#25 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not stray from the typical dinner and drinks date spending a lot of money in fancy restaurants and bring the celebration back home? Not only can you save a lot of money, but also it is a better way to spend quality time with the person you love without the distraction of a crowded restaurant or an overpriced beverage.

Sometimes home is the best place to be when you are trying to spark up the romance, but that means you have to put some effort into it. After all, it is Valentine’s Day, so you are allowed to pamper the one you love with comfortable surroundings and romantic accents. We have 25 of the best romantic bedroom decorating ideas for Valentine’s Day, which are sure to get you and your partner in the mood for love.

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Decorations Like Balloons and Rose Petals


#1. The Grand Plan

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Talk about the full deal – this bedroom has some of the best stuff when it comes to Valentine’s Day. From the rose petals to the balloons, you just cannot go wrong with this fancy setup. Anyone who walks into this bedroom is sure to be surprised, especially with that secret message written out in rose petals on the bed.


#2. Balloon Bouquet

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This balloon bouquet is super impressive and is sure to strike a lasting impression. This is a super great idea because it shows that you have put in some effort into the idea. Bonus points to that fabulous bottle of champagne right in the middle of the pillows just beckoning to be popped open for some fun.


#3. Romantic Touches

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This is a super sweet idea because it incorporates all the endearment of the balloons and flower petals, but it also brings in some photos with some handwritten messages. You could roll up these messages next to the photos describing memories you have from specific moments in your lives together. Perfect for married or long-term couples.


Beddings, Pillow and Bed Stuff


#4. Flowery Bedspread

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This flowery bedspread is gorgeous in white and red. The pattern appears to be brilliant red roses shaped into hearts all along the crisp, white bedspread. The matching pillows here are also super great and helps tie in the theme of the room. You could save this bed set for special occasions, like Valentines’ Day.


#5. Airy Bed Setups

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This light and airy bed setup are as delicate as the frosting on a cupcake. This is a glamorous, yet personal way to incorporate the fun of Valentine’s Day into the bedroom in a classier way. The subtle accents throughout this bedroom make this room naturally romantic and love inspiring.


#6. Black and Red Lips

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No need to worry about the romantic message not coming across with these sheets and bedspread. The black sheets and bedspread are covered with red and pink lips – perfect for Valentine’s Day. Although this isn’t’ a bed set you may feel comfortable with keeping around all year long, it’s perfect for this holiday.


#7. Lacy Bedding

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This bedroom setup is stunning and so full of romantic accents. You just cannot go wrong with lacy attributes such as this bedspread and all the tiny accents in red and pink. The rose petals strewn across the bed are also clear indications that romance is in the air and definitely flows throughout this space.


#8. Textures

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You do not need to apply bedding that has hearts or black sheets to get that romantic feeling into the bedroom. In this bedroom, it is all about the aesthetic. There are so many great textures flowing throughout this space that you cannot help but want to curl up and experience all of these textiles at once.


Romantic Bed Linen (Soft)


#9. Swan Towels

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These delicate towel swans are the perfect greeters into this cozy bedroom full of loving accents and soft textiles like these clean, white linens. The flower petals here make the room feel tropical, as they are different from the standard rose petals that we are used to seeing in romantic bedrooms.


#10. Gauzy Fabrics

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This bedroom is dripping with romance and class. Thanks to these gauzy linens, this room looks as if you have entered into a romantic cloud. This is a great setup when you are trying to make a room romantic without sticking to the standard Valentine’s Day décor. The tropical flowers work really well here.


#11. Patterns

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Just look at this fantastic candelabra standing tall in the background of this incredibly romantic display. This is the perfect candle for a romantic scene because it remains impressive and glamorous in the background so you can soak up all the other romantic elements in the foreground.




#12. Candelabra

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Just look at this fantastic candelabra standing tall in the background of this incredibly romantic display. This is the perfect candle for a romantic scene because it remains impressive and glamorous in the background so you can soak up all the other romantic elements in the foreground.


