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About eLuxury

eLuxury has been selling bedding-related items for 20 years. However, they’ve only added mattresses to their collection of products in 2009.

The company operates from Evansville, Indiana, and was founded by Paul Saunders, an aviation and logistics supply expert, and retired Marine officer. The idea to start eLuxury came to Paul as he was struggling to buy quality bed sheets at a good price, as an anniversary gift for his wife.

Mattresses Produced

There are currently three different mattresses manufactured and sold by eLuxury: a 10 inch gel memory foam mattress, an 8 inch gel memory foam mattress for trucks and trailers, a 12 inch foam and latex hybrid.

You also have the option to purchase a mattress and a pine platform bed combo, or the eLuxury mattress and barn wood platform frame.

Materials Used

Unless you need a mattress for a trailer, then your two main points of interest are the 10 inch gel and the 12 inch hybrid models that eLuxury has to offer.

The first one is a mattress that combines two different layer of foam. The first one measures three inches in height, and is made with 3.0 PCF density gel foam. This will help cool down your body temperature during the night, while also providing the comfort that everyone expects to have in an all-foam mattress.

The other layer is a 1 inch thick block of polyfoam, with 1.8 PCF density. Both types of foam are CertiPUR-US certified.

The 12 inch hybrid manufactured and sold by eLuxury is not considered a hybrid by some mattress reviewers, as the support core of the mattress is not a pocketed coils system. However, the mattress does sport coils in its construction.

The mattress’ comfort layer is made from two inches of memory foam, which features a gel infusion that’s looking to combat some of the heat retention which is specific to this fabric. The next layer is one inch thick and is made with gel latex.

The microcoils used to make this hybrid form a 1.5 inch layer, and are individually wrapped for better motion isolation. The base layer of the mattress is made with a 7.5 inch block of polyfoam, with a 1.8 PCF density.

As far as the trailer/truck mattress is concerned, it features a construction identical to the all-foam model presented above, but comes in suitable dimensions for mobile housing requirements.

Mattress Production

eLuxury does not provide any information on where their factory is located, but their official headquarters are in Evansville, Indiana.

Warranty & Return Policy

Every one of the mattresses manufactured and sold by eLuxury comes with a 10 year warranty, which requires the use of a proper foundation in order not to void said warranty. The warranty cannot be transferred, so if you plan on buying the mattress from an unauthorized third party seller or second-hand, you will not be covered in case of damage.

The return policy for mattresses sold online is a very important aspect, since the bed itself is a high and long-term investment, so customers want to make sure they won’t feel robbed of the opportunity of sleeping on a mattress that’s right for them.

Those that purchase an eLuxury mattress will have the opportunity to test the product for a number of 120 nights, during which they are free to initiate a return in case they feel the product doesn’t do them justice.

While eLuxury normally requires products to be put back into their original package for a return, mattresses are an exception to this rule. The company takes it upon itself to pick up the item from the delivery address for free, and doesn’t require the mattress to be returned in its original package.

Price Range

eLuxury has competitive prices compared to other mattress manufacturers that sell similar types of beds. Their 10-inch gel memory foam mattress can be purchased for as low as $489.99 to those who want to buy a Twin-sized bed. The largest size for this mattress, which is a Cal King, is sold for $799.99.

Those who are interested in the 12 inch hybrid sold by eLuxury will end up paying about $899.99 for the Twin size, while the Cal King is prices at $1,199.99.


eLuxury sells its mattresses, as well as other bedding-related items, on its official website, but also with huge third party retailers that operate online, such as Amazon. However, the company does not have any physical retail stores, despite the fact that it has been in business for 20 years.

Shipping Availability

eLuxury mattress customers will benefits from free shipping provided that the delivery address is somewhere within the 48 continental US states. Military post office boxes also benefit from free shipping. However, customers from Alaska, Hawaii, or other US territories which are not part of the continental US will be required to pay a shipping fee.

eLuxury also ships its mattresses internationally, although the company doesn’t specify beforehand which are the exact countries to which it can ship. However, aside from the shipping fees implied by an international delivery, customers should also take into account important taxes which are imposed by local financial authorities. Since these import taxes vary from one country to another, eLuxury cannot offer information on the exact price in such situations.

Brand Popularity

eLuxury is a brand with a lot of experience in the bedding industry. Despite their mattresses not being the best ones on the market, they offer competitive prices and good construction quality. But the company is better known for manufacturing some of the best sheets currently sold in the US.

They offer a wide variety of bedroom and bathroom products, even though the company initially focused on making sheets. Today, they make everything from dog beds, mattresses and mattress pads, quality towels, bath robes, and bath mats.