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TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Prima Mattress

If you have been experiencing a poor night’s rest, or are struggling each morning with aches and pains, your mattress is most likely the culprit. Older mattresses, and those that fit your sleep style poorly, can create uncomfortable pressure points, spinal misalignment, or inconsistent temperatures – all issues that are commonly complained of by people who rise each morning more tired than when they went to bed the night before.

If this sounds like you, the time has come to consider investing in a better rest. When it comes to a good night’s sleep, you deserve the best, so naturally you’ll want to explore all your options before making a final investment in comfort.

Sleep deprivation can mess with your memory, cognitive thinking, and completion of tasks: making you less effective at work. It also affects your health, and is a leading cause in vehicular accidents as well, so getting a good night’s sleep should be high on your priority list.

Breakdown of the TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Prima Mattress Review

The TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Prima is part of the TEMPUR-Cloud foam collection that boast extra layers of the TEMPUR soft material on top, and is geared towards combination sleepers who shift their position during the night. Back and stomach sleepers may not get get the spinal alignment and support they need for a painless sleep, and sleepers who stay solely on their side may find they experience pressure points over time. As with most mattresses, twin, twin long, double, queen, king, king split, and California king sizes (split included) are all available.

Patented SmartClimate systems and EasyRefresh top covers round out the overall effects of the cloud mattress line, and come in a series of six different softness levels.

The Cloud Prima is the most firm of these soft choices, and is considered a medium-soft selection. It is also one of the least expensive choices of all TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses currently available on their website. With that being said, it is right around an average of twice the cost of many comparable brands- making it not always the best choice for anyone on a budget. But it is a decent selection for anyone familiar with the brand and already in love with it.

Foundation bases are also available for optional purchase to serve as further support to your mattress system. It comes in a gray upholstery that matches the material used on the mattress. These mattresses are also hypoallergenic, and are supposed to hinder microorganisms and dust mites.


  • Comes with a mattress cover
  • Preference of combo sleepers
  • Movement stability from one side to the next
  • 90 day sleep trial


  • 2 or more times the cost of other comparable brands
  • Slight chemical smell upon opening
  • Too soft for back and stomach sleepers
  • Heavier weights may not be comfortable

Features & Benefits

For a company that has been in business since 1992, TEMPUR-Pedic has many features and benefits that attribute to their products due to years of study and technological advancements. Obviously, the biggest is their TEMPUR material product that makes up the entirety of their product line. This material is their own patented foam creation which is supposed to be responsive to each unique weight, shape, and temperature to support each sleeper on an individual level.

Made from an open celled viscoelastic polyurethane foam, it claims it is different from other memory foams due to how it conforms and shapes itself to your body. However, the creative process behind this all that makes this difference is top secret and not shared with the general public. Obviously your comparisons can be created on a showroom floor to see if you can tell the difference between a TEMPUR and another brand.

As a recent new mattress owner myself, I can tell you that I, personally, was unable to feel any difference at all during my time spent in the mattress store. Perhaps over time that difference would be noticeable, however I did not purchase a TEMPUR product (mainly because I am not a fan of memory foam as I sleep almost exclusively on my stomach). In my opinion the most obvious difference is going to be the price factor if you are on the market for a memory foam mattress.


Since the construction of the TEMPUR foam itself is top secret, I’m going to detail the actual layers of the Cloud Prima. The layer you are in contact with is obviously going to be the included mattress cover, but this isn’t just any ordinary cover, this is part of the overall TEMPUR-Pedic experience. This high-loft cover boasts an innovative two layer construction that helps draw moisture away, and keeps your bottom layers cool through the night.

The top layer of the mattress itself determines your overall softness, and in this case, is one of the most soft offered by the company. Called the comfort layer, it is 1.2 inches thick. and is created out of an extra-soft TEMPUR-ES material that weighs in at 4.1 lbs/cu ft. This is designed to be the most responsive cushioning created to date.

The next layer is a 1.6 inch TEMPUR support layer with a 5.3lbs/cu ft density to help cradle and distribute your weight evenly. The final layer is a base airflow system that is 5.5 inches thick and is designed to both support the above layers and help disperse heat.


TEMPUR products are known for their slow, sinking feel as the foam contours to your body weight, which is what has made it such a popular consumer choice in the past. The company itself claims that it will change the way you sleep due to the above mentioned construction. With that being said, reviewers from a large selection of online distributors claim that this is a very comfortable choice for a variety of sleepers.

