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Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow for the perfect night’s sleep can be a real pain in the neck, literally. Poor sleep posture and positioning is the number one reason people have a restless night as they fight for a more comfortable position, often resulting in sore muscles and back and neck pain.

What many people don’t realize is how important their pillow choice is to their overall health. Sleep position is an indicator of specific pillow needs for best support spinal alignment. It can often be a challenge to find just the right balance of support and comfort for your head and neck, which can lead to periods of nighttime insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

Interruptions to your sleep can also be detrimental to your health in the long run, which is why here at The Sleep Judge we have purchased a series of top-rated pillows to provide you with our honest opinions concerning their overall sleep comfort. The Nest Easy Breather Pillow is one such product that we’ve spent a little bit of time with to give you a detailed rundown of what it can do for your rest, and why we feel strongly about why you should check it out.

Breakdown of the Nest Easy Breather Pillow

Established in 2011, the Nest Bedding Company was founded as an online, factory direct bedding shopping experience that specializes in sleep comfort made in the good ole US of A. They take pride in using American made products, and feature natural and organic materials in all their construction.

Currently boasting 10 storefront showrooms, you can now try out their products without the added brick and mortar costs as customer service is an important aspect of the company- and they feel that raising the cost of their materials to cover the cost of talking directly with a sales representative is not only unfair but unethical. This provides you with the opportunity to look at their various products, ask questions about them, and try them on for size all for the same price as if you ordered directly online. And if that wasn’t enough, they still offer sleep trials with no hassle returns.

The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow was created as an adjustable, shredded blend of memory foam and other proprietary materials to mimic the feel of a down and feather pillow, all while cradling your head and neck in contouring comfort. This certainly is a unique pillow feel that is supposed to strike a good balance of firm and plush and is fully adjustable to fit the needs of any style sleeper.


The pillow came in a simple, white branded shipping box, wrapped in plastic, and rolled loosely within; nothing too fancy and similar to how most pillows are shipped. The lack of compression packing that is often used with shredded memory foam was a nice change as it assured me that the pillow has not been stored in a compressed state, which can play havoc on the life of your pillow at times. There was a slight off-gassing upon opening, but nothing too major, plus it dissipated within under an hour.

Features & Benefits

Most products highlighted online have a pretty hefty list of features to provide you with the many benefits you may be able to reap from your investment. The Nest Easy Breather is no exception as their unique construction focuses not only on your comfort but also eco-friendly materials and quality standards.


The Easy Breather comes in three sizes to fit your bed size and comfort needs. A standard, queen, and king sized pillow comes in 24×16, 27×16, and 32×16 inch sizes respectively, which is only slightly smaller than the standard pillow sizes often found in competing brands. This slightly smaller size wasn’t even noticeable, and the pillow fits well in the universal standard sized pillowcase I used to protect the pillow through the night.

Standard and queen size pillows are the most popular sizes for your average sleeper. The width easily accommodates the space between the head and shoulders to properly support the neck, with the larger king size specific for both king size beds, and sleepers with larger shoulder widths who may need the extra filling for proper support.

Proprietary Blend and Memory Foam Filling

This unique filling is what makes this pillow so different from other adjustable pillows. Comprised of shredded memory foam, it also is mixed with a polyfill like substance to create a feel that is similar to a feather down, but with the memory foam contour for all night head and neck support. This also makes the pillow very easy to shape and form to fit your preferred comfort without losing any support through the night.

The fill is entirely removable for adjustability through a zippered cover, and it also comes with a separate encasement. To store your filling when not in use, place it in the encasement to keep from losing any of it.

Sleep Comfort

Although adjustable, the fill does provide a pretty consistent feel no matter how lofty you chose to make your pillow. Considered a medium plush comfort, there is an underlying firmness to keep your head from bottoming out on the mattress, all while providing proper distribution of fill for support where it is needed.

I personally liked how plush it is and that it doesn’t rise up around your head like many other pillows do when they are on the softer side. It seems a very easy pillow to shape and get just right for individual preferences when sleeping in just about any position, and it’s about impossible to push hard enough to feel the mattress through the pillow, even when you remove the filling.

