19 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Him

If changing the sheets and dimming the lights has become your idea of a romantic triast in the bedroom, then you might want to consider a few of the following ideas. With very little effort and a few simple props, you can create a much more inviting atmosphere that inspires much more than a quick roll in the hay. The following romantic bedroom ideas for him (or her) is to help inspire you both to take a bit more time with the detail and time you spend together.

#1. Simply Strewn

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You don’t have to put a lot of time and effort into an impromptu rendezvous with your special someone. Some rose petals (real or silk) strewn across the floor, bed, and even bedside table can set the mood.

#2. Red is For Love

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The color of roses send various messages, and red is the color of love. Take a little time to spell this out with rose petals on the bed, or floor- or even leave a trail for your love to follow. If fresh petals are difficult to procure (or you find yourself on a budget), you can always find silk ones to use instead.

#3. All in the Details

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White sheets provide great contrast to your romantic details. A red blanket, a decorative pillow, and some romantic rose petals is perfect greeting for a couples weekend getaway. Many bed and breakfasts and other upscale hotels with provide a special touch to your room if you plan in advance.

#4. Vintage Decor

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Channel the romance of Paris studio apartments so popular with Bohemian during the roaring 20’s. Great romances were made and broken during this era, inspiring some of the greatest artistic achievements in both Europe and America.

#5. Black and Light

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Darker decors call for dramatic lighting to help cast shapes and shadows. Creative, low lighting sources helps provide an air of romance, and is reminiscent of candle light (which you can add as well!).

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#6. Gentle Drapery

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Poster beds are very old fashioned and speak of days long gone where the curtains were drawn not only for warmth, but also for private trysts. Inspire your decor with airy, floating drapes and curtains to provide a romantic feel to your bedroom.

#7. Cheerful Awakenings

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Not all trysts occur in the darkness of night. Welcoming morning light, some simple flower arrangements, and a nice breakfast (don’t forget the coffee!) says I love you just as much as anything else you can do for your partner.

#8. Caught in the Rain

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Your choice of colors, or lack thereof, can create some very dramatic effects, especially when paired with specialty lighting. The effect of this unique decor suggests bring caught in a rainstorm, and look s to be easily recreated with your choice of color schemes.

#9. Reminiscent

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The vintage vibe of wooden beams, brick fireplaces, and delicate shades of tinted whites is reminiscent of when bedrooms were bedrooms, and were uncluttered by workspace or technology. Try redecorating your room to be a private place, rather then where work or technological entertainment abounds.

#10. Whimsy Wallpaper

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Although wallpaper is not as popular a wall covering as it once was, it can most definitely highlight the mood you are trying to convey in your room. Although this choices is whimsical in detail, it is a fun choice that goes well with the cascading crystal of the chandelier, and throw pillows on the bed.

#11. The Boudoir

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Artistic paintings and wall hangings compliment the brick and mortar of this boudoir inspired space. If you want to create a romantic space just for her (or even for yourself), this is an excellent idea to consider.

#12. Rustic Reclaim

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The important thing to consider when decorating, that even if you have romance on the mind, you still need to be comfortable with your bedroom decorating choices. If you are a country dweller, or simply love the look and comfort of a more rustic feel, try an idea like this on for size.

#13. Simple Southwest

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The Southwest is known for its pastels and rugged edges. Nowhere else does the craggy shapes of rock and desert vegetation blend so effortlessly into the soft edges and colors of the area, which transfers amazingly into home decor.

#14. Eclectic Inspiration

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All you married couples may need to agree on such a bold decorating scheme, but the mix and match of such eclectic designs and colors brightens large spaces- making is appealing to the eye, and the senses.

#15. Hues of White

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If you have ever gone looking for white paint, then you know that there are actually an incredible array of ‘white’ hues available. What’s awesome is that these can work so well together to deeping shadows, highlight moulding, and otherwise create a getaway of all neutral colors to enjoy.

#16. Back to Basics

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Neutral colors provide the perfect backdrop to the addition of simple basic colors that allow a comforting, uncluttered feel to a room. These types of color schemes allow you to easily add bright pops of color if desired without them looking out of place.

#17. Luxury Defined

Rich golds and reds are set against a neutral background, and belay a richness defined by luxury. These color schemes are sure to convey a sense of the romantic, and provide the opportunity to act on it.

#18. A Pop of Color

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Black and whites, and everything in between can create a cozy atmosphere, despite some people thinking it might look cold, or uninviting. This basic contrasting scheme that is defined by a lack of color actually provides the perfect setup to add a pop of color of your choice.

#19. Warm and Inviting

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Like a smoky whiskey, the warm wooden hues, accent lighting, and use of colors makes this room quite masculine and inviting. Accent walls help create depth as well, and transfer the decor across the room.