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Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow Review

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Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy may bring a rosy glow to your cheeks, but it also brings a whole myriad of discomforts as well due to the impending arrival of a growing child. Your sleep is incredibly important to both your health, as well as your baby’s, but it’s also one of the most interrupted time periods of your day due to said discomfort.

When at rest you need to approach your comfort in an entirely new manner that takes into consideration your new sleep positions as well as support to those areas of your body feeling the most stressed.

Back, stomach, hips, and leg issues are common areas to complain about concerning comfort, but can often be used with a pregnancy pillow to provide relief.

The Sleep Judge has purchased a series of top-rated pregnancy pillows to allow our team of women to provide their honest opinions surrounding comfort and drawbacks of each. The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow is a total body choice created to wrap your body in supportive comfort both during, and after pregnancy. Our findings are located below.

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Breakdown of the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow

The Queen Rose Company is focused solely on sleep comfort and provides a full body, u-shaped pillow specifically made for the expectant mother, as well as anyone suffering from hip or back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or those recovering from injury and/or surgery.

Available in two sizes, it can be bent, folded, wrapped, or otherwise totally adjusted to fit your own personal needs by removing part of the filling. This makes it a wholly versatile choice for a variety of different uses, whether you are pregnant or not. It also comes in multiple colors for a more neutral look if needed. Amongst the many pregnancy pillows currently on the market, this is a huge perk.

My initial impression surrounding the Queen Rose pillow is its size, which is rather impressive, and the fact that it creates a rather nest-like feel. Although bulky at first, once you have it situated where you want it rests well upon your bed for all body support.


The pillow comes folded and vacuum packed for shipping but quickly fluffs up after being opened. It took a little fluffing and shaking to get it nicely poofed up, and to get the creases from being folded out of the fabric. There was no off-gassing at all, and the pillow was ready to use after being allowed a few hours to fully ‘inflate’ from being stored in a compressed state.

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Features & Benefits

When choosing the best pregnancy pillow for you, you’ll want to look over all the features, and their associated benefits before making a final decision. Your natural sleep position has probably been compromised through your pregnancy, and your ever-changing body shape may have you feeling aches and pains in places you didn’t know you had.

By taking into account what feels most natural to you, and what preferences you have surrounding comfort, you can better determine what you may need in the way of pillow support.


The u-shaped pillow is a total of 31 inches long, and 55 inches wide, and also comes in a king-size that measures 62 inches long. The overall shape is contoured to help provide proper back, belly, hip, and leg support. Depending on how you use it, you can create multiple comfort preferences and place your head where you feel the head and neck support is best for you.

Since the arms of the “U” do not curve inwards, you do get the full 55-inch length to take advantage of which can be used to lounge back upon, lay forward over, or help keep your legs and hips in better alignment. Since the U is a whole body support, it helps prevent malposition, improves circulation, and alleviates swelling of the legs and ankles. This also helps take tension off the ligaments that can be a source of discomfort throughout the pregnancy.

At first, I felt the shape, although comfortable, was a pain to get in and out of. However, I discovered, quite by accident that the heft of the pillow (Approximately 5.5 pounds) really helps keep in place, and if you set your pillow along the side of the bed you sleep on and then allow one leg to fall over the edge, you can get into and out of the bed like normal. To take advantage of the whole u-shape, all you need to do is pull the leg right back up.

Support Shapes

Unlike other brands, the Queen Rose doesn’t name the many alternative ways you can use their u-shaped comfort, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. Laid flat it can be used to lay on your back within for reading, or as a regular back sleeping position. You also can shift slightly onto your side all while keeping your back supported, or even prop your legs up on it. The seams aren’t sewn too tight, and the filling is lofty, yet plush to allow for ease of shaping for your use.

If you prop the head of it up on another pillow it can serve as a great lounging support. With its arm wrapped around your front, you also have a great place to help you support a nursing baby. Wrap both arms around, you get a great support to place a book, tablet, or even a smaller laptop upon. It also can fold on itself to provide you with a chair like comfort for lounging, or support while sitting up in bed.

My favorite shape was to use it to lounge upon while working. It conforms nicely to your back all while giving you great elbow support your arms without placing stress upon the upper back and shoulders.

