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A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Sleeper Sofa For Your Home

Rank Product Operating Mechanism Warranty

FCNEHLM Modern Futon Bed

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Lift and Pull N/A

DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

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Lift and Pull


1 Year Warranty

Scoville Tuxedo Arm Sleeper Sofa

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Lift and Pull


30 Day Warranty

Brandi Reversible Sleeper & Ottoman


Folding 1 Year Warranty

Terrie Pillow Top Arms Sleeper

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Lift and Pull


90 Day Warranty

Wade Logan Spirit Lake Sleeper Loveseat

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Corner N/A

Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

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Click-Clack N/A

Swiger Convertible

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Click-Clack 1 Year Warranty


Living in an urban metropolis means having to make some concessions when it comes to living room space – and one crucial article of furniture that assists in doing so is the sofa bed. As implied by the name, a sofa bed gives you a place to lounge around during the day, and doubles up as a sleeping surface at night, making it ideal for both personal use and guest accommodation where space is a concern.

man sleeping in a sleeper sofa

However, given the popularity this piece of furniture has accrued over the past decades, the market is now filled with sofa beds in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, prices and so on. So for a rookie, choosing the best sofa bed can be quite a challenge.

Here’s my guide to selecting the right sleeper sofa. It opens with nine reviews of the best sleeper sofas on the market and is followed by an exploration of what makes a good sofa bed for those who haven’t got the time to do all the research themselves!

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Top-Rated Sofa Bed Reviews

1. FCNEHLM Modern Futon Bed

With its split back, track arms, and tapered legs, the Modern Futon Bed by FCNEHLM adds a degree of sophistication to the room as its clean-lined silhouette is easy to incorporate into just about any arrangement. Made of 100% polyester and with high-density cushions and thick padding, this piece is both comfortable and durable at a price that’s hard to beat.

Guests will enjoy the versatility offered through the design as they can choose their own comfort level. Whether they want to sit back and read or recline completely for a great night’s rest, it just takes seconds to transform this couch into the perfect bed. The backrest provides three angles for various degrees of support, and the piece is designed to take up minimal space.

This is a luxurious traditional pull out sofa intended for consumers who want a degree of elegance in their living room without compromising on comfort for themselves or their guests.

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2. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Available in both faux leather (black and vanilla) and linen (navy and grey), the futon’s luxurious upholstery gels nicely with its chrome legs resulting in ample aesthetic appeal – as pointed out by several glowing user reviews.

The futon mechanism means you can easily convert between sleeping, sitting and lounging. To make it even more convenient, the splitback feature allows you to operate its two sides independently. The foam and polyester seat provides a somewhat firm feel.

There have been a few complaints about defective / broken units, but the included 1 year warranty should cover these problems.

The Emily Futon sleeper sofa’s understated modern design gives off an air of luxury that belies its remarkably inexpensive price tag. As such, this sofa bed is great for people who want to complete a stylish, contemporary game room / living room but are at the end of their budget.


3. Scoville Tuxedo Arm Sleeper Sofa

It only takes seconds to transform he simple outward design of the Scoville Tuxedo Arm Sleep Sofa into a super comfy sleeper that provides plenty of space for sleeping without taking up too much space in the room. All the hardware needed for easy assembly is included in your packaging, and no tools are needed.

While normal loveseats are supported with four legs, this product goes the extra mile with eight. This provides a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs.

The Scoville Sleeper Sofa’s visibly casual and comforting look is intended to blend into any easy going, informal setting.


4. Brandi Reversible Sleeper & Ottoman

Basically, the Brandi consists of a convertible sleeper loveseat and ottoman that can be arranged in the various formations. In its fully expanded form, it becomes a firm queen size foam mattress that can comfortably hold two individuals. If you’re not quite ready for bed, the split-back design is perfect for reading or watching television, and the chaise end allows you to kick your feet up while providing extra storage.

Built on a solid and manufactured wood frame and upholstered in polyester for easy cleaning

Brandi is built on a durable wood frame, and the polyester upholstery is easy to clean. A 1 year warranty accompanies this product, but I didn’t come across any noticeable complaints indicating its necessity.

The uniquely modular design, the Brandi sleeper sofa lets you use it as a bench, bed or workstation at your discretion – making it especially relevant for people with minimal apartment / office space for redundant furniture.


