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Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme

Sometimes you just need to consider a new sleeping surface due to your mattresses wearing down over time, injury recovery and its associated comfort issues, or a new awareness to poor sleep that may have to do with your sleep positions. Shopping for a new mattress can be quite an overwhelming experience, especially if your current mattress is not very old, or you are on a tight budget- since a good mattress is anything but cheap.

Tempur-Pedic products have been around for decades, and their patented foams have become a staple in the sleep industry for many consumers. They make much more than just mattresses however, and offer high-quality toppers to allow you the opportunity to try out the feel of their foam without a full mattress investment. I had the opportunity to try out their TEMPER-Topper Supreme, and my full, unbiased review can be found below.

About the Tempur-Pedic Company

Tempur-Pedic memory foam was designed in the 1980’s by NASA engineers. Although not actually used in space flight, the idea was further developed and introduced as a new type of mattress comfort: memory foam. In 1991 the first mattress made its debut in Sweden, and the rest is history.

Since then the company has created manufacturing plants all over the world for distribution, and have expanded their line to include a large array of sleep products. Constantly evolving advancements in comfort are applied to their mattresses, as are new pillow styles, bedding, bed bases, mattress toppers, and even slippers, stuffed animals, and accessories.

A Breakdown of the TEMPUR-Topper Supreme

The following review highlights the features of the TEMPUR-Topper Supreme based on my own personal observations. Other than some very basic information, the company itself is not incredibly forthcoming in the details of their own products, possibly because they are constantly evolving their own designs.

Those familiar with their products are already aware of the overall feel and benefits of what they have to offer, but for new customers, this can be frustrating as they search for detailed information. I’ve provided this review to include everything I could dig up on the product itself, as well as my opinion of the quality and comfort.


The topper itself came in a large brown, branded box. Inside was the boxed topper, as well as a few extras (more on that below). I like that the box was not flashy as it sat on my porch all afternoon- so it didn’t draw too much attention to itself from the road.

I won’t lie, the box was heavy, and upon opening the topper was rolled back upon itself, tightly compressed, and wrapped in thick, clingy plastic. I did not notice any residual odors that are so common with foams that have been in storage either. Upon unwrapping I could smell a faint off-gassing smell, but I had to stick my nose right up against the topper to do so, and it had dissipated completely within a few hours.

First Impressions

My first impression upon unwrapping was this was an awkward size to maneuver around, so I was glad I had unwrapped it on the bed. I did discover it folded back upon itself rather well, however, and so can be easily moved if truly needed.

I was very impressed with the thickness and overall feel. It is sold as a medium-firm topper option, and I liked how easily it gave to my weight without sacrificing overall support. It also did not leave a lasting impression like a dense memory foam will, so I assumed it would move well with shifting weight through the night. Since I am not a fan of foam overall (although I do have some favorite products) this first impression was a favorable one.

Sizes Available

The topper comes in a good variety of sizes twin through CA king, including both twin XL and double-sized options- sizes that are often left out by other companies. I have a queen-size bed and it fits perfectly on the mattress without leaving an overhanging lip. This is a good detail as my existing sheets had to fit snugly over the topper and mattress, and when overhang is present sometimes it infringes on the comfort of the product and creates a pull on the mattress bottom.

3-inch, Proprietary Tempur Foam Material

The topper is a full 3 inches in thickness and allows for a very plush, luxurious feel overall. Made from a patented Tempur foam, their use of proprietary simply describes their own unique blend of foam comfort of which they are not sharing the recipe.

Personally, having reviewed many Tempur foams, I can best describe this foam as a slow response to weight without leaving a deep, lasting impression. It seems like true memory foam but is not dense to the point of a hard surface, nor is it unsupportive. It also shifts well with movement and does not bottom out at all when you lay upon it.

Removable Cover

The cover is a knit-polyester blend that is breathable and moisture-wicking. It is delicately stitched with small hexagons and the Tempur-Pedic logo along the top and has a thick, canvas-like bottom to provide grip against your mattress. Dust-mite and allergen resistant, this cover provides both protection and comfort, plus it removes easily for laundering.

The foam itself is encased in a fine polyester mesh that allows for easy airflow and keeps the cover from setting directly on the foam. This allows for further protection and well as keeps them material from clinging to the foam. I did not find the materials to be easy to snag like so many similar feeling materials. It has a nice stretch to it with well-sewn seams that do not pucker or pull.

Lay-Flat Zipper

The lay-flat zipper extends along one whole end of the topper and extends about a quarter of the way down either length to provide easy removal. The thicker bottom material combined with the thin mesh foam casing allows you to easily pull the case off and get it back on without having to push and shove it back into place.

I was actually very impressed with how easy the cover went back on. In the past, I have struggled to get cases back on foam products since they are designed to sit snug in their protective covering. I found this cover design to provide just enough stretch to fit very snug without creating a struggle to replace.


The foam shouldn’t be washed, and this topper is no exception. Water can begin to breakdown the cellular structure of foam, plus it is very difficult to dry completely leaving behind moisture that can easily mildew and mold. If you need to spot clean your topper do so and blot up as much moisture as possible before allowing to dry completely.

Your cover can be machine laundered in cold water and tumble dried, but shouldn’t ever be dry cleaned. I washed it with a load of regular cotton sheets and found it to wash and dry well without any pilling or change in material feel.

