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50 of the Best Romantic Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom

Ever get to a point where you and your partner definitely need to take some time out for each other? This usually means a quick trip or weekend holiday away in order to reconnect and get back in touch with each other, but what do you do if you simply don’t have the funds available for a romantic trip?


It may seem silly, but something as simple as adding some mood lighting into the boudoir could imitate a trip away. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to add some romantic lighting to a bedroom, and, better yet, you can keep that romantic feeling all year long! We’ve compiled some of the best examples of romantic lighting ideas for the bedroom to help get you in the mood for love.

1. Sparkling Chandelier


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Most people hear the word “chandelier” and think of this massive, way-too-expensive light fixture suitable enough for one of Gatsby’s parties in the roaring 20s. Truth be told, you can find pretty great chandelier-like light fixtures that are sure to sparkle up the room and set the mood.

2. Fairy Lights


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Fairy lights are always a great idea and they truly do make the bedroom look whimsical. These tiny beads of light can easily turn a boring, day-to-day bed into a magical romantic paradise when used correctly. Like depicted, you can easily create a gauzy and ethereal canopy for the bed strewn with lights.

3. Bedroom Light


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This interesting bedroom light isn’t like your normal light fixture, this one is interesting in color and shape. The crackled silver look of this lamp makes the room not only feel more interesting, but the light itself lights up the room in interesting hues and tones.

4. Hanging Lanterns

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Instead of having one light fixture in the room, why not make the bedroom more interesting with some hanging lanterns? Not only are these lanterns romantic, but they add a calming feeling into the space due to all the subtle white light they emit.

5. Matching Lamps


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This bedroom features a brilliant center light fixture with twinkling matching side lamps. This is a great, more romantic sided idea that is sure to set the romantic lighting. This kind of light incorporation gives the room a softer glow, adding to the romantic ambiance.

6. Sparkle Lights


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These matching, sparkling lights are a great way to add lighting into a bedroom without overpowering the room with too much light. When it comes to that romantic feel, the dimmer the room, the better in most cases. These sparkling lights are no exception when it comes to the less is more idea.

7. Side Lamps


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These side lamps are a great way to add some romance into the bedroom. Not only is the light from these lamps illuminating in white brightness, but they are fashionable and modern. If a bedroom looks good, you can’t go wrong, and the romantic feels are sure to follow.

8. Contemporary Lighting


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This bedroom features contemporary lighting that not only looks extremely modern and chic, but also comes off as very clean and polished. This bedroom features plenty of the modern world to make the room interesting, but contains plenty of cozier themes to keep it romantic.

9. Sloped Lighting


This bedroom features a sloped lighting feature with some of those great, tiny sparkle lights that add so much intrigue into a space. This would be the ideal bedroom for a romantic night in “under the stars” as these little lights resemble tiny stars twinkling in the dark night.

10. Side Lighting


This unusual lighting method can really make a room seem interesting. The side lighting makes this sort of mood lighting which makes the room look as if it’s glowing. The light is subtle, yet bright enough to adequately illuminate the room. If this feature comes with a dimmer, that’d be ideal.

11. Bright Lamp


This interesting wall lamp is bright enough to singlehandedly light up this room all on its own. You’d typically see a light fixture like this one in the middle of the ceiling, but in this interesting feature, adding it to a wall instead of in the center of a room is intriguing.

12. Canopy Bed Lighting


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As if a canopy bed on its own wasn’t romantic enough, adding some mood lighting to accentuate it is a truly great thing. It adds so much character into the bedroom on top of making the bed look irresistible. The larger the bed, the more you can do with the room in terms of lighting.

13. Hanging Lamps and Small Lights


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This room is stunning is sheer white bliss. Everything from the white bedding to the pure white walls are made only brighter due to the incorporation of these hanging lamps and smaller, sparkling lights aligned at the top of the room. This is a great combo with amazing lighting.

14. Cloth Lamps


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These intriguing cloth lamps bring an interesting element into the bedroom. Almost Bohemian chic, these lamps are the epitome of sensual and look really great within this setting. The light coming from these cloth covered lamps is soft, too, adding a romantic touch.

15. Glowing Lamps


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This ornate, glowing lamps on either side of the bed create a soft, dim glow that sets the tone for a romantic night in. These lamps are so intricate and interesting to look at, and you don’t typically find lamps of this scale small enough to be put in on either side of a bed.

16. Bottle Lamps


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Try to remember to save all the bottles from all these romantic nights in so you can create these amazing bottle lamps! Through a simple DIY, you can easily adorn a bedroom to furnish these wonderful little lamps throughout the bedroom and even house.