Health Claims

The Nest Bedding Company takes a lot of pride in their natural materials and organic choices, so it makes sense that they have some good safety certifications in place. Since this pillow does utilize man-made materials, they offer a CertiPur-US safety certificate to ensure consumers that their product is made without ozone depleters, making it eco-friendly, and also is free from heavy metals, flame retardants, formaldehyde, or other phthalates that can wreak havoc on your respiratory system.

Coolness Claims

The filling of the pillow also offers up an excellent free-flow of air, and when combined with the Tencel blended fabric cover, you have a soft, pliable, and breathable pillow to keep you from experiencing any sort of heat retention. Polyfill fibers mixed with the memory foam help provide shaping and are highly durable to allow for compression of the pillow without closing off air movement. The shredded memory also allows for an increase in air pockets, all which result in a pillow that allows heat from your body to better dissipate.

Tencel Blended Fabric Cover

Tencel is one of those quality fabrics you simply don’t hear too much of, but I assure you it is worth checking out. Made from eucalyptus wood pulp, it is marketed as a cotton alternative. Although a natural fiber, it does go through a synthetic process in order to create a fiber that can be used to make a fabric.

Strong, breathable, moisture wicking, and soft, this fabric makes an ideal surface to lay your head upon. Although the Tencel in this cover is mixed with a polyester, the slightly quilted surface is plush in feel, thick, and seems extremely durable. To me it was slightly reminiscent of a bamboo blend, but with a thicker feel. At first ‘feel’, it seems as if it would be warm and cozy since it is slightly luxurious, but not only does it not retain heat, from what I could tell, it was a seriously great surface to cuddle with. I honestly did not want to put a pillowcase over it.

The zipper is well placed more to the center of the pillow end and doesn’t span across the entire end of the pillow. This helps create a nice wide opening that doesn’t force all your filling out when you are playing with adjustability. Plus it lays flat and has a flap of material to the inside to help keep the filling from falling out as you unzip it, or from getting caught in the teeth of the zipper.

Fully Adjustable Loft

This is a huge selling point for most people due to how easy it is to change the loft of the pillow to for specific needs and preferences of every type of sleeper. The highest loft this pillow sits at, meaning how high it is when placed on a flat surface, is 8 inches. Although that may seem high, the plush nature of the pillow, and how easy it compresses, makes it very easy to use in a side sleeping position.

In playing with the loft of this pillow, I found that looks can be deceiving, so if you plan on removing the filling for a back or stomach sleep position, only take a little at a time until you find your desired height. I removed about a third of the filling for comfortable back positioning, and only a little more for use on my stomach.

1.5 Inch Gusset

Although it may not seem like much, this 1.5-inch gusseted sidewall helps your pillow keeps it shape no matter how thin you choose to make it. Made from a satin like material, it is well stitched into the Tencel cover to create a durable seam that can hold up to your pillow shaping.


The pillow is machine-washable for easy cleaning, so you don’t have to spend time trying to spot clean any dirt residue or stains.

Consumer Reviews

Most popular with side sleepers, the Nest Easy Breather is considered a cool sleeper and adjusts well to help alleviate back and neck pain. The added adjustability and choices surrounding size and comfort are excellent selling points as well, and seem to be most commented on by consumers. Many buyers also mention it is the one pillow out of many that seems to work for them. Complaints surround the inconvenience of the filling removal and the mess it can make when the right steps aren’t taken to contain it. It also may seem too soft for some positions, with stomach sleepers finding it the least comfortable overall.

It’s also important to note that consumers mention that it can take some time to find the best comfort for your individual need- and to take the time to adjust the pillow over the time you are allowed with the offered sleep trial.

30 Night Sleep Trial

Nest Bedding is so sure you will love their pillow, they offer a 30 Night Sleep Trial, which includes easy, hassle-free returns. This is practically unheard of due to the personal nature of a pillow. This allows you the opportunity to try out the pillow and play with the adjustability, which can take some time.

My Trial Experiences

Although everybody’s experiences with this pillow will differ due to how different each person is from one another, the adjustability can make it work for most people. I’m an average sized woman, and although I prefer sleeping on my stomach, I have been working towards sleeping on my side due to the better posture. Stomach sleepers are unable to keep a neutral spinal position through the night, which is important for whole body relaxation and spinal alignment. A comfortable side sleeping pillow is a big step in helping this transition so I was excited to try it out.

