Overall Brand Rating


Bedsack mattress pads are touted as some of the best in the market. While most companies specialize in mattresses alone, Bedsack specializes in the art of mattress pads. These pads are meant to accentuate a mattress by adding more cushion and support for the body. If you start out with a not so great mattress, Bedsack mattress pads will make up for what your mattress lacks. If you are one of the lucky ones that is starting out with a great mattress to begin with, Bedsack will only accentuate that comfort. Overall, it’s a win-win.

Products & Materials

Bedsack produces just one thing: High quality mattress pads. Although this may seem a bit limited, the truth is Bedsack learned how to create a product and produced it very well. With a completely stretchy fabric filled with soft polyester filling, the products are built to last. Bedsack also produces these mattress pads in various sizes, so you can be sure to be able to find the exact size that you need. Some of the highlights of Bedsack mattress pads include:

  • Durability – As stated before, these products are built to last and are completely machine washable. You can use them as you would regular bedding and you can wash and dry them just the same.
  • Classic design – Although there are plenty of mattress pads out there, Bedsack makes sure to keep the classic, quilted design of standard mattress pads. The reason for this is that, since it’s comprised of durable polyester, the quilting helps disperse body heat and keep everything cool.
  • Protection – What are mattress pads used for besides comfort? Protection. Bedsack mattress pads product mattresses just like a protective cover would. The better part of this deal is that it comes with that extra layer of comfort. Be worry free when it comes to spill or accidents staining the mattress below. This is especially great for people with young children.


With a starting rate at about $20, you really can’t beat the quality compared to the price. Since these Bedsack mattress pads come in twin, full, queen and king – there are so many sizes to choose from. The bigger the size, the higher the price – but that’s pretty standard as far as mattress pads go. The king size, for example, will be nearer to $50, just to give you an idea.

Warranty & Returns

Warranties are pretty standard when it comes to retail purchasing. Since Bedsack does go through retailers online, you can expect a standard warranty and return policy. Do be sure to check these policies before you make a final purchase as you don’t any surprises after check out. To return the product, just ship back for a full refund.


Kind of like those standard return policies, shipping policies are pretty much the same. Check with your retailer before purchasing to make sure you won’t get surprised with hefty shipping fees. Since these products are all light in material, you definitely will not have to break the bank paying for shipping.