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Although this product did not work out for me I wanted to post a quick comment that this company has excellent customer service. I sent an email requesting a refund and within 24 hours a refund was issued. They have a no hassle return policy. In my experience this is a reputable company that stands behind their product and return policy.

Daniel Mcpherson

Huge. Feels like a brick in your mouth. Then they dont honor the return or exchange. Money wasted


I absolutely love this product. The VitalSleep device works amazing and for the small cost and initial, minor discomfort it is totally worth the small cost.

I have had this device for a week now and am after 15 years of sleep issues finally waking up feeling amazing. I forgot what this feeling was like. I no longer snore, grind my teeth and my wife is also getting proper sleep.

VitalSleep works like a mandibular splint which my specialist recommended. He was going to charge me $2000 to make me one so I bought VitalSleep to test the methodology of the concept.

VitalSleep work perfect at holding my jaw forward and after a week I am now totally used to having it in my mouth.

I still can not believe how good I feel.

I 100% recommend this product.

Adrian Jarvis

I have had severe sleep apnea and snoring issues for over 10 years which has negatively effected all aspects of my life including work, health (physical and mental) and my relationship with my wife as she is also sleep deprived.

After researching snoring aids I found Vital Sleep which works on the same principal as a Mandibular Splint. A custom splint would cost me $2000 from a specialist so I purchased VitalSleep to test the methodology of a splint.

I have had the VitalSleep device for just over a week and can confidently say it works AMAZING!!!

I have finally begun to wake up in the morning feeling alive and can get through the day without feeling the need for a nap. It took a couple of nights to get used to the feeling of it in my mouth but now I am used to it and do not notice it al all.

I highly recommend this device if you have issues. The rewards are totally worth the small cost.


I found the VitalSleep device amazing. The initial slight discomfort completely went after a few nights and after 10+ years of living with a sleep deficit I finally feel great for the full day. This is the only device I have tried but it works specifically at keeping my bottom jaw forward (I have a large over bite) and it does it very well and at a fraction of the price of a customised mandibular splint. Ive only had it for just over a week and love it. Actually I think my wife loves it more as she can now sleep.

Mary A

I have been using for a few years now. The old design is definitely better than the new (more comfortable).

I have celiac disease and am concerned that there may be some form of ‘wheat glue’ used as I feel ill after a few nights of constant use. Can you confirm what is used and if you would consider this product safe for celiacs?

George Kaplan

I’ve tried four different mouthpieces (ZQuiet, VitalSleep, SnoreRX, & SleepTight) over the last 2 months. The SleepTight did eliminate snoring and mild apnea, as did the other four; however, I’d easily rank it fourth of the four. It’s not easy to clean with various nooks and crannies. Also the adjustment with an allen wrench is kind of tricky. I’m guessing if you had to change it more than 4 or 5 times, the wrench would strip out the socket. I’m also concerned that the back part of the screw could break off. It was also very uncomfortable in my mouth. It drove me nuts to feel the transition from the white to blue plastic and the white plastic was rather rough.

Also, note that the photos in the review show two different designs. One that is sort of clear with a blue hinge mechanism, and another that is white with a blue bite area. I received the latter, and the hinge was totally worthless.

michele gonzales

It caused me jaw pain. Won’t use. The pain has not gone away.


I grind my teeth at night, I’ve used a mouth guard all my life. Will this hold up to heavy grinding?



I recently started snoring pretty bad and my wife moved to the spare bed because she couldn’t sleep. I decided to try this device because it looked smaller than the rest. I have a small mouth so I ordered the women’s size. I am going on my second week and I am pretty much sleeping through the night and I am not snoring at all. Product works great but does take some getting use to. My jaw still gets sore but I am hoping it gets better with time.

Jess RJ

It won’t last as long, but it should work for a few months at least.

Satisfied Customer

I bought Vitalsleep for men. The bottom mouthpiece was too far forward for my comfort and wouldn’t adjust inward as the adjustment screws wouldn’t allow. So, I removed the adjustment screws on each side and moved the bottom closer to the top front. This was closer to my normal teeth position but kept my lower teeth slightly forward. Worked great after that.


Jess RJ

Thanks for the feedback!

Mike Gebhard

Thank you for your review- just ordered mine and I’m excited to see how effective it will be. I’m both a snorer and a grinder, so double whammy if it works! Crossing my fingers!


Jess RJ

Let us know how it works out!

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