5. Terrie Pillow Top Arms Sleeper Sofa

The classy design provides the ultimate style, and, with four color options, it’s easy to fit the Terrie sleeper sofa into just about any environment. As a sofa, it seats three individuals and once folded out into a bed, it can comfortably hold two people. The seating firmness is described as medium firm, but according to consumers, it softens up as time progresses.

Need some extra storage space? You get exactly that under the seat. Terrie also lowers into a lounging position so you can transition slowly from sitting to lounging and finally completely reclining for a great night’s rest.

Available in solid shades of blue, grey, green and wine-red, the Terrie boasts a classic appeal that enables it to fit into any casual aesthetic ranging from a busy living room to a seldom-used guestroom.



6. Wade Logan Spirit Lake Sleeper Loveseat

The click-clack mechanism lets you quickly switch between three positions: upright, reclining and flat. The arms are removable, and you have a couple of zipper compartments for storage. As a bed, the loveseat can accommodate two sleepers.

The Spirit Lake sports neutral, ash colored upholstery made out of ‘premium fabric’, with a seat and back made out of foam that offers firm comfort. The legs are made out of aluminum.

While no warranty is available with the product, the manufacturer does state that they will replace defective parts in a reasonable period of time. Everything considered, it is a decent pick for young adults who don’t require a super-comfortable bed and/or those who have occasional guests at their place.

With its streamlined, box-like structure and gently tufted upholstery, the inexpensive Spirit Lake loveseat exudes a modern aura that permeates beyond its own presence.


7. Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa

If you want to make the most of a small space, this piece by Serta could be the perfect choice. Its simplistic yet unique construction provides a sophisticated appeal to any room. Best of all, using convenient click-clack technology, you can quickly convert from to sitting to lounging to sleeping.

The upholstery is polyester, and consumer feedback for this product has been unanimously positive in terms of comfort, utility and durability, which makes it a solid investment. The mattress size is between twin and full, so most full-size sheets will work.

Mainstream sofa bed products require you to compromise on either the sofa’s performance or the bed’s – the Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa attempts to provide a solution that faithfully serves you in both roles.


8. Swiger Convertible Sleeper Sofa

The Swiger is available in five different upholstery finishes (all incorporating high quality fabric), so you’ve got some freedom to choose a variant that matches your existing interior. The sofa occupies little room space so it can fit well in crowded settings such as dorm rooms, play rooms and the like.

The seat fill material uses pocketed coils topped off by 1.8 lb./cu.ft. foam to achieve superior conformity and comfort as compared to the competition. The solid print is complemented by wooden legs with an espresso finish to complete the traditional appeal. Two toss pillows are also included.

Although most users have been happy with its performance, there have been some complaints of unnecessary gaps between the seat cushions and the arms which indicate imperfect design practices. Not exactly surprising for a product at this price, but somewhat mitigated by the 1 year warranty that accompanies it.

The clean, bold edges and slightly curving back of the Swiger Convertible combine to give it a look that lies somewhere between modern and retro, so it fits well with all but the sharpest décor themes on both ends of the scale.


What Makes Up a Sofa Bed?

— Frame

This is the skeleton on which the sofa is built – while metal frames are readily available, the best sofa bed brands will almost exclusively use kiln-dried hardwood because of the superior durability this material affords. Frames made from pine or other more pliable woods will not last.

The frame of a sofa bed needs to be made from a durable material, because it will experience wear and tear as it changes back and forth between its two forms. Additionally, the edges should be smooth – sharp or rough edges could snag the sleeper’s fabric (or even that of your bedsheet or blanket), leading to general inconvenience at best, and rips and tears at worst.

— Mattress


By far the most noticeable component is the mattress, which determines the feel and comfort offered by the product (just as for any other kind of bed!):


— Spring

Similar to innerspring mattresses, they have a support structure consisting of coils, topped off by a polyurethane layer. They typically yield firm, springy support. The average coil density swings around 345, and anything roughly twice this is considered high quality.


— Memory foam

Memory foam is known to conform to the shape of your body, resulting in soft, pressure relieving comfort which is especially well suited to people who sleep in awkward positions e.g. side sleepers.


— Air-coil


This is a combination of air mattress and innerspring technology, with the spring support core covered by an air mattress to offer somewhat better conformity.



