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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

When it comes to sleep solutions, they aren’t always long-term ones. Whether you’re expecting company or getting ready for camping, there are numerous ways in which a quality air mattress can serve as a comfortable temporary bed.

I recently had the chance to check out the SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress, and I’m excited to let you know how it worked out for me. Keep in mind that an air mattress is not intended for daily use. They are designed to offer sleepers a comfortable sleep solution for the short term.

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About SoundAsleep

With corporate headquarters in New Jersey, SoundAsleep makes it their goal to provide the best night’s rest possible on an air mattress. Their products are designed to offer firm support throughout the night and utilize a Sure Grip bottom to prevent the mattress from sliding. All of their products are puncture-resistant and eco-friendly. The synthetic material used ensures the longest life possible for the product. All design work is completed in the United States.

Now that you know a little more about the company, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect of their Dream Series air mattress.

Sheet Fitting

I personally slept on this product without the use of a sheet. It’s pretty comfortable, and I slept soundly through the night. However, a sheet can help protect your mattress and increase comfort for some. If you’ll be using a sheet, you’ll need to use a deep-fitted, non-standard sheet since this mattress is 19″ thick, although a standard sheet should grab and hold on the first initial hump about 6″ or so from the top of the air mattress.

Airing Up Your Mattress

One of the biggest hang-ups when it comes to air mattresses is a reliable air source. My parents use an air mattress for the kids when they come to visit, and it’s always a pain when their pump stops working or turns up missing.

This product has a built-in air pump, and I love how easy it is to get the bed into functional form in just minutes. Just plug the cord into any 110 volt outlet and turn the dial to “inflate”. In the event you need to up the voltage, consider the purchase of a converter. The built-in pump feature could be a downside for you, though, if you need something primarily for outdoor use as close proximity to an outlet is required.

For cases such as camping, you’re typically better off with a manual or battery-powered pump. However, you can use it during camping as I did if you are near an outlet. If camping is your primary intended use of your air mattress, consider the purchase of SoundAsleep’s camping version.

One of the benefits of air mattresses is the fact that you do have some control over the firmness. I like to leave just a little bit of slack, and it took me about 3 minutes and 5 seconds to achieve my desired firmness. It shouldn’t take any longer than 4 minutes to get your mattress in functional form.

Air Leakage

Because Sound Asleep is 19 inches thick, it’s really easy to climb into. I enjoyed being able to adjust the firmness through adding or removing air.

Your mattress has to hold air. If it leaks throughout the night, it can be uncomfortable or impossible to sleep at all. I tested SoundAsleep to see how it stood up. My sons have a combined weight of 184 pounds, and they slept on the mattress for eight hours. You can see pictured how well it held air. This product is capable of holding up to 500 pounds.

In the event you do notice sagging during the first use, it helps to know that all of SoundAsleep’s mattresses are made with eco-friendly PVC material which naturally stretches during the first few uses. They do test all of their products by fully inflating them twice. I weigh 130 pounds, and I did notice a little bit of air loss the first two nights. However, it seems to be holding air better now that we’ve used is a couple times, so I suspect this had to do with the PVC stretching.

You may want to try inflating and deflating one more time to allow for the necessary adaptations of the PVC. If you need to sleep on the product two nights in a row, top it off with ten seconds of air as necessary to prevent variations in firmness due to microholes known to form in or around the pump.

The surface area of the mattress assists not only to helping the product maintain its firmness and shape but also keeping air loss minimal. This is because it’s supported by 40 coils.

Deflating the Mattress

I was equally impressed when I deflated my air mattress as I was during inflation at the incredible ease in which you can put the product away after use. It takes about 3 minutes and 36 seconds to get it completely deflated, and you can easily store it away without taking up tons of space in your home. I found storage to be very easy. The SoundAsleep Dream Series air mattress does come with a one-year limited warranty. However, keep in mind that if you use it as your primary bed, your warranty becomes void.


This product is the standard queen-size when fully inflated at 78” by 58” by 19”. Because the height is nearly double what an average queen mattress is, it creates the feeling that you’re stepping out of a bed with traditional box springs. This further helps make the temporary sleep solution feel more like the real thing.


You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a quality air mattress, especially considering the savings to be taken advantage of utilizing the online business model. If you think the SoundAsleep Dream Series air bed will work for your temporary sleeping needs, it comes in queen size.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Reviews and Feedback

Overall, my feelings about this mattress are positive. It’s really comfortable for a temporary sleep solution, and it’s much easier to get in and out of compared with the cheaper air mattresses I’m used to. Since air mattresses aren’t meant to be used often, it should last you awhile and is really easy to get in and out of. For the price, you’re getting a pretty good deal.

I took a look around to see what other customers had to say about this product to ensure you have a well-rounded idea of what to expect. Let’s take a moment to review the main pros and cons:

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Our Final Verdict

At the end of the day, I found this product to be highly supportive, and it was able to do well at maintaining its shape and firmness through the night. If you do notice sagging for the first few uses, you may find that it holds up better if you inflate and deflate a few times to allow for the PVC stretching that naturally occurs in the early days of ownership. If you are looking for a temporary sleep solution to accommodate guests or act as a temporary bed for the kids, I think this could be an excellent investment.

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Good option for camping?

Not unless you have an electric source for inflation and deflation.

How long is the warranty?

One year limited.