11 of the Best Romantic Bedroom Colors Broken Down by Shade & Tone

When it comes to making the bedroom a more romantic place for you and your partner, you don’t necessarily need to go all out with flowers and chocolates – unless it’s a special occasion. You can keep the bedroom feeling romantic all year long with something as simple as some sultry colors.

We’ve rounded up some of the best romantic bedroom colors you can find and even show you different ways you can pair them, so you can have the most romantic bedroom possible. Check out these ideas and feel yourself becoming inspired.

#1. Raspberry Pink

Raspberry Options

Raspberry pink bedroom

Photo credit: Mike Higginson/Shutterstock

These raspberry pink hues are a fun and sweet way to add some romantic vibes into your bedroom. You can choose a soft or vibrant tone, depending on your taste and preference. Darker raspberry casts a bright, cheery yet seductive tone, while layering softer hues of raspberry pink sends a more subtle message.

Deep Raspberry

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This darker raspberry shade is a great way to add some romance into the bedroom. Its deeper shade is more like a romantic mauve than a pink. This is especially great if you are sharing the bedroom with a male partner who wouldn’t think so much pink is essentially a great thing.

Varying Raspberries

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This room is varying in shades of raspberries. Everything from light pink to dark red raspberry is depicted in this image. This is a great way to cascade the color into various shades and definitely draw some intrigue into the space. Paired with the right bedroom lighting, this is a romantic concept that is sure to be tantalizing for everyone involved.

#2. Deep Ruby Red

Deep Ruby Red

Deep red bedroom

Photo credit: archideaphoto/Shutterstock

When it comes to romance, nothing reflects passion better than the sultry richness of deep ruby red. This classic earth tone is the stuff of which romantic dreams are made. In this modern-looking bedroom, the red is not over-powering and instead, is tempered with a soft ivory in the side tables, and a soothing chocolate brown in the sheets, lamp shades, accent pillows and the strip of carpet under the bed.

Red with Red Accents

You really can’t go wrong when it comes to incorporating red with red accents. In this romantic style bedroom, the red color is only accented by the goldish/brick painting in the background. You can easily pair up several different kinds of red to create a room that is romantic and captivating.

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#3. Caramel/ Earthy Browns

Brown Tones

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These brown tones are great for creating a soothing, more romantic tone into a bedroom. This is a great way to add some romance without having to overdo it or use colors that are distracting. In this bedroom, setting the earthy tones do all the work and add in a romantic feel without taking away from the space.

Browns and Creams

This photo features tones in brown and cream. The combination together coincides well and just makes the room seem to sync. Using earth tones sets a more neutral tone that will invoke peace and calming. Where there is peace and calming, romance will surely follow.

#4. Black

Black Background

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Using black as a background may seem like an extreme idea, but it really seems to work, especially in this more romantic bedroom setting. Black is a very bold color, so you should choose accents that only accentuate that color and follows suit with the black tones. If you’re going to go bold, go all the way.

Black and White

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This black and white room is sure to set that more romantic tone due to its structure. There is just something automatically romantic about black and white, and this bedroom set is no exception. This is a great way to add some romance into space and keeping the bedroom look classy, too.

Bold Black

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This is another bedroom setting that utilizes the boldness of black and white. This is a gorgeous room that is full of decorative elements that follow the theme and creates structure into space. This black and white room is a clean and romantic and great way to add some flair into space.

#5. Pretty Plums, Purples & Lavenders


Purple Passion

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The blend of purple, plum and lavender is this bedroom simply simmers with passion. Set against that moody, dark gray feature wall with artwork of an undulating mountain scene easily sets the stage for love and romance between the sheets. The gold-colored floor lamp adds a hint of richesse and red roses on the bedside table seals the deal.

Royal Purple

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This royal purple bedroom sets the romantic tone in this great jewel color. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to subtly add some romantic flair into a space without having to use too many distracting elements. The rich purple color throughout this bedroom brings in intrigue and definite romance.

Neutral Purple

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This deep purple and neutral setting definitely brings in those cozy romantic feelings into the space. This is a perfect bedroom setting for someone who really likes the color purple, yet still wants to keep the bedroom feeling neutral and peaceful. All the colors witting this setting work in conjunction.

Purple and Burnt Orange

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This bedroom feels so romantic with these neutral purple and burnt orange tones. These colors make the room feel like it’s full of life. The excitement one draws from these colors can very easily attribute to that more romantic tone this bedroom invokes. This is a classic color combo that is perfect for bringing in more romantic feels.

Purple Tones

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It’s the lighting and delicate patterned wallpaper that make this richly jewel-toned purple bedroom the stuff of which romantic nights are made. Without the lighting on the ceiling, the room would feel small and stifling. Instead, it opens up the space while the deep purple curtains and walls keep it feeling cosy. The floor-to-ceiling headboard with vines of lavender and pink flowers adds a touch of feminine allure that beckons romance.