Motion transfer is also considerably reduced, so any additional movement upon your mattress will be minimized, and not disrupt your sleep.

However, these reviews are also rarely more than a sentence or two in length and provide very little detail to the body type, sleep position, or issues the buyers had prior to their purchase. Very comfortable, soft, and alleviates my morning aches and pains were the most commonly used phrases when describing their overall comfort level.

Complaints surround the breakdown and sagging of the mattress after only a few years which compromises the overall comfort level. Warranty issues arose from this problem as well.

Heat Retention

Only a small number of reviews have noted complaints of uncomfortable levels of heat retention, mainly due to the nature of memory foam to ‘envelope’ the body – rather than simply be rested upon. But the overall design of the open celled foam, layers of densities to help filter away heat, and the patented SmartClimate system found within the mattress cover helps to create a cooler night’s sleep according to the company.

With that being said, TEMPUR-Pedic products overall have a higher complaint rate of heat retention that many comparable competitive mattress brands. This particular model does not seem to rate high for it however.

Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

Any foam product can begin to break down with the application of any liquid, so it is important to keep the cover on at all times, and possible consider further protection to make sure the warranty is not voided. Since the included cover is specially patented and treated, it is not really suggested to do anything but gently hand wash it if needed. Otherwise spot cleaning with mild soap and water is a good alternative in case you do need to clean it.

Most foam mattresses do not need to be flipped or moved after placement, and the Cloud Prima is no exception. Just be sure to either keep in on a TEMPER base (sold separately) or another flat, supportive structure. Traditional box springs are not suggested as they do not provide the support needed

There is a 10 year warranty that covers limited replacement or repair for all mattresses purchased through TEMPUR-Pedic, or authorized dealers. This also covers any bases, and includes deterioration, physical flaws, and manufacturing defects in the zipper assembly. It does not cover the normal increase in softness (vaguely defined), comfort preference, damage, or discount purchases.

A 90 day sleep trial is also offered to eligible customers. The term eligible is not defined, but I assume it has something to do with being pre-approved for purchase prior to the trial. This 90 days includes a 30 night sleep probationary period after which you are fully responsible for cost, and an added 60 days to attempt to address any concerns you have about your mattress. If you are still not 100% satisfied, your mattress can be returned for a full refund minus shipping charges.

TEMPUR-Pedic Promise

TEMPUR-Pedic promises a truly personalized night of sleep through their advanced foam construction and range of mattress choices. Materials are supposed to provide maximum comfort, and minimize pressure points, and at one point were just about the only dependable memory foam mattress on the market.

With the advancement of technology and popularity of foam as a bedding material, many companies have emerged to compete with the TEMPUR-Pedic brand. They still consider themselves amongst the best in the business however, even if their prices are far and away amongst the most expensive.

Consumer Proof

As mentioned, there are many positive reviews surrounding this company found online through both the company, and the many warehouses that carry the product. Even though there is not many details explaining the ratings, the ratings are consistently high with consumers.

Complaints have arisen concerning a breakdown of the material within the 10 year warranty period, but have been attributed to that vaguely worded “increase in softness” as described on the company website- resulting in a non-replacement, and consumer frustration.

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The TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Prima is amongst the more affordable choices offered within the TEMPER line of mattresses choices, and is amongst the most soft available. Considered a medium soft top, this particular product conforms to your personal body weight and structure, and is geared more towards the sleeper who tends to have multiple sleeping positions each night.

Within my research I found a lot of gaps concerning information of the foam being used and how it compares, exactly, to other memory foam mattresses products currently on the market. Which makes me question if it really is any different that it’s lower priced counterpart. I know when I tried it out on the showroom floor I didn’t feel any initial discrepancies between it and the many other foam mattresses being showcased.

Some consumers, although impressed with the product, have explored comparable foam mattress options and sent back their TEMPUR-Pedic mattress based solely on overall cost as well. This makes me think that this company needs to become a bit more competitive in the pricing market if they plan to last another 25 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

Recommended for maximum durability.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

Recommended, but not required.

Are returns hassle free?

Yes, during 90 day trial.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?


Is There A Trial Available?

Yes, 90 days.

How long is the warranty?

10 year limited.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?