25 Year Limited Warranty

The topper comes with a 25-year limited warranty. This includes full coverage of foam core for the first 10 years and full coverage of the casing for the first 2 years. Coverage includes manufacturer’s defects, workmanship, and materials. Shipping is the responsibility of the owner. A prorated coverage is available for years 11-25 on the foam core starting at 50% of the cost in year 11. This increases by 5% each year until year 20, after which it stays the same.

I found this to be pretty generous overall and speaks highly of the quality the company is putting out. Many sleep products are not designed to last more than 8 to 10 years due to weight compression and regular wear. This warranty basically allows you to get the same, or similar, product at a fraction of the cost even after 10 years of use.

It is important to note that it cannot be returned.

Extras! Or Is It?

Tempur-Pedic is known for its occasional specials and extra add-ons as part of their promotional value. In this case, the topper came with their newest TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow design and Sleep Mask. I found the pillow to be similar in feel to their original design, but with a cooler, more breathable casing. Regardless, the extras were a nice perk. Please note that you need to buy directly from the company website in most cases to receive perks.

You also might notice a price difference between buying directly from them on their website and buying from them through a sales platform. This is a discrepancy I’m not sure I was impressed with since technically you are buying from the company in both instances.

What Consumers are Saying

On average consumers rate this topper as a 4.4 out of 5 stars across various rating platforms, which is very high compared to many other similar options in reference to both quality and comfort. Sleep products are highly subjective in overall comfort due to the wide variety of body types and sleep positions people have. Because of this you often find people who praise the quality but just couldn’t make it work for them. This option seems to be a good one for just about everyone who tries it out.

They appreciate the quality and sturdy make, as well as the conforming foam that still provides good support. The thickness is also very conducive for changing the overall feel of a mattress or helping a mattress last a few more years by providing just enough additional support.

There are some complaints of it sleeping a bit warm, which is not surprising as the foam has a tendency to retain heat. This is not a common complaint but is noted more than once. Others have commented that a king-size is not wide enough overall by about 4 inches, although this may remedy itself once the weight is applied and be part of the overall design to avoid mattress overlap.

My Own Experiences

To start, I am an average-sized woman with an athletic build and the regular muscle tightness that comes with an almost daily running and workout routine. I sleep on my stomach and side and so prefer a more firm sleep surface to help keep me aligned. I also tuck a pillow under my hips and knees to avoid pain through my lower back due to the poor choice of sleeping on my stomach (this is the worst position you can sleep in).

I don’t, as a rule, prefer foam mattresses, although I have had good experiences with foam toppers in the past. As mentioned above, I was initially impressed with the overall feel of the topper and was more than ready to try it out. I slept on it for a solid month before deciding on a true opinion, and to tell the truth- I’m still sleeping on it.

The foam conforms well to the body without sinking too deeply and it has a nice medium-firm support overall (at least for my weight- it might be softer for a heavier body). I struggle with lower back stiffness and shoulder pain when I do not sleep well, and according to my sleep tracker, often toss and turn in response to this pain. This is due to poor body alignment, and I noticed right away when using this topper that it cradled my hips and shoulders without creating pressure points when on my side. It also allowed me to tuck my arms underneath me when sleeping on my stomach without cutting off circulation and created a comfortable sleep situation.

Sleep Quality

In short, I have slept very deeply with the use of this topper, which surprised me immensely. I figured that even with my pillow my hips would sink too far into the foam and put stress on my lower back. I have not had this happen at all, and my sleep tracker shows deep sleep cycles for the first two-thirds of the night, which is indicative of proper sleep. I also wake without any residual stiffness that feels unnatural or unexpected pain.

Heat Retention

I do have one small complaint: it can sleep a little warm. I don’t sleep warm as a rule and a warmer room is generally not a problem for me. But I found that I needed to either keep the AC on through the night rather than count on cool outdoor breezes or turn on the overhead fan if I didn’t want to wake up in sweat against the topper. I don’t see this being an issue in cooler months, but heat retention was noticeable to me- which is not the norm even in summer.

Topper Movement

Despite the sheets fitting snug over the topper and mattress, the topper does shift a little bit. It isn’t noticeable until a few days worth of movement has occurred and then I will notice it might be over a few inches to one side. It hasn’t pulled the sheets up at all, and it is easy to shift back over with a gentle tug, but the thicker, more abrasive material found on the bottom. doesn’t create enough friction to keep it completely in place.

Rated: 4.6/5

I will say, this is one of the better foam toppers I have ever reviewed. In comparison to less expensive choices, this topper is much more durable ( I have not noticed any sagging or foam compression) than others I have seen and provides a more firm support overall. My experiences have been surprisingly comforting despite my usual avoidance of foam in general, and the pressure point relief and soft sink have allowed me to sleep deeply.

Consumers give it very good ratings as well, mentioning similar experiences to mine, and being impressed with the overall quality. To find such a large pool of positive reviews is not something I run up against too often, and it definitely speaks well for the product.

The fact that the company is not wholly transparent in their material use (this is very typical of Tempur-Pedic and is mentioned in other reviews of their products) does knock my rating down a few notches. Plus it is a bit heat retentive, and the company does have the technology to provide gel cooling in their foam as seen offered in other products.


Would I recommend the Temper-Pedic TEMPUR-Topper Supreme? Absolutely. I have slept great since I started using it, and so far it has held up well and should for quite some time according to other consumer’s reviews. It has an excellent warranty and despite the lack of information available on it, seems to provide what it claims to do – which is to give you a good night’s sleep.