IKEA’s Myrbacka Mattress Lineup Review Comments

Updated December 21, 2020

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Dear Sleep Judge,
I have bought a Myrbacka mattress (recommendation of a friend with back problems who loves it). The smell was so strong, we couldn’t use it, even after 2 months of airing it. We exchanged it. The new mattress seemed to smell less. Though, after a month it still smell. We have been airing it for all that time, took off the cover, we put it outside a couple of times. We are bought quite sensitive to smell and we can still smell it from a metre away on humid days.
I have been looking for certifications, the one you talk about in your articles. Does this specific mattress has certifications? I can’t seem to find them.
Kind regards,

Zaki Al Sdeq

Hi is this mattress suitable for people with disk problem. if not, please suggest which Ikea mattress is.
Many Thanks,