What is a Click Clack Futon?

With so many upgrades in modern sleep furniture, it’s hard to decide what exactly you should be sleeping on. Whether you’re looking for a bed for a master bedroom or you’re just needing an extra sleep space, the decision making process can be a bit daunting with so much information out there.

As far as space savers go, a futon is a good way to have an extra sleeping space without taking too much room. You can find futons in many homes due to their versatility and size. Futons can easily be doubled into a couch for a quick way to add more seating area to an otherwise smaller room.

A click clack futon goes a step further in providing that futon feel with all the class of a modernized piece of furniture. Named for the simple hookup feature or “click clacks,” this futon easily snaps into place and can be turned into a couch or sleep space with ease.

We’re about to tell you all about these nifty futons, so even if you haven’t decided what exactly you want yet, keep reading to find out more about this space saving option! This could be the perfect addition to that extra room you’ve been decorating or empty space you’ve been wanting to fill.

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Click Clack Futon Action Chart

Rank Use a Click Clack Futon if: Do NOT use a Click Clack Futon if:
#1 You have a small place You need a mattress instead
#2 You need an extra sleeping space You have a bedroom that needs a bed
#3 You need a sitting area You have plenty of space to work with
#4 You need something stylish but affordable You have a decent budget to work with

Benefits of a Click Clack Futon

One of the greatest benefits you could draw from a click clack futon is how minimalistic they are. These things will definitely free up space. Whether you have a loft or a tiny apartment, a click clack futon brings all the benefits of a standard futon without that futon feel. Since futons are generally cheaper than a standard bed or couch, futons are affordable, versatile and a major space saver.

Space Saver

I can’t reiterate this enough – click clack futons will save you space. This amazing piece of furniture can be a couch by day, bed by night. Have guests coming over and not sure where to put them? Someone could definitely sleep on the click clack futon. Use the click clack futon as a bed but have company coming over? Turn your studio apartment into a cozy sitting room with this great couch. Your guests will probably have no idea that you use the futon as a bed … just make sure to get rid of those blankets and pillows.


Futons are known to be very affordable, but click clack futons are affordable with that extra sense of style. Since most click clack futons are made of a leather-like or upholstered material, the click clack futon is affordable while very fashionable. You can choose click clack futons in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can find the perfect addition to your space and décor. Since you’ll be saving so much money on a click clack futon instead of buying an actual couch, you will probably have some extra money to spend on other Knick knacks or cute throw pillows.

Easy to Use

Click clack futons commonly come in one piece – two, at the most. This piece of furniture is easy to assemble and even easier to use. The couch can be folded into a bed so easily, that even someone who has no idea how most things work could do it. That “click clack” sound will let you know that all the locks are in place and you’re good to go. Simple! That goes either way – turning the futon in the couch option or laying it out for the bed option.

Downsides of a Click Clack Futon

Again, depending on your need, a click clack futon may not be the best option for you if you’re working with a very large space or looking for something specific for a bedroom, like a bed. Futons are great space-savers, but shouldn’t necessarily be used as your go-to when it comes to shopping for a bedroom set.

Not Very Comfortable

This isn’t to say that all futons are uncomfortable, but a click clack futon could be a bit bunchy or firmer than someone would want. Since this piece of furniture bends to fold into a couch and vice versa, anyone who tries to sleep on the futon will definitely be able to feel that crease. In order to get rid of it, you’d probably have to layer on an entirely other mattress or very thick cover. Even then, through the night the cover may slip and the sleeper will be left in an awkwardly uncomfortable position.

You get what you pay for

Click clack futons are pretty standard, so if you’re unhappy with the feel, firmness or material, you’re pretty much stuck with it unless you return it. You can’t mix and match like you would with a regular futon since the mattress is built into the click clack futon. Versatility wise, it’s great because it’s such a simple piece of furniture to use. Décor or preference wise, it could be a pain since you may not be super happy with the material.

Still not a Mattress

You should not order a click clack futon to replace a bed. One, because it’s just not going to be as comfortable no matter how hard you try, and two, it won’t come in traditional bed sizes. A folded out click clack futon could still be better than sleeping on the floor, but you aren’t going to have a lot of space to sleep on.

Click clack futons are traditionally smaller than regular futons, so be prepared not to be able to customize this kind of futon. Keep that in mind before ordering something really expensive if you’re needing a larger sleep/couch area to work with.


If you’re trying to bring modern versatility and style to your living space, a click clack futon is a great way to start. They are so easy to use and can be incredibly stylish. First you need to decide what size of an area it is that you want to work with and how large of a mattress you’d need if you wanted to fold it out for a guest to sleep on. Here are some additional questions and answers involving click clack futons, just in case.

Overall, it’s your decision but just keep some of these aforementioned key points in mind before making a purchase like this. If you have a smaller studio you want to modernize and spruce up, a click clack futon would probably be ideal for you. If you have a bedroom you need a bed for, it’d be your best bet to steer clear.

So what do you think? Ready to make a click clack futon you next addition to your house or apartment? If you have any experience with these nifty little futons, let us know in the comments! Have any questions? Feel free to ask!