Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex Mattress Review

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Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex Mattress

If you’re looking for a product that will ensure that you sleep cool and provide you with superior comfort all at a price of just $899, then the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex Mattress may be just the product you’ve been looking for.

There are so many exciting qualities this mattress has to offer, and I recently had the chance to try this product out for myself since Dreamfoam was kind enough to send the mattress for review. With such a wide array of quality products on the market, it’s my goal to pass on the features and benefits of this product to help you to help you decide if this would be the best purchase for you.

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About Dreamfoam Bedding

Dreamfoam Bedding, making innovations in mattress technology since 1995, is a leader in the industry when it comes to latex and memory foam bedding. A sister company of Brooklyn Bedding, each headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Dreamfoam made it their mission to provide consumers with a unique way to select their firmness level. The company not only offers a number of foam options including natural latex, Talalay latex, polyfoam, and innerspring, but they also help consumers select the firmness level that’s just right for them. Brooklyn Bedding, on the other hand, offers a “simplified choice” product that allows consumers to pick between three firmness levels.

When you choose Dreamfoam, you can rest assured that your product is provided factory direct. This means there is no middleman involved, so you get to enjoy the fact that you won’t fall victim to inflated margins. You receive a freshly-manufactured product that is custom-designed to be a great match for your preferences.

Delving Into the Features

Now, there are a number of things you have to keep in mind as you seek out a mattress, and that’s why I carefully analyzed the intricate details of this product so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s go ahead and delve into these features!

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A Word on the Eurotop Cover

I want to start off by saying, if you buy this product, I’m pretty confident you’re going to be impressed with the quality Eurotop cover. This cover is made using 100 percent biodegradable bamboo fibers. Yes, you heard that right. Bamboo, the staple food of panda bears,is processed into viscose rayon using its cellulose found in both the leaves and inner pith of the trunk. Just a few features you get to take advantage of through this feature include:

  • Added breathability
  • Softer-than-cotton feel
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties
  • Durability
  • Because of the added resources and efforts involved with the implementation of the bamboo fibers, there is typically a slight increase in cost. However, in my opinion and based on my experience sleeping on this product, the extra investment is well worth it.

What’s the Difference Between Eurotop and Pillowtop?

If you’ve spent time already browsing through your many options, you have probably come across such terminology as “Eurotop” and “pillowtop”, and I’d like to help you differentiate these terms so you know what you’re getting.

While the two concepts are fairly similar in that they both add an extra layer of padding and softness, pillowtop typically appears as an extra layer of padding. With Eurotop covers, however, the aesthetics of the product will be increased as the extra layer lines up nicely with the edges of your mattress. This provides you with a flush and uniform appearance. In the case of the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams latex mattress, the Eurotop comes in the form of 1.5 inches of super-soft reflex foam.

Be Careful Zipping Up the Cover!

The cover of this product comes off, and I removed mine in order to test out the Talalay latex found below. However, when I zipped it back up, the zipper did snag on the latex material, and this caused a little bit of damage to this particular area. However, this was because I failed to tuck the piece of protective material you’ll find present in order to prevent this from happening. If you remove your cover, just make sure you tuck this material in carefully to prevent this from happening to you!

Talalay Latex Comfort Layer

Beneath the cover lies a three inch comfort layer comprised of Talalay latex. Since the cover unzips, I was able to take a look and examine this material, and I found that, when you push on it, the many holes in the foam allows for cool air to escape, and you can really feel it come through when you apply pressure. When you add this breathability to the bamboo cover, the product is one that is highly compatible with anyone concerned with overheating at night. Best of all, latex products are known for their high durability capabilities, so this helps you make the most of your money in the assurance the product will stand the test of time. This is especially important for a comfort layer as this is where most of your compression takes place.

High Density Base

From top to bottom, Dreamfoam considered the importance of proper air flow as they understand the importance of keeping cool during sleep. That’s why the comfort layers are supported with an eight inch foam base that is specially designed to increase airflow and overall comfortability.

The base features a density of 2 pcf, and this has an impact on the overall durability you can expect to achieve. In the mattress industry, a high-density for polyfoam is considered to be at least 1.8 pcf for the support core. The Dreamfoam goes above and beyond, and this can be a beneficial feature for those who carry a lot of weight. I have had my mattress for a couple of weeks now, so it’s too soon to report on my experience with durability. However, as I consider the quality construction found at each layer, I have high expectations.