#13. Soft and Pink

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This room is plush and full of sweet, romantic elements. These long white tapered candles are super great in this space because they bring in a level of elegance that only white tapered candles could bring in. This would be the perfect setup for a date for two in the warm glow of this room.


#14. French Bedroom

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This gorgeous French inspired bedroom brings in some of the boldest elements of a romantic bedroom. For one, the impressive chandelier that hangs in the middle of the room is actually cast with real candles that cast such a fantastic glow across this room. The tapered candles toward the back definitely help the glow in this scene.


#15. Small Votive

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This bedroom is full of smaller romantic attributes such as this smaller red votive that is strewn across the floor of this room. This is a super romantic gesture because it definitely takes an effort to light this many candles and the glow that they cast is simply stunning, to begin with.



#16. Soft Glow

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The soft glow within this bedroom brings in those sultry shadows that help make this room romantic and mysterious. Incorporating soft lighting into space really helps bring in that romantic feeling because everything looks better in low light. This is a simple, yet romantic way to spruce it up.


#17. Bathtub Candles

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This super romantic scene features a candlelit romantic bathroom. More specifically, the candles that are lining the bathtub makes the whole room look inviting and the golden glow of all these candles makes the space naturally romantic. The more candles, the better in this case.


#18. Lamp Light

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The lamp lighting throughout this bedroom is so soft and casts such a golden orangey glow that it looks as if a thousand candles lighted this entire room. Although the light is predominately coming from these lamps, the feeling the room gives off is that of sheer romance thanks to this subdued light.


#19. Impressive Light Fixture

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This impressive light fixture draws so much attention to it. In fact, it would be hard to miss this glamorous light right in the middle of the room. The textured and printed shade around this bulb casts some interesting light across the room. The lighting is more prevalent due to the bold color schemes throughout this room.




#20. Victorian Canopy

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This Victorian era-inspired flowered canopy brings in a feeling of delicate sensitivity. This is a beautiful addition to this bed setup that does not have to just be around for Valentine’s Day. You can keep the romance alive all year long with this sweet addition to the bedroom space.


#21. Elegant Canopy

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This canopy features long, wide strips of material that looks just like a ribbon. This cascading sort of decorative ceiling is the perfect element you would need to make sure that feeling of lofty romance is set throughout this bedroom. The classic colors in red, pink and white are ideal when it comes to Valentine’s Day theme.


#22. Canopy Drapes

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These canopy drapes are super elegant because they cascade all the way down to the floor. This is the perfect scene for inspiring romance because heavier, flowing materials seem to set the tone for a romantic time. It does help that these flowers are strewn about and look super gorgeous.


#23. Simple Canopy

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This canopy may be simple, but there is a power within this simplicity. This is the perfect setup for a royal-themed bedroom due to the bold furniture and subdued tones. The pinks and whites throughout this room naturally inspire romance without becoming too overpowered or distracting.


Drape and Curtains


#24. Canopy Curtains

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This bold bedding set demands attention when it comes to inspiring romance. The powerful bed acts as a canvas for the more subdued materials that elegantly drape and swoop down along the four posts of this powerful bed. This is a bold setting that is sure to get some internal fires burning.


Mirror and Chandelier


#25. Matching Elements

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You would not necessarily think it, but having a certain theme or structure within a bedroom can definitely inspire romance. That sort of Zen feeling comes into place when furniture and accents are strategically placed and fit perfectly with each other. That can definitely be said about this mirror and chandelier, which seem to have started a romance all on their own.



So, there you have it! Some of the best romantic bedroom ideas that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a large room that you are redecorating or a smaller space that just needs some decorative elements, you can definitely feel inspired by some of these great designs.

Which designs were your favorite? Which ones do you think you want to try? Do you have any experience in making a bedroom more romantic for Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your comments in the section below so we can all get some insight into the matter.