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eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper

If you have a mattress that’s too firm for your liking and you’ve already surpassed your trial period, we’re gonna be discussing a possible solution. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using the double thick, two-Piece Mattress Pad and Comfort Topper by eLuxury.

This product consists of:

  • eLuxury’s best-selling Extra Plush Mattress Pad
  • A 2 inch Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper for double the thickness

A firm mattress can be uncomfortable for people who don’t carry much weight as they aren’t able to engage with the mattress layers. It can also become painful for side sleepers since the weight in the hips and shoulders can cause painful pressure points. Let’s take a look at what the topper and pad are made of and how they work to plush up your mattress.

eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper Specs

  Material- Polyester/Cotton/RevoLoft filling blend- Visco memory foam

 Sizes- Twin, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King

 Odor- Minimal

 Weight- 25.1 lbs (Shipping weight- 25.9 pounds)

 Warranty- 1 year

What’s Included & Dimensions

  • Twin Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 39? x 76?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 39″ x 75″ x 2″
  • Twin XL Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 39? x 80?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 39″ x 79″ x 2″
  • Full Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 54? x 76?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 54″ x 75″ x 2″
  • Queen Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 60? x 80?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 60″ x 79″ x 2″
  • King Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 76? x 80?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 76″ x 79″ x 2″
  • Cal King Size: (1) Extra Plush Mattress Pad 72? x 84?, (1) Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper 72″ x 83″ x 2:

eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper: Initial Impressions

The first thing I noticed when I opened up this product is that the mattress pad is very soft and cushiony. I found it to be very smooth and soft to the touch, and I it felt really great to lie on.

There was a little bit of offgassing with the memory foam, and this wasn’t surprising considering it was compressed and vacuum sealed. This prevents the volatile organic compounds that are a normal part of the manufacturing process from escaping. It was able to clear off within a couple of days.

Introducing the Two Components of This Set

The Pad

The pad is filled with Revoloft™ polyester cluster fiber filling. It’s designed to resist flattening for lasting comfort and consists of an ultra high-performance hollow conjugate siliconized fiber.

Revoloft™ has a cross-section that drives each strand, and this helps promote strength and durability. This material has become well known as an industry standard and is being used in production of some of the most premium sleep products in the world.

To prevent shifting and to trap the filling, the topper features a double stitch, and its elastic, fitted skirt provides a great fit for mattresses up to 18 inches thick. If your mattress is less than 10 inches thick, you may find it to be a little loose, but you shouldn’t have any issues simply tucking the skirt underneath.

Before using the topper, my sheets would constantly slip off. However, this doesn’t happen while my topper and pad combo is in use.

The Memory Foam Topper

The two inch thick, CertiPUR US certified memory foam topper is efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box, and it goes a long way in creating a softer feel on your sleep surface. Your mattress pad fits over it well and holds everything in place.

Memory foam is known to sleep hot, and this product doesn’t contain gel to help trap heat. We’ll see how it performed in our heat transfer test here in a moment.

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Features and Benefits

What Sets the eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper Apart?

I like that eLuxury is veteran-owned, and the double thick mattress pad and topper are made in the USA. You know that the proceeds of your investment go toward putting food on the table of someone who made our freedom possible.

Heat Transfer Capabilities

I was a little concerned with the ability of the memory foam to transfer heat. Especially when it’s located so close to your sleep surface, visco foam can cause hot sleeping. Using my thermal imaging camera, I watched as this product cooled back to room temperature after lying on it for a half hour. The mattress alone only took five minutes to cool down, and this is half the time of the average mattress I’ve tried out to date.

When I added the pad and topper and performed the same test, it took just over 10 minutes to return to room temperature. I was a little hotter sleeping with the topper and pad in place.

If you sleep hot, this may not be the best product for you. In your case, you might want to check out eLuxury’s Bamboo Mattress Pad. It’s not gonna be as plush, but it will go further in the promotion of heat transfer. However, if you’re looking for that traditional, heavy contour offered by traditional memory foam like me, it can be worth the compromise.

A Look at Comfort – What’s It Feel Like?

Let’s take a moment to talk about how it feels to lie on the eLuxury double thick pad and topper combo. I’ve tried this on a firm and medium product, and it feels pretty much the same to me.