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Customized Firmness to Meet Your Needs

As you shop, firmness is an aspect that you’re likely highly focused on, and this is perfectly understandable. Buying a mattress that’s too hard or soft for your liking can significantly reduce the value of the investment you’re making, and Dreamfoam takes this into consideration.

Many products on the market offer soft, medium and firm options, and this is helpful. Others may provide a flippable product that features different firmness levels on each side. However, I was impressed with the process you go through when you order this product online. You come to a screen where you select firmness, but there are no options. The screen, instead, informs you “We will contact you.”

After you place your order, you’ll receive contact from one of the company’s helpful representatives, and they ask you a series of questions to determine the precise firmness level that they project will accommodate your unique specifications. The product I received is on the medium side, and, I have to say, they hit the nail on the head with firmness for me. However, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied, they take another shot at getting it just right as they offer an exchangeable comfort option which allows you to adjust the comfort rating of the mattress if you receive the bed and it is too soft or too firm.

With many companies in the industry, you’ll often find that, once you’ve converted into a sale, you don’t get much help afterward. I have found that Dreamfoam offers that personal touch as they don’t abandon you once you’ve made a purchase, and I have found their customer service to be helpful and sincere. They really seem to strive to ensure they get each mattress just right.


The support I enjoyed on this mattress was phenomenal, and this has a lot to do with the fact that Dreamfoam offers customization. I tend to change sleeping positions throughout the night, and I was able to achieve support and spinal alignment in each position. Furthermore, since I change positions frequently, quick bounce-back is an important feature for me as, when products are lacking, it can be difficult to move around. With this product, I didn’t encounter any issues in finding a comfortable position quickly and efficiently. This is a feature that is pretty typical of latex products.

When considering support, it’s important to focus on the base layer of materials. Dreamfoam’s high density foam base works well with the Talalay latex and Eurotop cover to offer the combination of support and comfort that work together to provide an overall great night’s rest.

Edge Support

While the middle of your bed may offer great support, edge support is something that can be easy to overlook. However, if you tend to sit on the edge to watch television, fold laundry, or otherwise relax, edge support is something you want to consider. This gauges the product’s ability to support you and help to keep you from sliding off.

When compared with other products I’ve reviewed, the Dreamfoam mattress was able to support my 130 pounds very well when I layed on the side. I didn’t get the feeling that I was going to fall off. Furthermore, when sitting on the edge, I didn’t get the feeling that I was bottoming out. However, I would note that, if you sit on the edge of the mattress, there is a little bit more sinkage. Overall, there is an acceptable degree of edge support to allow you to sit or lay comfortably, but it was a little lacking on the edges.

Motion Transfer

If you sleep with someone else, motion transfer is a highly important aspect to consider before you purchase a mattress. When someone moves around or gets in and out of bed, a mattress with a low degree of motion transfer reduction will cause your sleep to become disrupted, and this has an overall negative impact on the quality of your sleep.

I placed a 20 pound medicine ball on one side of the mattress and dropped an identical 20 pound medicine ball on the other side. The movement of the resting ball was very minimal when I dropped my other ball from eye level.

Even when I dropped the ball much closer to the resting ball, there was minimal impact. While products like memory foam will often perform slightly better, I was satisfied with the product’s ability to limit motion transfer with the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams latex mattress.

Superior Temperature Regulation Capabilities

As we discussed, maintaining a cooler-than-usual body temperature during sleep is important in order to make the most of your slumber. Considering the measures taken to facilitate breathability found at each layer of the mattress, I expected this product to do well as I measured temperature regulation using my thermal imaging camera. Furthermore, I did notice that I slept at a very comfortable temperature on this product.

To put this to the test, I laid on the mattress for a period of 30 minutes at a room temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This time frame allowed my body heat to penetrate into the comfort levels of the product. When I removed myself, Dreamfoam was able to return to room temperature in just five and a half minutes.

I thermally test all the products I get my hands on, and my previous top-contender was the Pangea Bed Copper mattress. This product utilizes copper in the cover to help regulate the temperature, and it only took around seven minutes to cool to 64 degrees. However, the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams latex mattress has now claimed the number-one spot. I’m confident you’ll be satisfied with its temperature regulation capabilities, and this is a great feature for those who often find themselves awakened in the night in a hot sweat.

