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Do you suffer from congestion or other conditions that require you to breathe through your mouth when you sleep? This can make it tricky to find the best anti-snoring device for your needs.
ZQuiet® is a great solution to consider. Not only does it include ports for air that keep your mouth partially-open to allow mouth breathing, but it even provides the ability to move your mouth and even speak while you’re wearing it.

The Sleep Judge recently purchased many of the top-rated snoring mouthpieces on the market, so let’s take a look at how ZQuiet worked out for me and my sleep partner who suffers from obstructive sleep apnea.

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Zquiet Snoring Mouthpiece Specs


BPA and latex-free

Two mouthpieces included

Warranty – 30 day trial period

Two Devices for Customization

ZQuiet offers customization through the provision of two devices. On the bottom of each mouthpiece, you’ll see either the number one or two. You’ll want to use Comfort Setting one for at least the first three nights to allow for an adjustment period. If your snoring persists, try comfort level two. It advances the lower jaw more than normal.

My sleep partner suffers from habitual snoring, and he used the ZQuiet while I observed. The first Comfort Level didn’t eliminate the snoring in our case, and we had much more success with Level two. This will differ from one person to the next. There is no customization process like a boil and bite routine that creates dental impressions. ZQuiet is designed to fit the average mouth, and Michael didn’t report a higher-than-normal degree of discomfort. I liked that ZQuiet was ready-to-use right out of the box.

Larger-than-Average Mouth? This May Not be for You

If your mouth is smaller than average, you may run into some trouble getting it to fit, but it can be cut down to size. However, if your mouth is big, there’s not much you can do. If this is the case, you may want to seek out a product that allows for a higher degree of customization or explore chinstraps and anti-snoring pillows.

So… Does ZQuiet Stop Snoring?

The ZQuiet mouthpiece Level Two was able to eliminate my sleep partner’s snoring. He did experience a higher number of instances of the product falling out since it does allow the jaw to open and close. However, after a few nights of use, it stayed in much more consistently. You will also likely experience quite a bit of drooling during this break-in period. Once he got the hang of it, however, Michael reported the product being comfortable for a mouthpiece. From my point of view as the sleep partner, there was no snoring when the product was in place.
So, yes, in our experience, the ZQuiet mouthpiece did put a stop to snoring!

Considerations for Mouth Breathers

ZQuiet does take mouth breathing into consideration. Some devices lock shut, and this can make it difficult to use by consumers who suffer from conditions that make nasal breathing difficult.

Use of the Living Hinge Technology allows mouth movement and even speaking while wearing. Since he’s advanced to the second comfort level, I haven’t heard any snoring, and I noticed Michael tossed and turned less while using this device. If you suffer from allergies and other sensitivities, you’ll appreciate the use of FDA-approved, medical-grade materials that are BPA and latex-free.

A Few Insider Tips for Optimal Use

  • Don’t use it for your first time for a full eight-hour sleep session. Instead, give yourself time to acclimate by wearing it for 20 or 30 minute periods while awake. This adaptation period helped reduce events of the device falling out of the mouth while sleeping in our experience.
  • The ZQuiet mouthpiece is a little more comfortable when you soak it for a couple minutes in hot water since this softens the material.

  • While the second comfort level proved more effective in our review of this product, the slightly protruding lower mandible made Michael’s jaw feel sore for a couple of hours upon waking during the first several days of use. This does typically subside based on our experience as well as the reviews I’ve read by other customers, but, while it lasts, keep a pack of gum on hand as the chewing motion helps the irritation subside more quickly.

Durability Expectations and Cleaning

Durability depends on individual use. However, customer feedback suggests the ZQuiet mouthpiece should last around 15 months. Twelve to 24 months is average. For the price, durability expectations are pretty good.


To make sure yours lasts as long as possible, proper maintenance is important. After use, scrub the device thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Finish by rinsing the device with warm water and patting dry with a soft towel.

Make sure you store your ZQuiet mouthpiece at room temperature and never soak it in mouthwash, especially if it contains alcohol. Cleaning doesn’t require any special denture cleaners and is easy to fit into your daily routine.
The ZQuiet mouthpiece worked very well, and it’s among Michael’s top-picks for a snoring device for people who rely on mouth breathing. If you think it could be the product for you, let’s review a few key factors to consider:

Can you use with dentures?

  • No, natural teeth are needed to keep the product from slipping out

Can you wash with toothpaste?

  • Yes

Is there a money-back guarantee?

  • Yes, 30 days for $9.95

BPA and latex-free medical-grade materials used?

  • Yes

ZQuiet Reviews and Feedback

The Zquiet mouthpiece was able to significantly reduce my sleep partner’s snoring, and the two comfort levels did prove beneficial in our case. If you wear dentures or have weak teeth, this product isn’t for you. However, this is our top pick for anti-snoring mouthpieces for people who need to breathe through their mouths when they sleep. Not only can you breathe, but you can also speak if the need arises without having to remove your device.
Everyone has their own story to tell, so don’t stop at our word! I looked around to see the positives and negative complaints other people had to share about this product:

BPA and latex-free

  • Medical-grade materials doesn’t cause irritation
  • Use of Living Hinge Technology allows mouth movement and even speaking while wearing
  • Airflow ports keep mouth partially-open to allow mouth breathing
  • FDA-approved
  • Two mouthpieces included
  • Easy to clean
  • Acceptable durability for the price
  • Drooling isn’t excessive
  • Can be cut down to size if it’s too big, but nothing you can do if it’s too small
  • Not for use with dentures or weak teeth
  • Initial jaw soreness
  • Shipping charges aren’t refunded if you choose to return the product

Who We Recommend the ZQuiet Mouthpiece For

Overall, this was an above-average product in terms of comfort, and it works great if you need to breathe through your mouth. However, it’s not for everyone. If you wear dentures, you’ll need to seek something else. This could also be the case if your mouth is bigger than average as there are only two sizes available. However, it might be for you if:

  • You’re a mouth breather
  • You don’t like your mouth being locked shut while you sleep
  • You appreciate the use of BPA and latex-free materials
  • You have an average-sized mouth and don’t want to have to go through a customization process like boil-and-bite


The ZQuiet mouthpiece really worked. I never witnessed or heard Michael snoring while the device was in place. Although you can’t make custom impressions, the provision of two devices was able to provide my sleep partner with an option that worked well for him. I’d strongly recommend continuing to do your research and taking advantage of the forums available for guidance.
If you’re scared to sign up for trial periods that carry the commitment of a credit card number, just make sure you closely track your trial period and follow the required steps to return your product to ensure your card isn’t charged. I hope it works as well for you as it did for us, but I’d still recommend paying the extra $9.95 for the trial period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to keep in place?


Does it cause drooling?


Is there more than one size available?

Yes, two sizes included with order.

Can you breathe through your mouth with it on?


Does it have certifications?

FDA-approved, BPA free, and latex free.

Can you use with dentures?

No, natural teeth are needed to keep it from slipping out.

Does it cause mouth soreness?

Initial jaw soreness.

What sizes are available?

Two, both included with single order.

Is there a trial?

Yes, 30 days.

Is it easy to keep clean?

Yes, just use toothpaste and toothbrush.