Since the pillow is considered highly breathable, I also made sure to use it with a 100% cotton, low thread count pillowcase to allow a free flow of air. Low thread counts are not an indication of low quality, as they are still made with the same fibers high thread counts are. The difference between the two is that a low thread count (400 or lower), doesn’t have as tight a weave, and so air is more easily able to pass through it. When a pillow claims to sleep cooler due to construction that includes good breathability, you want to take into account your pillowcase type in order to take advantage of this if needed.

Stomach Trial

As a natural stomach sleeper, I definitely had to try out this pillow in this position. As mentioned I removed a little over half the filling to do so and found it to be a comfortable pillow that didn’t bottom out when used like this. It is a bit too ‘fluffy’ for me however as I don’t like anything lofting up around my face, so I found myself moving towards the edge of the pillow. It was comfortable overall and did keep my back as aligned as I could get while in this position.

Back Trial

I can fall asleep on my back fairly easily but will shift to my side or stomach through the night. With about half the filling taken out of the pillow I easily fell asleep, but I did wake up to shift my position. This was a bit problematic as the pillow didn’t feel supportive enough for a side sleeping position, nor was it low enough for a comfortable stomach sleeping position. I think the pillow is a great choice for back sleepers but probably wouldn’t work well for combination sleepers of any kind if adjusting loft to fit a specific position has occurred.


I won’t lie, this pillow was heaven to use as a side sleeper. I used it with a full loft and probably could make some slight adjustments for my narrower shoulder width, but I found the pillow to support both my head and neck very well. The filling distributes evenly without bunching and fills in all the gaps created when you lay on your side. I loved how I could get a little bit of the pillow up under my shoulder and still have plenty of plush to allow my neck to relax into it.

Other Uses

Adjustable pillows also work extremely well for alternate pillow uses such as under or between the knees and hips to help alleviate lower back pain. It also can serve as cushioning for joint pain, where you can apply as little or as much support as needed. This filling is especially nice to work with due to its soft down feel and excellent contouring support, even when used as a thin pillow.

Second Opinion

Curious to know how others I know and trust felt about the pillow, I shared it with a side sleeper who claims they sleep hot regularly. They also have checked out adjustable pillows for me in the past, and although I find the adjustment period a bit of a pain, I do like how these pillows can be pretty much customized to each individual. I was curious to see how they felt this particular pillow stacked up next to the others I’ve shared, and I’m happy to report it was the favorite for sleep comfort.

The cover was definitely something to rant and rave over; even through a pillowcase, they felt it was still thick and of obvious high quality. To them it slept at a neutral temperature and never did retain heat, but the real winning feature of the pillow was the filling that they initially felt was going to be too soft, but was impressed with how well it shaped to their head and neck and loved how they could easily sleep with their arm up under the pillow, or wrapped around it depending on the comfort they were seeking.

Overall Pillow Rating: 4.6

The extra time it takes to clean your pillow, combined with the filling that isn’t always easily removed or added, does take a bit away from our ratings- but these aren’t details that take away from the effectiveness of comfort this pillow may be able to offer you. The filling is wholly unique and provides a feel of a rich down but is also an excellent support and meets a good balance between a soft capability, and firm contouring.

The adjustability and thick soft cover are excellent selling points as they are specific to providing a luxury feel to your overall sleep experience. Since each person has entirely different needs and preferences from the next, being able to create a pillow shape and feel to fit your needs is a great way to market a product- and The Nest Bedding Company has delivered on their claims with this particular pillow.


If you have been looking on the hunt for a pillow to meet your specific needs, but haven’t been wholly satisfied with your overall experiences, The Nest Bedding Easy Breather Pillow might be something you will want to take a closer look at. The comfort and adjustability far outweigh any cons the pillow may have and, to clinch the deal, the 30-night sleep trial that promises hassle-free returns is a deal you don’t want to pass up.

The Sleep Judge Team was impressed with our overall sleep experiences with this pillow and can recommend it as a pillow worth checking out. The construction and materials are of high standard in the industry, and the customer service of the company seems to be top notch to answer any questions you may have. Their commitment to customer care, and eco-friendly material quality, only furthers the highlights of the product on a whole.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Back and Stomach.

What is the loft?

The loft is adjustable.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Offgassing dissipates within 48 hours.

Is it organic?


What’s the trial?

30 nights.