Smell and Offgassing

Offgassing is an aspect that varies depending on the product you buy, and this is the chemical smell you sometimes notice when you first unbox the product. You’ve likely come across this before with other types of products such as a new pair of shoes or even a new car.

When I first opened the product, I did notice a slight odor. This doesn’t particularly bother me, and I slept on it the first night regardless. However, if this is something you can’t tolerate, just plan on allowing the mattress around 12 hours to air out. The next morning, I didn’t notice the smell any longer.


Considering the high degree of quality and the superior customer service you get to take advantage of after making your purchase, the pricing of this product is acceptable. The following table walks you through the costs of the various sizes they make available for the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams latex model:

Twin– $599
Twin XL– $649
Full– $799
Full XL– $899
Queen– $899
Short Queen– $899
King– $999
California King– $999
Split California King– $699

Who We Recommend This Mattress For

With many products I have reviewed, there were certain groups of people for whom they weren’t really appropriate for. However, I am happy to report that the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex mattress is one that’s highly versatile. It really shines when it comes to the combination of quality materials that facilitate efficient air flow. My heat transfer test showed that this product is superior to many others out there on the market. Furthermore, the Eurotop cover and its bamboo components provide a level of softness that kind of makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud!

I would highly recommend this mattress for anyone who has struggled in the past to find the right firmness as this can be a challenge. Furthermore, if you’re a careful shopper who appreciates the ability to ensure you’re happy before you commit, Dreamfoam’s combination of a 10 year warranty, exchangeable cover, and 90 night sleep trial enables you to get a good idea of whether or not the investment is one you feel will pay off in the long run. Based on my motion transfer and bounce-back testing, I would also recommend this pick for those who are concerned with the possibility of being awakened at night due to their partner’s tossing and turning.

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I personally highly recommend this product. Of the products I have tested, this weighs in as my current personal favorite, and there are a few good reasons why. For starters, I was highly impressed with the feel of the Eurotop cover as it is very soft due to the implementation of the bamboo fibers. I also enjoyed the fact that this product is able to transfer heat so readily. This allows me to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Now, I have the queen-size model, but Dreamfoam offers a variety of options as you can see in our pricing section above. If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to take a good look at the information available on Dreamfoam’s website.

Here at The Sleep Judge, it’s our sincere goal to point you in the right direction. If there is any further information you’d like to know before you make a decision, I encourage you to leave your questions and comments below. We’ll get back to you promptly with an accurate answer you can count on!

Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop Latex Mattress Specs Table

Offgassing Firmness Level Weight Capacity per Individual Trial Period Warranty Queen Size Cost
About 12 hours 5 (this will vary based on your customization process) 300 pounds 90 days 10 Year Limited $899


Material Density Thickness
Bamboo Knit Cover 1.5 inches
Talalay Latex Comfort Layer 3 inches
High Density Polyfoam Base 2 pounds 8 inches


Sizes Weight
California King and King 125 pounds
Queen 90 pounds
Full 80 pounds
Twin XL 75 pounds
Twin 70 pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Foundation needed?

Yes, an appropriate frame and center support is recommended.

Does it work on adjustable beds?


What’s The Scoop On Warranty?

Dreamfoam products feature a 10 to 20 year warranty depending on the model. This model’s warranty is good for 10 years, and it covers: Stitches pulled out of the handle where sewn to the mattress Torn handles Body indentations of 1-1/2″ or greater

Does It Need To Be Rotated


Is A Mattress pad or protector needed?

A mattress pad or protector is not required, but Dreamfoam recommends you invest in one, especially if children or pets will be using the product.

Are Returns Hassle Free

As mentioned, Dreamfoam goes above and beyond in the assurance you are satisfied with your product. In the event you are not, they offer a 90 day no hassle return policy. They will make arrangements for a local company to pick up the product, and then your money will be returned. The only thing that ask is that you try out the product for at least 30 days to allow your body a chance to get used to the materials.

Is There A Trial Available?

Yes, 90 Days

Is there offgassing?


What's the firmness?

Options of Soft, Medium, and Firm.