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Nest Mattress Protector

There are plenty of reasons why you’d buy a mattress protector, but that list of pros might also be followed by a list of cons based on mattress protectors you’ve had in the past. The good news is that today’s mattress protectors are so much better than the past protectors. The Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is a good example of what mattress protection looks and feels like today. It’s an update that offers more than just stain protection – it’s also comfortable, quiet, and fits your mattress, even if you have a super fluffy plush one that’s super tall and luxurious. Keep reading this review to see why it could be the best thing you do for your mattress.


Why You Need a Mattress Protector

When you buy a new bed, it’s kind of exciting to lay down each night and feel those grooves, bumps, and comfy lines under your body. You may even hesitate to put another layer down other than your sheets because you worry it’ll interfere with your new love affair with the feel of your new bed. Trust me, though, you want to add a good mattress protector to help keep your new mattress as new as possible.

Any sort of bed protector should be waterproof to keep liquid from penetrating through sheets to your mattress. Not only does it keep your mattress dry, it prevents stains and odors. This is important for the life of your purchase. Sure, you can spot clean, but it’s not like you can throw your whole bed in the washing machine to get it thoroughly clean. You can do that with a good protector, though. A decent protector also helps keep your mattress warranty valid. Most warranties are long – 5 to 20 years kind of long – but if you get a stain or odor in your bed, the manufacturer isn’t likely to accept your warranty claim should any defect presents itself.

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What Nest Promises About Its Protector

One of the greatest selling points of the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is that it comes with a 30-night sleep trial. Feel free to put the protector to the test by eating and drinking in bed, inviting your children or pets to sleep with you, and see what happens. Toss the protector in the washing machine and then give your bed a once-over. Nest is so sure that you won’t have any seepage issues that it offers a money-back guarantee. Nest is also sure its bed protector will fit any mattress. The corners are extra deep to fit the tallest, plushest beds out there, so the company is probably right.

The manufacturer also promises that this mattress protector doesn’t trap heat because of its breathable material. The Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is actually cool to the touch, so you should sleep comfortably every night.

Plus, the Nest cooling bed protector is thin enough that it won’t change the feel of your bed. Not only does this particular protector keep the top of your bed clean and dry, it helps protect the sides of your mattress from dirt and scuffs.

My Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector Experience

Buying the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector was a quick and easy process. It shipped quickly, and it arrived in a white box. The packaging was exactly what I expected: neat and tidy. Once I got the nifty protector unpacked and unfolded, I was able to easily slip this into my own bed, which is 10 inches tall. There was even plenty of fabric leftover, so this should fit even taller beds. I took it off and tried it on the guest bedroom mattress, which is 14 inches high, and it fits there too, but much looser.

I wanted to test the waterproof abilities of this protector, so I tried pouring a bit of water on one corner of the protector while it was on my bed. I ignored the panicked feeling that rose in my chest, but I had nothing to worry about. I waited a few minutes, and then mopped up the spill with a towel and checked my bed. It was bone dry.

Sleeping on the protector wasn’t at all what I expected. Even with a sheet over the protector, it felt cool to the touch. So, it was kind of refreshing to slip under the soft sheets at night. In the morning, I almost forgot the protector was even on my bed.

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Features & Benefits

So, what are the details of what Nest promises with this mattress protector? Take a look at the features – most of them have benefits, but there are a couple of drawbacks here and there.


Nest’s cooling protector is made of cotton with a poly waterproof backing, so liquids won’t penetrate it. This is how the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector keeps spills from seeping through to your bed, and it keeps smells from getting into the fabric of your bed. The materials used are ideal for exactly what a good protector is supposed to do. Additionally, this protector isn’t noisy the way older mattress protectors can be. You know that plastic sheet that used to be thrown onto a bed to protect the bed from, say, chronic bedwetters? You won’t hear that crinkly sound at all with this bed protector.