17. Hanging Bauble Lamps


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These hanging bauble lamps look like pearlescent bubbles floating on either side of this truly romantic bed setup. These lamps look as if they have a dimmer feature, and if they don’t, you can easily install one to set the mood lighting right up.

18. Small Lamps


These small lamps on either side of this bed cast an interesting light across this modest, more modern bedroom. This is a great way to help add some romantic lighting into the mix without having to install something ornate or grandiose into the bedroom.

19. Star Lights


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These may not actually be star lights, but given how brightly they twinkle, you may even fool yourself. There is nothing more romantic than a night under the stars, and with these tiny fairy or twinkling lights, you can easily recreate your magical night under the stars each night.

20. Leafy Lamps

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These leafy lamps are the perfect addition to a romantically themed bedroom. With so much crimson in this room, it’d be easy to feel that romantic touch. These lights may almost seem like an afterthought from so much red, but the soft light definitely adds to the scene.

21. Gauzy Lights

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These leafy lamps are the perfect addition to a romantically themed bedroom. With so much crimson in this room, it’d be easy to feel that romantic touch. These lights may almost seem like an afterthought from so much red, but the soft light definitely adds to the scene.

22. Elegant Chandelier

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Who had more fun that Marie Antoinette? Well, probably a lot of people, but the point of that reference was that this tiny chandelier holds French revolution-style glamour. The benefit of smaller chandeliers in the bedroom is that they look great and automatically add some romance.

23. Golden Lights

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This combination with the golden lamp lights paired with gauzy drapes makes this bedroom romantically fabulous. The color hues within this room makes this room feel cozy, and naturally peaceful. The color of the light can affect a lot of this feeling, so make sure to choose appropriate colors.

24. Modern Romance

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This bedroom setup is wonderfully modern, with so much gold and interesting lighting. The center light fixture stands bold in strong gold and unshielded bulbs. This bold move adds a level of dominance into a bedroom, and on the romance scale, that’s pretty fantastic for a bedroom setting.

25. Romantic Setting

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If all that champagne and rose petals didn’t tip you off, this is, in fact, a very romantic bedroom setting. Aside from the obvious elements, this bedroom also features some pretty great lamp light cast by those cute little lamps in the corners. These babies work in the background and set the scene for an obviously romantic night ahead.

26. Candlelight

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If all that champagne and rose petals didn’t tip you off, this is, in fact, a very romantic bedroom setting. You cannot go wrong with candlelight. I repeat: Candle light is pretty much the most romantic lighting you can use. Natural candles will always work best, but if you’re worried about a fire hazard, there are (thankfully) electronic bulbs that give off that sultry flicker of candlelight.

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27. Soft Glows

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This bedroom is full of very interesting things that catch the eye in this bedroom setup, but the lighting is what really adds that romantic feeling into the room. The soft, golden glows from the lamps and corner lights casts just the right amount of shadows within this bedroom.

28. Ornate Lanterns

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These ornate lanterns produce a fantastic glow within this bedroom. The cut-out features within these lamps make the light jump out in bouncing shapes and patterns that cast an interesting glow throughout the bedroom. This is a perfect way to add some flair and romance into the bedroom.

29. Candlestick Chandelier

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This chandelier is as glamorous as they come, but more turn of the century glamour instead of modern glamour. This antique design brings a nostalgic feel into the bedroom, which casts a romantic tone across the room. The tiny lights at the end of these chandelier fronds will sparkle beautifully.

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30. Panel Lights

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I honestly can’t tell if the wallpaper is glowing from the lamplight or if the actual wallpaper is glowing itself, but the effect of the lighting within this bedroom is spectacular. It’s absolutely stunning and just a gorgeous setting for a romantically inspired bedroom.

31. Glass Chandelier

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This fantastic glass chandelier is the perfect way to light up the room while casting a romantic glow. This elegant piece demands attention, as it sits pretty high above the rest of the room. Striking pieces such as this chandelier add some intrigue into a room on top of naturally bringing in romance.

32. Cream Curtains with Lights

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These draped cream curtains look absolutely gorgeous with these tiny lights strewn into them. Much like the canopy bed infused with lights we saw earlier, this is a unique spin on the same kind of idea, with added glamour and intrigue. Imagine this setting with the lights turned down low?

33. Circular Lights

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These bubble or circular lights make the room sparkle with modern day romance. This would be the perfect kind of lighting to keep a bedroom feeling like a seaside retreat in a modern loft or a modern town house. The bubbles just sparkle and will cast an ethereal glow throughout the room.


34. Interesting Features

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This room holds within it plenty of interesting features to look at. The most intriguing may be those great side hanging lamps that look wonderfully modern and chic. The tiny above lights on the ceiling look like they’d cast a subtle glow across the room when all that natural light spilling in isn’t available.

