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Snoring is easy to laugh off as a common inconvenience and something we try to deny we do. While it’s not out of the ordinary to experience moderate snoring, experts report that, for a quarter of adults, habitual snoring is a reality. Aside from the disruption that this problem can cause their sleep partner, it can also lead to serious health risks like stroke and heart disease.

The Sleep Judge purchased some of the top-rated snoring devices on the market to see how they work and provide a forum to help you understand them better before you buy.

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Today we’re gonna take an independent look at the SnoreRX Mouthpiece. This product is customizable using the relatively common boil and bite method, and this allows you to mold your mouthpiece to fit your unique teeth structure. My sleep partner was recently diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, and he snores regularly and often quite loudly. We’re not doctors, but we do have the first-hand experience with the SnoreRX and how it works to put even chronic snoring to rest. Let’s take a look at how it worked for him and what we think it could do for you.

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SnoreRX Snoring Mouthpiece Specs

Posi-Lock Feature

Average Durability 12 and 24 months

Teeth Cushions for comfort

Warranty – 30-day money-back guarantee

Boil and Bite Customization Process

When heated, the SnoreRX is highly malleable, and the boil and bite method allows the user to custom-fit. The process takes about five minutes:

  • Make sure the mouthpiece is set at the factory setting of three millimeters. You adjust it by squeezing the top piece and sliding the bottom back and forth.

      • Be prepared with
        • A nonmetal cup
        • A timer
        • Tongs
        • A bowl of room-temperature water
      • Microwave around a cup of water for one minute on high to bring it to a boil.
      • Get your timer ready and drop your SnoreRX into the boiling water for exactly 90 seconds.

      • Immediately remove the device with your tongs. This step is critical since it softens the material at just the right time for your custom impression.
      • Drop the device into your bowl of water for two to three seconds and proceed to bite down on it firmly for 30 seconds to create your impression. Even though it just came out of the boiling water, it doesn’t burn your mouth.
      • Drop the device back in the bowl of water for another minute to set the impression.

If you don’t experience deep impressions of your teeth on your first try, you can try again up to three times before you begin to compromise the integrity of the SnoreRX.

Cut to the Chase- Does It Work?

My sleep partner has used this product for a couple of weeks now, and it does an excellent job at completely eliminating snoring.

As with many mouthpieces, it does look and feel a little awkward at first, and drooling is not out of the question. However, Michael reported waking up feeling more well-rested than usual. Anyone who has a sleep partner with obstructive sleep apnea has likely been alarmed to hear the snorer get really quiet and suddenly gasp for breath. While this doesn’t happen in our case very often, he has never done this wearing the SnoreRX.

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V-Flow Design a Plus for Mouth Breathers

My sleep partner often breathes through his mouth when he sleeps, and this was facilitated by the open front that allows full airflow through the V-Flow design. Many snore devices make it impossible to breathe through your mouth, so, if you suffer from a condition that prevents nasal breathing, the SnoreRX is worth consideration.

Accommodates Your Jaw’s Unique Features

For a mouthpiece, this product is pretty comfortable, and it offers a few features to help it feel more natural. For starters, it allows for precise adjustments to accommodate your jaw’s unique features in one-millimeter increments. This is what the Micro Fit on the front of the box is referring to, and it really did help Michael adjust the device to fit his comfort preferences.

It’s not all about comfort, however. In our case, Michael had more success when he slid the lower jaw setting forward to help keep his throat tissues from obstructing his airway. It will feel strange and even a little uncomfortable for the first few days, especially when you take the device out in the morning. This does subside, so give it a chance!

How Micro Fit Works to Stop Snoring

The one-millimeter adjustments align the general shape of your teeth two-dimensionally with such precision that it really helps meet the needs of the individual. The ability to slide the bottom forward and backward works to keep your jaw from sliding back and maintains its resting position through the night, thus freeing your airway of a common obstruction when the jaw naturally tends to fall backward as your body relaxes.

Consistency with Posi-Lock Feature

You don’t have to worry about your setting accidentally changing in your sleep since the Posi-Lock feature locks it in. This is especially helpful during the first few days of use as you need consistency in order to begin adapting to the mouthpiece. The teeth cushions also made this product distinct and added a lot in terms of comfort.

Durability Expectations

With proper maintenance, the SnoreRX is designed to last nine to eleven months, and regular cleaning has proven to increase overall longevity. Average durability for mouthpieces is between 12 and 24 months, so SnoreRX does fall short in this area. This makes proper maintenance even more important.

Important Maintenance Tips for Maximum Longevity

Cleaning is pretty easy, and there are different ways to do it. The easiest way and the one we went with is to simply brush your device clean using your toothbrush and toothpaste. Some devices restrict the use of toothpaste, so this was convenient. Just clean it up in the morning when you brush your teeth, and you’ve found a great way to work product care into your normal routine.

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

Keep the Mouthpiece Dry

You can also use denture and ultrasonic cleaners if you want to go the extra mile. Just make sure you aren’t using abrasive cleaning products like dishwasher soap or bleach. You also want to let it air dry rather than towel dry since your towel can cause damage to the surface of the material. The SnoreRX worked very well, and it’s among Michael’s top-picks for a snoring device that does what it’s supposed to without causing excessive discomfort. If you think it could be right for you, let’s take a look at a few key factors to consider:


Overall, this product was great for an anti-snoring mouthpiece. It was easy to breathe, comfortable, and it really worked. Michael appreciated the extra steps SnoreRX incorporated through the inclusion of the jaw advancement calibrator on the side of the device and the ability to re-adjust for comfort if your first, second, or even third boil and bite process doesn’t work. Compared with other products on the market, the SnoreRX had a very reasonable price for what you get. If you’re happy after your free trial, you’re charged $99. You can opt to receive two devices for $154, so you essentially save $55. Either use it now or save it for later when your first mouthpiece begins to degrade.

SnoreRX Reviews and Feedback

Take a look at some of the praises and complaints made by other customers who have tried the SnoreRX:

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Who We Recommend the SnoreRX For

Still not quite sure if you’re ready to try it out for yourself? It’s not for everyone, especially those who wear dentures. However, it could prove to be a great anti-snoring solution if:

    • You’re a mouth breather
    • You have obstructive sleep apnea
    • You want something with very precise adjustment options
    • You and your sleep partner both snore as you have the option for a discount on your second device

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Our Final Verdict

Of the mouthpieces we’ve reviewed, Michael reports this to be his favorite, and it comes at a great price for the many features you get to take advantage of. If you wear dentures, you won’t be able to use the SnoreRX, and you can expect some initial soreness as you first begin to adapt. However, after a few days, you do get used to it. If you find that it doesn’t meet your expectations, you do get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use with dentures?

No, natural teeth are necessary to keep the product anchored in

Can you wash with toothpaste?


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, 30 days

Does it carry certifications?

American Sleep Association American Academy of Sleep Medicine