Those Pockets

The corners of the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector are stretchy and can fit an 18-inch thick mattress snugly. I haven’t heard of a bed thicker than 18 inches, so that means this particular protector can keep almost any bed out there dry and stain-free. The only issue with deep pockets and a stretchy material that covers all sides of your bed is that it may not fit smaller models tightly.

Allergen Protection

As long as you don’t have a serious allergy issue, this Nest cooling protector should provide enough of a shield for you to keep bugs at bay. Dust mites can be a problem on many beds with fabric covers. A polyester bed protector like this doesn’t give bugs a place to nestle in and make a home. However, this isn’t a fully enclosed kind of protector, so the bottom is still unprotected. That leaves an opening for crawlies to get in. Plus, if your bed isn’t super thick, the bed protector is unlikely to fit snugly. Bed suspenders or clips should help keep your cover in place though.

30-Night Sleep Trial

Nest offers a money-back guarantee on this particular protector. You have 30 days (or nights) to test the protector, and if you find it’s uncomfortable or insufficient for your bed protection needs, you can return it to Nest for a full refund. It’s one of the few cooling protectors out there that comes with this sort of guarantee.

Consumer Feedback

Plenty of people are talking about the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector, and they’re not shy about how they feel about it. Overall, the reviews from other consumers are largely positive, but some people have had issues with fit and the cooling feature.

The biggest complaint from most customers who bought the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is the fit. The pockets are deep, which is important when you have a thick mattress that’s up to 18 inches tall, but if you have a thinner mattress, it can present a problem. Sheets tend to slide or slip off of the mattress, which can be annoying (especially in the middle of the night).

This particular product does exactly what it’s supposed to do – it protects your mattress so you don’t end up with wet spots, stains, or odors in case of any spills or accidents. There have been no reports of this Nest mattress product not keeping their beds clean.

You have to keep in mind that this isn’t a mattress pad; it’s a mattress protector. So, the comfort level is hard to explain. It doesn’t change the feel of your mattress at all – it isn’t thick enough for that – but it isn’t uncomfortable either. It certainly doesn’t have the crinkly feeling that other protectors might have, which is a huge plus in most reviewers’ books.

Many of those who bought this mattress product made it a point to note that there was no crinkling sound when they laid down on this protector. It’s a big difference compared to the mattress protectors from years ago. There were no mentions of there being any kind of noise from moving about on the Nest mattress cover.

Temperature Control
Nest doesn’t claim that its mattress cover will cool in the sense that it makes you feel cooler as you sleep, rather it doesn’t trap heat. The breathable membrane allows heat to escape, which keeps you from overheating when you sleep at night. The fabric of the top of the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector is cool to the touch though. Some buyers found that it made each night a bit warmer for them though, so it really comes down to personal experience.


Mattress protectors weren’t always a must-have item, but only because they used to be so inconvenient. The Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector has removed most of the negative issues people have had with bed protectors of the past. You shouldn’t notice any loud crinkly noises when you move in bed. Plus, this mattress cover shouldn’t create or trap heat when you sleep on it. In fact, the material is actually cool to the touch.

Best of all, the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector does precisely what it’s meant to do: protect your mattress. The waterproof materials work well to keep your bed dry, free of stains, and it prevents odors from getting into the fabric of your mattress.

If you have a tall, plush bed, you’ll appreciate the deep pockets of this mattress product because you won’t struggle to get it on your bed. However, the pockets may be too deep, which could present an issue with slippage. If it does, you can add bed garters to help keep it in place.

Also, this is not a six-sided mattress protector, which means the bottom of your mattress won’t be protected. If you have extremely sensitive allergies, this may not be the mattress product for you. Otherwise, the Nest Bedding Cooling Mattress Protector makes a great choice for almost anyone who wants to protect their mattress, extend the life of their bed, and keep their warranties valid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is protector attached with corner anchors or fitted like a sheet?

Attaches like a fitted sheet.

Is this protector machine-washable?


Will the pocket depth be enough for my mattress?

Fits mattresses up to 18 inches thick.

Is there a warranty?

There is a 1-year warranty and a 30-night sleep trial.