6. Deep Blues and Soft Blues

Neutral Blue

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This bedroom features a more neutral blue that sets up well next to the neutral tones within this bedroom. This is a great idea for someone wanting to use the romantic intrigue of blue throughout a room but doesn’t want a blue that is too bright or distracting.

Powder Blue

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This bedroom features that soft glow of powder blue. This is a fantastic way to add some romance into the bedroom in a more subtle way. These colors go well together and keep the room feeling airy and light. It’s as if all your worries are left at the door in this pretty blue bedroom.

Soft Blues

It’s well known that blue is the color of calmness and comfort, but that doesn’t mean romance is off the table. In fact, the way the soft blues in the painted feature wall of the sky is layered with white accents like wispy long white curtains, this bedroom becomes a timeless, ephemeral beauty that calls for many romantic days spent in bed.

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Sapphire Blue

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Jewel tones, such as this gorgeous sapphire blue, makes everything seem magical and bold. When it comes to a bedroom setting, having both those magical and bold feelings is the best way to bring in more romance into the space. This is a gorgeous color that suits this bedroom well.

#7. Tantalizing Teals

Dark Teal

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This dark teal is a gorgeous element in this more romantic bedroom setting. This is a stronger, bolder version of that great teal color that brings in a sense of adventure. What better room in a house to invoke a sense of adventure that the bedroom?

Teal Background

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Adding in teal as a backdrop setting for this bedroom makes the room feel vibrant and alive. This is a great way to add some romance into a room because the color is so bold and fresh. You can easily add so many romantic accents with a color like this one and surely feel the space become more romantic.

#8. Glowing Oranges

Metallic Orange

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This interesting orange color makes this bedroom just pop with color. You may not typically think of orange as a necessarily romantic color, but paired into a bedroom with these other decorative elements, this color actually can be quite romantic. This is an awesome bedspread for this room.

Flowery Romance

This bedroom features plenty of flowery elements that naturally make this bedroom more romantic. The oranges throughout this bedroom are vibrant and make the room feel like it’s full of life. These exciting color elements are sure to liven up the romance levels in this bedroom.

Subtle Oranges

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These subtle oranges bring a lot of love in this space. Using orange as accent colors is a fantastic way to liven up space by adding those pops of color. This just goes to show how versatile the color orange can be and how much it can add as far as the romance levels are concerned in this bedroom.

#9. Yellow-Oranges and Yellows

Yellow Walls

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These subtle yellow walls set the tone for this romantic bedroom. The yellow hues paired with the color of the heavier drapes and furniture throughout this bedroom gives this room a sense of peace and order. All these elements combined make a room naturally feel romantic due to the order.

Romantic Patterns

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The yellow-orange of these patterns throughout this bedroom makes the room interesting and full of life. It’s great to incorporate interesting decorative elements like these because they make a space just pop with color. These elements all go so well together, the bedroom makes one feel at peace.

#10. Greens

Green and Neutral

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Green is a wonderful color to help add some romantic feelings into a bedroom. This subtle green color definitely adds some intrigue into this bedroom while the more neutral elements help that great green color shine. The setup in this room is romantic by its simplicity and structure.

Green Damask

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This green damask style print on these curtains helps set the room’s tone in this more romantic styled bedroom. The crisp white in this bedroom only looks bolder compared to the subtle green and neutral flair this bedroom exudes. The furniture in this bedroom also go great with this theme.

Earthy Green

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There’s nothing more romantic than keeping those earthy tones alive and well by invoking them into the bedroom. These earthy green colors naturally make space come to life, and when in a bedroom setting, space will open up and feel more inviting.

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#11. Grays

Gray and Pink

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This romantic bedroom looks as pretty as a fancy truffle you’d find in a candy shop window. This is a fantastic color combo that is naturally romantic. The gorgeous tiny pink elements throughout this bedroom are a hint of romance while the gray acts as a bold background.

Soft Gray

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This bedroom is full of that more subtle, soft gray color with gorgeous accents. Gray is a more natural tone that will allow more decorative elements to really shine. In this romantic bedroom setting, you simply can’t go wrong with all the great color combos.

Powder Gray

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This romantic bedroom features a lot of that subtler, powder gray color. This is a naturally romantic color since its classic and moving. This is a wonderful bedroom setting that only invites sheer romance and intrigue into the entire space. This room has a calming feeling to it, as well.


So, which of these amazing romantic bedroom colors do you like the best? If you aren’t looking for just one color, you could easily mix it up with some of these great color combos to help invoke some romance into the bedroom. My personal favorite was the gray with pink accents – it’s just gorgeous to see. Do you have any experience in adding some romantic colors into a bedroom space? We’d love to hear from you about your ideas and concepts on the designs. Please feel free to share within the comments.

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