take with you when travelling if you’re worried about the quality or allergens in a hotel bed.

Also, I was impressed with the quality because, like I said before, I had looked up other reviews online and found a lot of negatives. But I think some people get mattress pads and mattress toppers mixed up. There are different from one another and each offer different features. This is a great pad, it protected my expensive mattress and provided a dust free sleeping experience.

However, it did lose some of that great quality after washing. We’ll talk about that in a bit. But that is something that sets this product apart from other sin its category, because a good pad shouldn’t lose its quality after one washing.


The Bedsack is made from 100% polyester and stuffed with a polyester filling. It’s not enough to offer support, but it is great for the thin, protective layer it’s meant to provide.

The stitching is great, and I liked that it wasn’t a wide, loose square pattern. The stitching covers the surface and creates a unique design over about 70% of the material which really helps it hold up during use. With loose and vague patterns that I’ve seen on other products, the pad tends to bunch and move around underneath your body. Not this one, though.

I also thought that the way the sides were constructed was awesome. Most toppers and pads have the part that covers the surface of your mattress and then some thin, stretchy nylon that covers the sides.

But the Bedsack is 100% pad. No flimsy, see-through sides that stretch and develop holes. I thought this was pretty neat, although I found it a little tricky to make it fit my thick mattress. I had to really pull and stretch to get it on.


I have mixed feelings about the comfort feature of this pad. Yes, it covered my bed and created a nice layer underneath the sheets to I couldn’t feel the weird pattern in the mattress. But it wasn’t that comfortable. The Bedsack has this odd feeling to it. A little too stiff, I think. It felt rough underneath my sheets.

Online reviews stated that after washing, the Bedsack softened up. So I took the liberty of washing it out for the second night. While it did soften up, it also shrank and lost some of it quality.

What’s Promised

The Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad promises to provide a protective layer over your mattress, whether it’s new or old. It claims to be a quality item that will completely cover your bed, even the sides. It’s also hypoallergenic and machine washable. Awesome!

So, like anything I review, I test out these so called awesome features. It definitely added the protective layer, I was very impressed with that. My husband is super sensitive to dust and whatnot, and when I get his seal of approval I know it’s a great product for people with allergies.

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It is a quality item; I’ll give it that. But it does not hold up so well in the washing machine. Which leads to the next great feature. It’s machine washable, but I don’t recommend it. I washed it after one use to try and soften up the material and it came out looking and feeling like something I had slept on for a year. So, with that discovery, I would say this pad is good for a guest bedroom. If not, try hand washing it.

Heat Retention

Heat retention was odd. On the first night, before washing, it held almost no heat and kept me nice and cool all night long. I loved it, aside from the stiff feeling of the material under my sheets.

On the second night, after I had washed it, it held my heat and I woke up in the middle of the night because I was a bit too warm. With that being said, it cooled own quickly once I shifted slightly.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

There’s not a whole lot of maintenance with this product. The only thing would be the fact that it was tough to fit down over the side of my thick mattress and in the morning, the sides had lifted in some areas.

So, the company claims that this is machine washable, which it basically is. Like most pads, it states to wash in cold water, mild detergent, and a delicate cycle. But it really does lose a lot of it quality and shape after just one wash. I read a ton of customer reviews online that showed evidence that after they washed it, according to instructions, it fell apart. The back material fused together in clumps when tumbled dry and it did not fit back on their mattress afterward.

I didn’t have that bad of a washing experience. Yes, I could physically feel the difference in quality, but it didn’t fall apart and the back did not “fuse” together. It did shrink, and it was even harder to get back on my bed after just one wash.

With these findings, I would recommend that this pad be hand washed. It’s what I’m going to do with it from now on. And I also recommend that it be used occasionally or in a guest room.

As for warranty, I couldn’t find anything on the company. There’s no distinctive warranty other than that of any third party sellers that you may purchase it from. If that’s the case, then you can expect a standard 30-day warranty.

How Easy Are Returns

Like I mentioned before, there’s no real manufacturer warranty I could find, and no contact info, so I would say returns are not that easy on this product. If you use the standard third party seller warranty that should come with any product, you can expect to be able to return the pad within 30 days but should have the original packaging and mail it back.

With that being said, the Bedsack is so affordable, I would just use it for a guest bedroom if you’re not happy with it as a permanent product for your own bed.

Consumer Feedback


It’s pretty durable, prior to washing. It’s thick, stiff, and completely covers my bed. I’ll just lead with that. But after researching online feedback, people are not happy with the durability of the pad so I’m assuming this opinion is formed after washing. If so, then I agree.


This was a major plus for me. There was basically zero odor with this pad. I opened it from its plastic packaging and was pleasantly surprised. Reviewing online reviews, the people seem to agree. I found hardly anything to dispute that fact, either. Most consumers had nothing to say about the odor which leaves me to believe that they all had the same experience I did.

Customer Support

I hate when I find a product that has pretty much no face behind it. There’s a brand, there’s a logo, but I had a hard time finding any substantial company behind it. Which means there’s no customer service to be found. That’s disappointing.

With that being said, I did find a few online reviews that stated they returned and sent back the product. So, perhaps with further digging, you could find some customer service somewhere. Or perhaps they contacted the third party seller. It’s not clear.

Feedback on its Features

Pretty much everyone agrees that the features of the Bedsack are less than stellar. The full coverage quilted top makes it hard to fit over the mattress, the backing is not done well and gets lump after washing, and before washing it’s too stiff, after washing it’s too thin.

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The Sleep That’s about all I can find to discuss on The Bedsack Classic Mattress Pad. I tried, tested, and proven its pros and cons. If you do get this product, I would recommend to use it on a guest bed, not your own everyday bed. It’s not built to stand up to everyday use, but it is a quality and affordable option for occasional use. Also, don’t’ expect to get comfort or support out of this item, it’s not meant for that.
I hope you found this breakdown helpful in finding a decent mattress pad or cover. If you have any further questions or would like to add anything of your own, feel free to comment and share below. And if you’d like to give the Bedsack a try, click here to get one for yourself.