Polyester Fiber Filling

The pillow is generously filled with a naturally hypoallergenic polyester fiber filling to create a plush firm sleep surface. It also compresses nicely under pressure and seems to distribute evenly as I never saw any bulges as I pressed upon it. Polyfill is one of the most popular and affordable pillow fillings due to how well it breathes as the fibers are incredibly strong, and creates plenty of air pockets for good breathability.

This strength is also what helps it conform to your body weight without flattening out. It does gently take on your weight and provides a good cushion with a firmer, underlying support, which is completely adjustable if you need a slightly softer, more responsive surface.

Adjustable Loft

I’ll admit, I missed this little detail the first time I was checking it all over, and I’m happy to discover that the inner pillow case that holds the filling also can be unzippered to adjust your overall pillow loft. This is a great feature as it may be the only pregnancy pillow that can be adjusted in this manner to help meet a greater diversity of needs, and body shapes and sizes.

When full, the pillow height on a flat surface is right about 8 inches. As mentioned it is a nice plush surface with good firm underlying support and The Sleep Judge Team found it to be a comfortable loft. Through use, we didn’t notice any compression or softening of the pillow, which makes me think it is a pretty durable product as well and can hold up to the use it was made for.

I will admit that I played with pillow adjustability. Access to the fill is very good, and it comes out very easily as well. Once you do this you do need to kind of fluff and rework the filling to distribute it more evenly through the length of the pillow. It took a little bit of time but wasn’t extremely hard to do, and I have to imagine that as you use the pillow this helps do that as well.

100% Zippered Cotton Outer and Inner Cover

A cotton cover is the way you want to go for proper pillow ventilation and moisture wicking. The natural cotton fibers are highly breathable which is exactly what you want to keep from heat being retained due to the wrap around style of the u-shaped pillow. The fabric is not incredibly soft, but it is smooth and cool to the touch. They also come in a variety of solid and dual-sided colors for you to choose from.

The outer cover zipper runs along the entire top of the pillow and slightly down each side for a 3 sided zipper accessibility. This makes for excellent ease in removing and replacing, and it is fully machine washable as well. The inner cover is centered along the top to keep from too large an opening when removing or adding filling.

The seams are also double stitched for durability, and the zipper head tucks into the case a bit to keep from sticking out or getting hung on anything.


As mentioned, the cover is completely machine washable, but you should avoid washing your pillow and spot clean only if needed. If any sort of washing is needed, it’s recommended that you try to blot and wash the area that needs cleaning in cool water only to avoid any sort of clumping of the filling. Plus once dried, you should plump it up.

Placing your pillow out in the sun, sans outer cover, can also refresh and help keep dust mites and bacteria from taking hold. The UV rays of the sun is an excellent way to deodorize your pillow as well.

Extra pillow covers for added protection are available directly from Queen Rose.

Consumer Reviews

This is a popular pillow for women in all stages of pregnancy and has been hailed as an awesome back and hip pain reliever. Chosen due to its wrap around style, the dual back and belly support is a choice many pregnant women make to help with new sleep positions. It also makes great support on a couch, or while sitting up in bed, and is a perfect solution for late-term heartburn issues that require you to relax in a more upright position.

Some complaints exist surrounding softness, as well as being too hot due to how it encompasses your whole body. Much of these are due to personal preferences, as well as the discomfort that comes with being pregnant.

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90 Day Returns and Refunds

Queen Rose offers a very generous return and refund policy at 90 days. They are so certain you will love their pillow, you have 90 days to either return for a full refund or exchange for another pillow. This is practically unheard of due to the personal nature of pillows, although you cannot have it stained or in any other way marred the pillow before returning.

Trial Experiences

For our various trials, we used a detailed survey to gauge the needs of our sleepers, as well as comfort level. The stages of each pregnancy, as well as specific problems and wants, were addressed within each survey.

Trial 1: Third Trimester

At 8 months pregnant, our first trial sleeper had been struggling to find a comfortable nighttime position. At 5’10” her main complaints have been due to long ligament and hip pain, which was hard to alleviate in an unsupported side sleeping position.

Although she did feel the pillow was slightly short for her tall frame, she ended up liking how well she could lean back against it while having her belly fully supported in the front. This also allowed her to get her legs elevated to keep her hips better aligned for ligament relief. She had the same concerns I did about getting into and out of it, but after I showed her my super cool trick this was no longer an issue!

