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IKEA’s Myrbacka Mattress Lineup Review

IKEA’s Myrbacka Mattress Lineup

Luxury and economy don’t normally go hand in hand as far as sleeping solutions are concerned: luxury requires quality, which in turn requires expenditure on part of the manufacturer, and that is translated into a big price tag for the consumers.

But it would be wonderful if you were to find a mattress which strikes a balance between luxury and pricing that manages to provide above-average support and comfort without making you burn through several months’ savings.

Consider comparable mattresses like Signature Sleep or the Zinus Green Tea.

IKEA has set out to do something similar with the Myrbacka lineup – read our Myrbacka review to explore how much they succeed in the endeavor.

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IKEA Myrbacka Mattress Series

Myrbacka is part of both IKEA’s foam lineup and latex lineup, with three models (based on size) incorporating memory foam, and one packing latex – the common factor being that both materials are considered to be higher end than regular polyurethane foam. While the exact quantities of these comfort materials used in Myrbacka mattresses are relatively lower than true luxury mattresses – for a budgeted consumer, they provide comfort and support that regular polyfoam simply cannot achieve.

Because of the dual nature of this series, I’ll be discussing certain key traits of each under its own heading, to enable you to better compare between the two, and decide which variant will match your needs in terms of support and comfort.


  • Choice of latex and memory foam allows it to serve a wide range of sleepers.
  • Affordable for the materials it uses.
  • Memory foam variant available in multiple sizes.
  • Considerably fewer issues with durability than most IKEA offerings.
  • 25 year limited warranty.
  • Year-long refund / exchange policy.


  • Memory foam thickness not on par with true luxury mattresses.
  • Potential health concerns over synthetic latex.

Features & Benefits

Core Materials


A 3” layer of synthetic latex serves as the comfort layer for this mattress, and it is supported by a base comprising of 2.2 lb./cu.ft. ‘high-resilience’ polyurethane foam. The latex is derived from the Dunlop process (its low cost being an obvious incentive) which gives it a firmer and springier, but less consistent feel overall as compared to the pricier Talalay process.

The latex version is for back ache sufferers (and general sleepers) who prefer more responsive support than what can be achieved by memory foam. The latex version also has the advantage of better thermal ventilation than memory foam option. It is designated medium-firm by the manufacturer.

Memory Foam

This variant incorporates a 3” thick layer of 3 lb./cu.ft. memory foam which enables it to provide better conformity than regular polyurethane. Beneath it, there’s a base layer of 1.7 lb./cu.ft. polyfoam.

The combination of snug, encompassing memory foam, backed by polyurethane foam, allows the mattress to provide the personalized yet firm support needed by back ache sufferers and side sleepers. As such, it is given a firm classification by IKEA.

Note that this isn’t gel memory foam, so you can expect it to get a bit hot – especially in warmer climes. However, the manufacturer has attempted to minimize the discomfort by adding a lamb’s wool filling that improves the bed’s temperature regulation, and softens the surface feel of the mattress.

Overall thickness

Both mattress variants have an overall depth of 9.5” which is considerably thicker than IKEA’s ultra-cheap products, and should see them handle people with BMIs between 20 and 25 reasonably well. That said, you’ll need to consider this in conjunction with whether you prefer the ‘sinking’ feel of memory foam, or the ‘springy’ feel of latex.


Both these mattresses have decent overall thickness, which will allow them to bear the brunt of the sleeper’s weight for a longer period of time before showing signs of deformity. Furthermore, both variants have polyester / rayon wadding, which should also absorb some of the force exerted by the user’s body.


Latex is an inherently durable material, and in spite of having been used a bit sparingly, lends commendable durability to this mattress. Expect it to last around 3-4 years with regular use by a normal individual before it starts showing signs of wear.

Memory Foam

I do have reservations in the case of the memory foam variant though: being low density (for memory foam), it will degrade and lose its supportive nature far more rapidly than latex. In fact, the 3” thickness of the comfort layer may accelerate the process of sagging!

Convenience and Maintenance

Unlike most of IKEA’s foam mattresses, Myrbacka is not roll-packed. This means you’ll probably have to get it delivered in a truck, which may incur extra costs. On the bright side, you won’t have to wait for it to expand to its original proportions, as is the case with roll-packed mattresses.

Myrbacka mattresses come with removable covers, which makes them easier to keep clean. The manufacturer recommends combining this mattress with a mattress base or slatted bed base to maximize the useful life of the product.

Sizes and Pricing


The latex version is only available in full, queen and king size.

Memory Foam

This variant comes in Full, Queen and King sizes.

Year-Long Return / Exchange Policy

Like all other IKEA mattresses, this line also comes with a 365 day money back guarantee that can be utilized if you’re not satisfied with its performance. You may also forego the money back policy in favor of the 365 day exchange policy, which lets you swap your current mattress for a brand new one. Keep in mind that the latter can only be done once.

25 Year Limited Warranty

Again, just like any other mattress from IKEA, this one has a 25 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. It is only applicable to products used for domestic purposes, and you’ll need your original receipt as well as a photo ID to avail it.

What Consumers Say About This Mattress?

As with any other budget solution, there are some people who are very happy with this mattress and some who are disappointed. Among those who are not satisfied, it is evident that they used the mattress beyond its limits e.g. a 250 lbs. individual sleeping on a 3” memory foam layer will experience some sinking.

On the other hand, there are couples who have found the latex version to offer decent support and motion isolation. Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re expecting from the investment you make – for this cheap a price, it is wise to expect somewhat limited comfort and support.

I have come across a complaint of a noxious smell emanating from the latex version (which can be hazardous to your health seeing how synthetic latex contains petroleum compounds). This indicates that the foam wasn’t properly formed. It is a manufacturing defect, and merits the use of the return / exchange policy.


As I’ve pointed out several times above, this is a budget offering despite the fact that it uses memory foam and latex – both of which are considered higher end materials. In other words, while Myrbacka mattresses will offer markedly superior comfort and support as compared to polyfoam mattresses, they are not in the same league as high end natural latex and memory foam options.

That said, if you’re short on cash and need a sleeping solution for a normal weight person that provides a degree of lasting support and comfort, this mattress series is definitely worth considering. It is also worth noting that it is available in multiple sizes and firmness options, a lot more choices than you’d normally expect from such a cheap product.

Plus, there is always a refund policy you can use to get compensated should the product fail to meet your expectations.