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We’ve been going to bat for snorers during the past several months since habitual snoring can put a serious damper on your ability to sleep well and really rejuvenate. Mandibular advancement devices have worked very well in our experience so far, and today we’re gonna take a look at the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece.

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This is one of the few products I’ve come across so far that offer different sizes for men and women, so let’s talk more about that and how it offers customization to help advance your lower jaw at just the right degree. We aren’t doctors, but having used this product, we have some great information to share to help you decide if this could provide a viable solution.

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Vital Sleep Review

Vital Sleep Mouthpiece Specs


Latex and BPA-free

Full year free replacements

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

About the Company

VitalSleep was co-developed by David Hernandez and Dr. Richard Koffler M.D. through the Snore Reliever Company, LLC. The company began to gain momentum in 2012 after a little over one year in business.

Hernandez graduated with a degree in physical therapy from Daemen College in 1999, and Dr. Koffler received his credentials from Tel Aviv University in 1993. His more than 20 years of experience in rehabilitation and physical therapy helped tremendously in the design of VitalSleep.

Hernandez came up with the idea after spending nearly $3,000 on a dentist-prescribed oral device that broke soon after he bought it. It was his goal to provide consumers with a budget-friendly alternative to prescription devices.

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VitalSleep Customization Process

Many MADs offer a customization process, and VitalSleep is one of them. Let’s take a quick look at how that works:

   1. Gather everything you’re gonna need. This will include:

  1. A bowl
  2. Water
  3. A pot
  4. Tongs
  5. A timer
  6. Your VitalSleep mouthpiece.

   2. Look at the back of the mouthpiece to correctly identify the top. If it’s not already in a neutral position, use the included hex key to adjust both sides so that the lower half isn’t in a forward position.

   3. Heat up enough water to cover the device when poured into your bowl. Unlike many devices that employ the boil-and-bite method, you don’t want to put your VitalSleep product in boiling water.

   4. When heated, pour the water from the pot into your empty bowl.

   5. Using your tongs, place the mouthpiece in the hot water for five seconds. Remove it, check your UP position, wait ten seconds, and then place the warmed mouthpiece in your mouth.

   6. Bite down gently for ten seconds, and press the mouthpiece surfaces against your teeth.

   7. Remove the mouthpiece and place it in cold water for about 30 seconds to set your mold. You can then put the mouthpiece back in your mouth to check for comfort.

If it doesn’t feel right, repeat the process. Don’t worry if you can’t see every tooth impression. A couple things that make an impact if you’re having trouble include biting down too hard and overheating. Just bite down gently. We had success biting down just a little harder as your upper and lower teeth naturally sit atop one another.

VitalSleep Comfort and Effectiveness

In terms of comfort, my sleep partner found VitalSleep to be about average. Most mouthpieces do involve some getting used to, and it’s completely normal to feel pain in your jaw for the first several nights of use. This ceased for my sleep partner, but he does drool when using it from time to time. This also typically ceases once you get used to having it in your mouth.

VitalSleep recommends sleeping without any lower mandibular advancement for the first couple of nights to allow you to become accustomed to using the product. We found this to help. Many products don’t allow for this. You just have to jump in feet first and ride out the discomfort, so I think this was a great feature.

Sizes for Men and Women

I also really like that VitalSleep offers different sizes to accommodate both men and women. Since most snorers are men, women are often overlooked, and I’ve had trouble getting other products to fit in my mouth comfortably. It’s also hard for me to keep my mouth close wearing other products.

VitalSleep Stopped My Sleep Partner’s Snoring

Mandibular advancement devices work to keep the airway open as the soft tissue and tongue relax when you fall asleep, thus blocking the narrow opening where oxygen needs to flow. By moving your lower jaw forward, this helps naturally keep the airway open.

My sleep partner is a regular snorer, but his snoring ceased consistently when using the VitalSleep mouthpiece. It’s made of a thermoplastic material that’s latex and BPA-free. You can also rest assured that it’s FDA-approved.