The loft of the pillow served her head and neck perfectly, as well as her shoulder width. She also loved how well she could manipulate the pillow to lean back upon when watching television in bed.

The only problem she had with the pillow was how much heat she felt she was retaining while in it. As a self-proclaimed hot sleeper, she was not comfortable with the overall feel for too long, especially during warm autumn evenings. She did feel the cover was cool to the touch, but choose to sleep for longer periods of time with only one leg up and the other hanging off the bed.

Trial 2: Second Trimester

The second trial sleeper was just entering into her second trimester and was beginning to feel the energy that comes at this stage. Although she was sleeping well, she was starting to experience some issues that kept her from moving too far forward onto her stomach as she is a stomach and side sleeper. More than anything she had been looking for a body type pillow that would give her the chance to lay over a pillow to support her natural sleep position tendencies.

She fell in love with this pillow shape and really enjoyed nestling into the pillow between the two sides of the U. Unlike our first trial, she had no issues with heat retention and was comfortable with just a light blanket through the night.

She did feel the loft was a bit high for her head and neck in the position she was using it in, and actually removed some of the fill for a more comfortable support to her upper body. This was a huge perk for her, and she already was planning out how she would utilize the pillow to work for her through the entire pregnancy.

Like our first trial, she also was impressed with how comfortable the pillow was when lounging against it, and she also used it between the bed and the living room couch where she graded her papers in comfort (she’s a college TA). The legs of the pillow also made a great prop for her computer to work in even further comfort.

Personal Opinion

Since these pillows are also considered great support for anyone suffering from back or hip pain or recovering from surgery or injury, I had to check it out for my own personal use. Plus I was intrigued by the many different ways it can be used. I did use a u-shaped pillow through one of my own pregnancies and did love how I felt encompassed within it and supported through all trimesters. I was also curious to know what differences this one had compared to my own experiences.

I really thought I would set this pillow aside as too large and bulky but I found myself looking for further ways to take advantage of its comfort. One thing I noticed right away was how much more flexible this one was without any seriously tight seams that kept from manipulating arms into the exact position you want them. This also keeps your nocturnal movements from being too inhibited.

I’m a natural stomach sleeper, although I have been trying to influence my sleep to a more side position to help with lower back and hip pain – most likely caused by poor spinal alignment and stress upon my soft tissues through the night according to my chiropractor. Body pillows are often suggested to help support sleep alignment, and pregnancy pillows are actually made with it in mind so I saw this as a great opportunity to see how well the claims held up.

As with other similarly constructed pillows, I was able to take advantage of the wide pillow-like top for my head, neck, and shoulder. And my ability to lean into the pillow with the rest of my body helped me rest easy. At first, I thought the loft may be a bit high and I would have to adjust, but I did sink into it well and felt it was very supportive for a good night’s sleep. I woke the next morning without any discomforts.

With one of the arms allowed to fall over the side of the bed made getting into and out of the pillow easy as well. I also took a page from our second trail to see how well I could lounge and work with my laptop. I may have to move my office to my couch permanently as it is such a comfortable position.

It’s really hard to think of a reason to not give this pillow a full 5 stars, but hot sleepers may not find this to be the best pillow for them, plus it is a bulky and somewhat difficult pillow to move around – although well worth the effort. Although our trail pillow is a dual-sided pink and blue (which may seem rather garish), it does come in a variety of colors, including neutral tones to work with any decor.

The customizable experience of loft and softness is a major perk in my opinion, as is the easy access to the fill, and ability to remove and replace the cover with ease. The full body support is an excellent way to ease back and hip discomfort for anyone using it, and pregnant mommies can definitely take advantage of its full body support to get comfortable in any position whether at rest or work. The variety of shapes you can manipulate it into is also helpful and comforting.


If you have been looking for a good, supportive pillow through your pregnancy, or to help alleviate nighttime pain and discomfort, then I suggest you take a closer look at The Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow as it may be able to do all that, and more, for you. The unique shape, heft, and loft all provide the means to create a comforting sleep position for whole body alignment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to dry clean this pillow?

Machine wash and then air dry. Rose Queen recommends that you do not tumble dry.

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Back and side.

What is the loft?


Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Clears off quickly.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

90 days.