SnoreRX vs ZQuiet- Which is Best for You?

Do you or your sleep partner snore? Don’t be embarrassed… it’s estimated that around a quarter of adults are habitual snorers. I know my sleep partner can really get to sawing logs at night, and it can be highly disruptive! That’s why we recently purchased some of the most popular anti-snoring devices on the market.

With so many to choose from, you can get lost in your options. Although we aren’t doctors, we are people like you who suffer from the effects of snoring and have tried these products out for ourselves. Today, we’re going to take a look at SnoreRX vs. ZQuiet to determine which would likely be the best fit for you.

Quick Look at Mandibular Advancement Devices

Both of these products are known as mandibular advancement devices (MADs). In our experience, MADs have proven highly effective as they work to move the lower jaw forward to keep the soft tissue and tongue from obstructing the airway.

Differences in Customization

Everyone is unique, so it’s hard to make a one-size-fits-all mouthpiece. Each of these products offers the ability to optimize the fit. For SnoreRX, this comes in the form of the boil and bite customization process. By heating the material, you’re able to bite down and create a dental impression that allows the product to fit nicely in your mouth. The process only takes around ten minutes.

ZQuiet, on the other hand, takes a different approach. They provide two products when you order, one larger than the other. They recommend you try the small one first and advance to the larger option if the smaller one doesn’t work.

Suggestions for Male vs Female Snorers

In our case, we found the more advanced customization process offered by SnoreRX to provide a more personalized fit. However, if you and your sleep partner snore, I think there could be the potential for added value if one of you were able to use the larger option while the other person used the smaller one.

If you have a very large jaw, I’d opt for SnoreRX as even the larger version of ZQuiet was kinda small for my sleep partner. On the other hand, if you’re a female or otherwise have a small jaw, I think you’ll be happier with the fit of ZQuiet.

SnoreRX vs. ZQuiet: Do They Work?

Let’s get to the question you really want to be answered… do these products put a stop to snoring? The good news is that they both worked for my sleep partner… but there were definitely pros and cons of each.
When my sleep partner used the SnoreRX, I was able to enjoy a completely snore-free night. However, because of the previously-mentioned fitting issue, ZQuiet did slip out of his mouth, so we experienced sporadic snoring when this occurred. Since the product is able to open and close, this made slipping out even more problematic.

SnoreRX offered us consistent snore-free sleep, but it did cause a higher degree of discomfort and jaw soreness for the first four nights of use. So, again, if you have a small jaw, I think the SnoreRX might be a bit too bulky and uncomfortable whereas ZQuiet is small for male snorers.

There are numerous benefits to breathing through your nose when you sleep, but that’s not always possible. If you rely on mouth breathing, both of these products provide accommodations:

Living Hinge Technology allows the product to open and close, something that’s not available with many MADs.

V-Flow design makes product pretty open all the way around, but you can’t open and close your mouth.

Personally, I prefer SnoreRX’s V-Flow design as I like to try to keep my mouth closed when I sleep, and this also helps keep drooling minimal. However, if you rely on mouth breathing, ZQuiet may be a better fit.

Lower Mandibular Advancement Customization with SnoreRX

There are a couple features that are unique to SnoreRX. For starters, it provides the Micro Fit feature that allows you to precisely adjust the lower jaw advancement in one-millimeter increments. Not only can this make the product more comfortable, but it also helps you manage the best fit possible for snore reduction. This option also offers the Posi-Lock feature to lock in your lower jaw setting so it doesn’t slip out of place as you sleep.

Durability Differences

Durability is going to be strongly reliant on how well you maintain the product. The good news is they can both be cleaned using toothpaste and a toothbrush. This makes it really easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
While I loved the added features of SnoreRX and think it’s more effective in stopping snoring in males, its durability expectation is nine to 11 months. For the price of $99 for one device and $154 for two, I would like to see it last a little longer.

ZQuiet, on the other hand, lasts around 15 months with regular maintenance and only costs a total of $89.90. If durability is your main concern and you don’t have a very large jaw, I’d say go for ZQuiet. However, if you have a large jaw and/or suffer from snoring when your mouth is open, it’s worth the extra 10 bucks, in my opinion, despite the shorter durability.

Slight Catch on Trial Period with ZQuiet

For each product, you get a 30-day trial period. With ZQuiet, you only pay $9.95 when you order, and the remaining balance is charged when 30 days pass. In a nutshell, this means the trial period isn’t completely free. Neither product can be used with dentures, and both are FDA-approved.

SnoreRX vs ZQuiet Comparison

SnoreRX ZQuiet
Stays in place well Falls out if you have a large jaw
No certifications
Great fit for those with a large jaw Preferable for female snorers
Customization through the boil-and-bite method Longer durability expectations
30-day trial period with the full money-back guarantee Two devices provided, one larger than the other, for customization
Allows mouth breathing through V-Flow design, but doesn’t allow you to open and close your mouth 30-day trial period, but you don’t get your initial $9.95 payment back
Allows for lower mandibular advancement customization through Micro Fit feature Allows mouth breathing through Living Hinge Technology that allows you to open and close your mouth freely
Can attempt the boil-and-bite method up to three times after initial try Doesn’t allow for lower mandibular advancement customization
Can be cleaned with toothpaste Can be cleaned with toothpaste
Durability nine to 11 months Durability 15 months
Cannot be used with dentures Cannot be used with dentures
FDA-approved FDA-approved

Our Verdict

In our case, SnoreRX was preferable, but as you’ve learned, there are many factors that come into play when determining its effectiveness in your situation.

Although durability expectations are better with ZQuiet, people with larger jaws will likely find SnoreRX more effective in terms of stopping snoring as, in our case, Michael’s ZQuiet fell out a lot. If you are a male with a large jaw, I’d highly recommend buying the SnoreRX and save your $9.95 for your 30-day trial on ZQuiet.

On the other hand, I’d advise lady snorers to invest that small amount and try out ZQuiet first. It has excellent durability expectations for its price and is made of medical-grade materials that are BPA and latex-free. ZQuiet is also the preferable choice if you rely heavily on mouth breathing.

I hope you have a better understanding of the differences between these two quality products. They both stopped snoring in our case, so I think it’s all about pinpointing which will be a better fit for your mouth.

Still not sure what’s right for you? Feel free to leave us questions or comments below. We’ll get back with you promptly to point you in the right direction!