Remember that the thickness / density in which these materials are used will have a significant impact on their performance, durability and price.

Operating Mechanism

There are multiple types of sofa bed styles available, operating on different principles to cater to different needs. Here are the most popular ones:

— Lift And Pull

This is the conventional style of sleeper sofas, typically found in futons and similar products: you lift its seat up at a nearly vertical angle – this releases the lock – and then pull it down again to make up the bed.

— Folding

Designed for long term, regular sleep use, this type of sleeper comes with a memory foam or innerspring mattress that can be folded out from its base in two motions.

— A Frame

This sleeper requires you to pull forward its lower front panel, which unfolds its ‘A shaped’ structure into a flat sleeping surface. The bed is transformed back into the sofa by means of a cantilever system.

— Clic Clac

This type has the most convenient conversion mechanism: the back is pushed forward slightly to unlatch the locking system, after which you can fold it down to make it into a flat bed.

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— Corner

This is one of the most stylish designs, with an extra platform pulling out from underneath the sleeper and popping up in alignment with the ottoman end, effectively yielding a double bed.

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Other Important Considerations

— Primary Usage

What do you intend to use the sofa bed for mainly? If you expect to utilize it primarily as sitting furniture, you’ll need something that takes the pressure off your backside without sinking too far under your weight. A suitable candidate would be a convertible that uses a foam mattress.

On the other hand, if you plan to use the sleeper sofa chiefly for sleeping and / or accommodating guests in the middle of the night, you’ll need to a surface that can handle the sleeper’s entire body weight. An innerspring mattress would do the trick in most cases, but if you require extra conformity, then a memory foam product may also be considered.

— Placement

Always keep in mind the room you’ll be putting the sofa bed in – both the aesthetics and the physical dimensions of the product will be affected by this. A living room sofa will need to be visually attractive as well as comfortable with upholstery that blends with the rest of the furniture.

For a den or study, you can forego looks in favor of practicality, comfort and economy – for instance, a cheap microfiber sleeper that is geared towards comfort will do fine.

If the room you’re planning on putting it in is a bit constrained, you’ll have to consider a futon or loveseat that saves space. If real estate isn’t an issue, you can go with a traditional sleeping couch that makes for a far comfier bed that allows two people to sleep easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sofa beds?

That all depends on how you want to use your sofa bed. If you’re in a small apartment and it’s to be your primary sleeping space, you’ll need something that can stand up to daily use, so a coil-spring mattress would be the way to go. If it’s main use is to be seating with the occasional overnight guest, look for a sleeper sofa that delivers a more comfortable seating experience such as one with a memory foam mattress. This important decision will then influence whether you opt for a lift-and-pull model, folding, click clack or A-frame design.

What is the most comfortable sleeper sofa?

With so many great designs to choose from, you should look for a brand and style of sofa that you can customize to meet your individual needs. With the Lay-Z Boy Leah sofa bed, you can opt for sizing that ranges all the way from a twin, to a full and ultimately, a queen-sized mattress. You can also choose between their supreme comfort quilted inner-spring mattress, their slumber air mattress or a memory foam mattress, depending on your needs and budget. With a 25-year warranty that far exceeds other quality brands, this would be a top pick for both comfort and value.

How much do sofa beds cost?

With sofa beds, you get what you pay for and because there is such a wide range of qualities and feature options, there are an equally wide range of prices. Typically, a basic click clack or futon-style sleeper will be priced under $500. As you move up the range, you can purchase a good quality sofa with lift-and-pull mechanism and a basic coil spring mattress for $1,000-$2,000. As you add in features such as a higher coil-count mattress or memory foam and opt for a larger sized configuration, the price can easily exceed $2,000.

How do you clean a sofa bed without a vacuum?

For a quick, yet effective clean up of your sofa bed, you’ll need an upholstery shampoo (for washable fabrics) or a dry-cleaning solvent for when fabrics are non-washable. Use a small brush or dry cloth to remove any dust, crumbs or debris from the surface before you begin. Once done, use a small cloth dampened with either the upholstery shampoo or dry-cleaning solvent to blot-clean those areas in need of spot cleaning. Allow these areas to air-dry completely before replacing the cushions. Bicarbonate of soda mixed with water can also help remove stains and odors from washable fabrics.