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We all deserve the best when it comes to getting restful sleep. However, sometimes our mattress just doesn’t do the trick when it comes to offering the right firmness. Many companies attempt to cater to the needs of the average person with a medium setting. However, if you are a side sleeper or don’t carry a whole lot of weight, you could fare better with a plusher firmness.

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If this describes your dilemma, the Double Thick Mattress Pad & Topper combo could be just what you’ve been looking for. For less than $200, you can transform your sleep surface into one that offers the contour you’ve been looking for. We’d like to help you save. Just enter promo code SleepJudgeReview upon checkout to save 20%!

How Plush Will Your Mattress Get?

Eluxury side shot of a mattress with the topper on it

The eLuxury Double Thick mattress pad and topper combo was created for those who like a very plush sleep surface. During the course of my review of this product, I used a firm mattress. When I used the mattress topper, it made my sleep surface 42% plusher!

I often find I have trouble achieving the contour I’d like. If you have trouble engaging with the deeper layers of the comfort zone of your mattress, I think the purchase of eLuxury’s Double Thick pad and topper will offer you a feel you’ve always been looking for.

Be Prepared to Sleep Hotter

There is a compromise you have to consider if you do decide to purchase this product. The memory foam topper that’s placed under the mattress pad is made of traditional memory foam. Its construction offers that high-contouring feel that hugs your body. However, it is also known to make you sleep hot.

This material was created by NASA with the original intention of offering crash protection for airline pilots and passengers. Therefore, heat retention wasn’t the focus. Rather, the material was made to absorb shock, and this is what makes memory foam so great at keeping motion transfer low.

Make sure you take a look at our full review of this product. We performed thermal testing to show you just how much hotter you can expect your mattress to sleep. As you consider your purchase, rate the precedence of each of the following considerations:

How important is cool sleeping for me?

How important is good contour?

How important is low motion transfer?

If you’re ready to take your sleep surface to a new level in terms of plushness, you’ll definitely notice a difference when you go with the eLuxury Double Thick Mattress Pad and Topper. This product does come with a 30 day trial so you can make sure it’s going to work before your purchase is final. When you buy, don’t forget to enter our special promo code!

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