  • If you carry a lot of weight, you may be able to pick up on the feel of firmer mattresses.
  • If you’re looking to plush up even a very firm mattress, however, this is definitely gonna do the trick.

The degree of contour offered by the memory foam is great for side sleepers, and it goes a long way in relieving pressure in the heavier areas of the body.


We have pretty well established that this product is going to create a plusher sleep surface, so let’s get an idea of just how plush we’re talking.

Medium firmness sinks in 6½ inches when I apply my vertical body weight on the sleep surface. With the firm mattress I’m using, you can see I sink in 6 inches. When I add the topper and pad, this sinkage increases to around 8½ inches.

We don’t have the indentation load deflection of the memory foam layer, but this additional sinkage shows that it does transform your sleep surface into one that’s much more plush.

Motion Transfer

Where the double thick pad and topper lacks in heat transfer capability it makes up for in motion transfer reduction. If you have a sleep partner who moves around a lot, this can come in handy.

The memory foam does an excellent job absorbing motion, thus preventing your sleep partner from detecting your movements. It’s important to note, however, that it is harder to move around with the memory foam topper in place. If you have mobility issues, this could be problematic.

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Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

You do get 30 days to try this product out. During this time, eLuxury will provide a full refund or exchange, no questions asked. You also get a one year warranty to protect you against manufacturing-related issues.

It’s pretty easy to keep your pad clean if you have a front loader washer. Just use the warm setting and tumble dry low. If your washer has a center agitator, you’ll need to spot clean or take your pad to the laundromat.

Durability Expectations

Since the topper and pad will be located at the top of your sleep surface, it’s important to discuss durability. This is because the most wear and tear occurs in the upper layers of your mattress.

We have reason to believe the mattress pad will last due to its use of Revoloft™ polyester cluster fiber filling.

Memory Foam Density

In the memory foam, you want a density of 4-5 pounds per cubic feet for superior durability. However, the density in the eLuxury memory foam topper weighs in at 3 pcf. If it weren’t located so close to the top, I wouldn’t be too concerned. However, I’d like to see this number higher.

If you carry a lot of weight, you may find the memory foam to wear out more quickly than you expected. For the cost, though, I think you’re getting a pretty good overall value. I’d say the average person should expect to get at least a few years of increased sleep quality in terms of contour and comfort with this product.

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If your current sleep surface just isn’t making the cut, there is a cheaper way to fix the problem than replacing an otherwise good mattress. Considering the value of the materials and the fact that you get a topper and pad all in one, I think the price is fair.

Sizes Price
Twin $149.99
Full $159.99
Full XL $158.99
Queen $174.99
King $194.9
California King $194.99


Our Final Verdict

Overall, I loved the way the eLuxury double thick mattress pad and topper transformed my mattress. It’s also a great fit for those who want to decrease pressure points.

I enjoyed increased motion isolation provided by the memory foam. As you decide whether or not this is for you, there are four important aspects to consider, and I think you really need to weigh how important each will be in terms of precedence based on the unique needs of you and your sleep partner.

  • You will likely be compromising on heat transfer and mobility through the use of this product.
  • However, you gain in increased contour and motion isolation. So, if you sleep hot and have trouble moving around, this may not be the best pick.
  • On the other hand, if you struggle more with a bouncy sleep surface that doesn’t conform to fill in the natural curves of your body, I think you’ll really like the double thick pad and topper combo.

If you have a cat that sleeps with you, I thought I’d mention that my cat, Saber, absolutely loves this product. Ever since I put it on the mattress, he won’t sleep in his cat bed. The double thick combo is adjustable base friendly, and there is minimal offgassing with the visco foam.

If you are a stomach sleeper, I think you may find the degree of sinkage a bit uncomfortable, but it’s highly compatible for side sleepers, those who don’t carry much weight, and anyone who wants to achieve a plusher sleep surface on their current mattress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?


How thick is it?

2.5 inches.

Is it easy to store?

Difficult to store topper, but pad is easy to fold and store.

Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?

Pad fits over topper and secures like a fitted sheet.

How long is the warranty?

1 year.