35. Light Options

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This bedroom has plenty of light options to play with. If you aren’t in to the natural light from the large windows, the smaller overhead lamps will surely cast a sultry, romantic glow across the room. If this is an area where the sunset is easily viable, the pairing of the two light sources would be phenomenal.

36. Draped String Lights

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There is so much to love about this romantic setup. The four poster, dark wooden bed is glorious in the first place, but these light fixtures are truly remake. They are literally draped across the bed’s top frame and will no doubt cast a wonderful glow around the bedroom.

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37. Caged Lights

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These lamps look as if you’ve caught the bulbs in a trap. These caged lamps are not only intriguing to look at, but they resemble the old fashioned gasoline lanterns that would flicker outside the doors of inns and country motels. This is a beautiful, timeless way to add some romance in the bedroom.

38. Candle Chandelier

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This candle chandelier looks as if actual candles are held in place, burning brightly by their own flame. In reality, these tapered candles are probably plastic, and the light is cast by burning bulbs that will more than likely flicker – giving off that classic candle look without any hazard.

39. Wall Chandeliers

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These wall chandeliers beautifully match the main light fixture in the middle of the bedroom, making this room look polished and in sync. This is a great way to add some bolder light fixtures into the bedroom that can double as a work of art, or in this case, works of art.

40. Pendant Lights

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These sparkling pendant lights make the room just dazzle. The center light fixture at the ceiling of the room can stand separate, as it is still interesting but not overpowering. The real romantic lighting in this bedroom comes from the sparkle of these pendant lights elegantly having in the corners.

41. Creeping Light

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This dim bedroom setting is the epitome of a romantic bedroom lighting idea. Using mostly small, sparkle lights and creeping, more subdued panel lighting, this bedroom has plenty of shadows to make everything (and everyone) look their very best. It’s mysterious and sexy.

42. Victorian Romance

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This bedroom features plenty of Victorian romance that resembles a scene from a classic movie or book. Hearts will be atwitter in this bedroom, given all this crème and white lace and natural, golden light spilling through. This would be the ideal setup to curl up with a partner and relax.

43. Glass Orbs

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These glass orb lamps, or pendant lamps, are a great way to add some romance into a bedroom by way of lighting. These pieces just sparkle and create an interesting element of light into the bedroom. This is a great way to add some fun into a space without distracting from the color theme.

44. Cable Lights

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These cable lights are definitely not something that you see every day. These lights offer a different kind of setting, feeling and mood into the bedroom, almost as a modern chic, present day romance theme. If you’re into the warehouse look, this is the romantic bedroom idea for you!

45. Purple Lamps

These tiny little lamps may not seem to be very romantic, but the warm light the lamps exude truly is romantic. The deep purple walls of this bedroom also makes the light seem warmer and more romantic. Also, tiny details, such as the painted flowers on the actual lamps, can add so much to the space.

46. Yellow Wall Accents

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These yellow wall accents create that golden glow that makes everyone look so great under. This is a fantastic way to add some lighting and romance into the bedroom that won’t cost an arm and a leg to install. The wall fixtures themselves can be found at any home décor store and the bulbs can be interchangeable.

47. Wicker Lamps

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These lamps look as if they could be made from wicker, or if not actual wicker, a wicker-like pattern is definitely utilized within this room. These types of lights give off a romantic vibe due to the intricate design and the soft glow the actual bulbs exude from the housing.

48. Caged Baubles

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These caged bauble lights are just like the pendant lights we previously saw, but with a more modern flair. These lights look fantastic hanging in the corners just above the bed in this bedroom setup. The tiniest detail and extra effort in lighting style can definitely make a bedroom feel more romantic.

49. Warm String Lights

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String lights, sort of like the lights you’d use around the holidays, always seem to look good and fun. In a romantic sense, the tiny bulbs of glowing light can really pack a punch when it comes to the romance scale. Strewn about the bedroom, these lights will definitely add some fire into the bedroom – in a good way..

50. Minimalist Lighting

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With so much going on within this bedroom, it may be hard to call this room minimalistic, but it truly is. The lighting is coming in through three different outlets – the natural lighting from the back windows, the fantastic light fixture at the center of the room and the side lamps. So much to choose from that all works well in the romance department.

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As you can see, when it comes to adding some romance throughout bedroom lighting, there are so many options to choose from. Do you prefer the sultrier, subdued look or are you more of a bold light fixture person? From chandeliers to bauble lights, you simply can’t go wrong.

Still unsure on what to decide? Try incorporating some of your favorite elements and see what happens. Feel free to make the space your own romantic getaway. Have any experience in creating a romantic bedroom with appropriate lighting? We’d love to hear from you! Give us your feedback in the comments to help everyone gain some important insight.