Think You Know What a Click Clack Sofa Bed Is?

When it comes to finding the perfect sleep setup, there seem to be so many things to take into consideration. What kind of bed are you looking for? What is the difference between a mattress and a daybed? Which would be better suited for your sleep needs? With so many different beds out there, it may be overwhelming to think about, but have you ever considered purchasing and owning a click clack sofa bed?

When it comes to cost-effectiveness and convenience, many consumers nowadays are turning to these smart and innovative sofa hybrids. What are they, exactly? Imagine a sort of couch that turns conveniently into a bed. These are way more interesting than what you may be thinking so keep reading for all the details on these modern style sleep stations! These may just be the perfect sleep setup for you.

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What is a Click Clack Sofa Bed?

The innovative piece of furniture got its interesting name due to the click and clack sounds the bed’s locking functions make. The bed doubles as a couch in that you can open it, and it easily transforms from one to the other. Everything clicks into place to ensure the user that the mechanisms are locked, and there is no way the piece of furniture, in whatever form, will slip. In other words, those locking sounds will ensure you that your couch won’t fall into a bed halfway through your favorite movie.

Unlike an actual couch, these are lighter, easier to move, and are definitely more cost effective. Imagine it as a sort of couch, only without the separate cushions and heavy material. The modern type of sofa bed has a sort of combined single cushion overlaying a metal or aluminum frame with a sturdy back and legs. The model easily folds down into an actual sleeping surface, making this piece of furniture versatile and kind of fun to use.


Benefits of a Click Clack Sofa Bed

Some of the greatest benefits of one of these are that they are so cost effective. Unlike a standard couch or full-size bed, a click and clack sofa bed will only run you around a few dollars depending on the specifications and materials used. If you’ve ever purchased a standard bed or couch before, you already know how much cheaper these are in comparison to those larger pieces of furniture.

They are also super easy to use. If you want the bed to turn into a couch, you simply release the locks and fold it in half. The mechanisms will lock, as stated before, so there is no risk of the sofa bed turning back into a bed. It’s very light, so it’s easy to move around, which is super great if you’re someone who moves from town to town often.

It’s also a great way to save space if you live in a smaller apartment or home. Since the bed easily adjusts into a couch, you can easily make more space in a common area or living room if needed.


Downsides of a Click Clack Sofa Bed

Some of the downsides to a click and clack sofa bed include space constraint. Because they are so easily transformed into a couch, it means the surface area of the bed is not very large. Most of the models out there are a little less than a full-sized bed. They tend to be more of a twin bed size and can be a really tight fit for two people. For more delicate or sensitive sleepers, this could result in a major problem since there won’t be a lot of room to move around.

Another downside to a click clack sofa beds is that you get what you pay for. If you really want to sleep in a nice bed with a comfortable mattress, then these really are not for you. If you have your eye on a luxury standard sized couch, then one of these modern sofas are not what you’re looking for. Since these are so cost-effective, these pieces of furniture tend to be a bit more flimsy in comparison to standard beds and/or couches.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, full-sized piece of furniture, then these are not for you. The innovative sofa is more of a piece of furniture for a college student or someone who hasn’t put down roots in a particular town yet. They are easy to use and easy to move, but luxury isn’t necessarily what they’re known for.


Who Should Buy a Click Clack Sofa Bed?

Rank Perfect for: Not so great for:
#1 People who move around a lot Elderly couples
#2 College students Someone needing a full-size bed or couch
#3 Someone who appreciates the ease of transforming a couch into a bed and vice versa Someone looking for a luxury, expensive item
#4 Younger couples Someone who needs a good mattress to sleep on



These great new types of sofas are really neat and perfect for college students or a younger couple just starting out. If you’re looking for an expensive piece of furniture, maybe these are not the place to look. Otherwise, these nifty pieces of furniture are cost-effective, super lightweight, and are incredibly versatile. Depending on your lifestyle, a click and clack type of sofa bed could definitely be the right sleep station for you.

So, what do you think? Do you think you want to go out and buy a click clack sofa bed to test it out? Another great thing about them is that it’s easy to find and order online. Since they don’t weigh that much, shipping fees won’t cost you a small fortune, resulting in more cost effectiveness! Have any experience with one of these? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to share your insights in the comments section, or if you have any questions for us, please feel free to ask, as well!