Has VitalSleep Been Clinically Tested?

Many folks place a strong focus on whether or not an anti-snoring mouthpiece has been clinically tested. However, most of them have not, and this has a lot to do with the fact that this degree of testing costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to accomplish. As a result, many companies rely on similar products and studies, and VitalSleep is one of them.

A study performed by the Department of Thoracic Medicine at Middlesex Hospital in the United Kingdom used a very similar product to VitalSleep. Their results revealed an 85 percent effectiveness with 80 of 94 test subjects experiencing a reduction in snoring.

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Accu Adjust System & Hinge Technology

I really liked the fact that you can adjust the degree of advancement with the Accu Adjust System. Many products are set in a certain position, but this does nothing to account for individual needs. It’s pretty easy to make adjustments:

  • Using your hex key, turn each screw clockwise to bring the lower half forward.
  • Make sure you balance each side for proper symmetry.

You gauge the effectiveness of the advancement by measuring your snoring. If snoring persists, slowly position the bottom further forward until it ceases. I also like the implementation of hinge technology. This allows the device to open up to 25 degrees for greater effectiveness.

VitalSleep’s Not for You If…

VitalSleep isn’t for everyone. If you have central sleep apnea, respiratory disorders, temporomandibular joint disorder, loose teeth, braces, or dental implants within the last year, you’ll need to explore other options.

Use of the VitalSleep mouthpiece is also known to cause tooth movement, gum and jaw soreness, and drooling. However, these are all pretty standard limitations when it comes to MADs. The product is very flexible, and it’s pretty accommodating in allowing for mouth breathing. This can be helpful if you’re experiencing congestion, which typically makes snoring worse.

Product Care & Maintenance

To ensure your device lasts as long as possible, you want to make sure you clean it after every use. It’s pretty simple since you can use toothpaste, so just clean it up when you brush in the morning. It does have quite a few grooves and crevices, so pay attention that you don’t overlook any as you clean.

Make sure you get it completely dry and store it in the included storage case. If you want to go the extra mile, you can soak your device in denture cleaner.

Cost, Durability Expectations, & Trial Period

You can order one VitalSleep device for $59.95 or two at a slight discount for a total of $99.95.

VitalSnore offers a generous full year of free replacements. Considering the product durability expectation is one year, I think this offers pretty solid security in the reasonable expectation of such a claim. You also receive a 60-day trial period, so you get two full months to see if you think it’s gonna work out.

VitalSleep Reviews and Feedback

Jaw soreness typically fades after a few days to a week or so. If you’re still experiencing soreness for 60 days, I’d say it’s safe to say this isn’t going to work for you. I’d also check with your doctor to look into the reasoning behind this since it’s abnormal.

Overall, considering the low cost, trial period, and excellent replacement deal, I think VitalSleep offers a well-rounded value. However, let’s take a moment to see what other customers had to say about their experience with VitalSleep:

Who We Recommend VitalSleep For

VitalSleep did prove effective in stopping my sleep partner’s snoring. For the price, I think it’s definitely worth a try, especially considering you do get a trial period. Let’s recap who we think this may be a good solution for:

  • You are a female snorer looking for a product that takes your smaller jaw into consideration.
  • You appreciate the ability to make small adjustments to lower jaw advancement.
  • You are a mouth breather.
  • You are looking for an anti-snoring mouthpiece that can be used with dentures.
  • You have allergies and need to use BPA-free materials.

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Our Final Verdict

Overall, this product was effective in eliminating snoring. VitalSleep says their anti-snoring mouthpiece can be used with dentures, so this is a plus. However, I’d strongly recommend denture wearers consult with their doctor before considering use as everyone has their own unique limitations.

The price to durability ratio for VitalSleep is excellent, and even if it doesn’t work out, they allow you two full months to try it out before your decision is final.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use with dentures?


Can you wash with toothpaste?


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, 60 days.

Does it carry certifications?

FDA approved