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Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams EuroTop Latex Mattress
Martin Riley

Two things—The Dreamfoam website has a Willow model that has replaced the Ultimate Dreams model. This model does not seem to have the Eurotop made of “Bamboo” fibers. Its not mentioned in the description/ features. Is this correct? Also–Whats up with the Jay Brenner comment above–any further info?–Thanks


I think the heat testing needs to be enhanced. Wouldn’t the current test only determine how fast it dispersed heat once the source was removed? How does it link to the heat retention when the source is there?


Jess RJ

Thank you for your input. We are in the process of updating our review process. Be sure to check back to see what we come up with!


I’ve been trying to figure out a bed that will accommodate my husband and myself. I’ve always preferred a firmer matress but Multiple sclerosis and age have left me thinking I need something softer because my arms fall asleep during the night and I wake up stiff. We tend to sleep hot also. My husband has a fractured back so he wants softer. I was looking at the Dreamfoam but just don’t know. Also, is the latex safe for people with latex allergies?

jay brenner

I’ve tried this matters based on it being Jess’s personal favorite and was looking for affordable latex. Boy Big mistake. I’ve had nothing but problems
and the company which started out great like the mattress has been hassling
me about returns. I just want people to know these are the mattresses that
Brooklyn Bedding sells on amazon. No one else Has reviewed this mattress
curious huh. I got suckered by Jess’s review I’m much wiser know. Don’t
order anything from Dream foam you will regret it. Hoping to spare someone
else what I’m going through. Good luck.


I am looking for a bed for my 2 year old to grow into, i was looking at the alexander hybrid for its heat regulation and its edge support, but saw you highly recommend this bed. Can someone develop a latex allergy from sleeping on a latex bed? I dont know if my daughter is allergic to latex or not, but i know some people can be, can someone with an allergy safely use this product?

Marie Perlongo

Do you know the difference between the Dream Foam Euro Top and the Dream Foam Aloe Alexis? I like a firm mattress and I have hot flashes, toss and turn a lot because of them. My husband has hip and shoulder issues and prefers a softer mattress. So this matress sounds perfect. I feel much better knowing we get 90 days, Hassel free return, a small company that cares about customer service and options to change firmness.
My question is, do you know why the Aloe Alexis may be even better?
I’ve put this process off for 2 years because there are soooooo many beds out there! And my husband likes being hugged by memory foam and o hate it ! Lol! Sounds like latex may be the answer. Plus I prefer natural materials.
Thank you so much for doing this! This site has really helped me rule a lot if beds out!


I am trying to navigate the abundant information available to make a decision on a new bed. A problem I am having is that I need a boxspring with whatever mattress I purchase, for aesthetic reasons. To match up with our headboard, the top of the mattress needs to sit at least 17 inches high. Every time I find a mattress I like, such as the Dreamfoam, they don’t seem to sell boxsprings along with it. Any idea how I can overcome this problem? I really like what I am reading about this mattress.


Frank Apodaca

Check out our recommendations here.


One of the difficulties of shopping is finding info for your personal preferences. I appreciate this site. I’m a heavy guy at 285 and have abnormally broad shoulders. I’m considering this bed because I have seen it is good for heavy sleepers. Do you have a recommendation between this bed, Ghostbed, and Zenhaven?


Frank Apodaca

Hey Drew,
While we haven’t tested the Ghostbed yet, but Zenhaven is another very high quality mattress with Latex in all layers. Latex will typically last longer than foam mattresses and you can’t go wrong with the Saatva brand. That being said you do want a thicker mattress and the Dreamfoam is 12″ with latex on top and some very high density foams in the support layers. Zenhaven is 11″ but high quality latex throughout. Either option is a good choice.


Great review. I want something that will last and not sag in sleep area after a couple years. Support 300lb and cool. Which is best for me!


Frank Apodaca

This mattress sleeps cool, supports 300lb per individual and the foam densities are higher than average in this price range, so it was built to last. If you’ve landed on this review, its well worth giving Dreamfoam a shot. They’ll work with you on firmness levels.


I found your review very imformative. Can you please let us know what level of firmness (on dreamfoam;s 10 point scale) this mattres was.


Frank Apodaca

It was about a 5 or so.


My son 12yrs old, had bad posture and very slight scoliosis. He is also tall and big for his age. I wonder if it is suitable for his condition?
Thank you


Frank Apodaca

It’s Latex which is very durable and then the support core is also a higher density than average at 2pcf which means better durability as well. Dreamfoam is an excellent choice for anyone under 300lbs. They’ll even work with you on firmness levels when ordering.

Jennifer W

Thank you for your review of all these mattresses. I am trying to decide what we want to purchase for our 5 year old. We were originally thinking a memory foam mattress would be best; but I’m not completely sold on those. I did do some research and narrowed it down to the Leesa memory foam mattress. We have a king size Tempurpedic. While we liked it at first, it now sags and just doesn’t offer the back support I would like to have. I think, now at age 5, our child would be comfortable on just about anything; but I want to invest in a mattress that will grow with her and support her growing spine needs. We also live in TX, so it’s often hot at night. I’m not so sure memory foam is the best option for cooling. I really am liking your review of the Dreamfoam and thinking that might be best for our child; I also like the review of the copper Pangea mattress. Can you help me decide what be the best choice for our child’s needs. I think they would be comfortable on any of those 3 right now; but a mattress in this price range in an investment, so I want to consider what will be best for our child’s needs as they grow. Thanks


Frank Apodaca

Both would be more than enough mattress for a kid as they grow. Latex mattresses are durable, don’t sleep hot and provide excellent support and pressure relief. Just depends whether you want copper infused or Dreamfoam’s higher end base layer.

Shannon Halliday

Hello, thank you for all of your reviews. My boyfriend and I are currently in the market for a new mattress. It is such a daunting task. So many options especially with the new online orders. I am currently torn between the Amerisleep and the Dreamfoam. We currently have a five year old spring mattress with pillow top and it has reached its lifespan i am afraid. Sagging, lack of support. My boyfriend tends to like the firm mattress and I lean towards the medium as i am of slender build and tend to sleep on my side. With all of your testing would you recommend one over the other? Many thanks!


jay brenner

Could you tell me is this still Jess’s personal favorite or has she found something better? This seems like a great option for me as I suffer from chronic pain threw out most of my body. And I don’t have a lot of money. Id really be curious what she has to say. Thanks much J.

Frank Apodaca

Hey Shannon,
I agree, there is a lot of information and misinformation about mattresses and sifting through it can be challenging.
As to your question, both are quality mattresses but both are going to have completely different feels to them. For that reason it comes down to your comfort choices. Memory foam is well known for pressure relief and will “hug” you as your lie on it and the foam comes to temperature. Latex also offers excellent pressure relief but is more responsive than memory foam. Dreamfoam is a latex with a foam support and Amerisleep is a memory foam with foam support. Based solely on your preferences you mentioned and your previous mattress being an innerspring, I would lean towards the Dreamfoam latex mattress. They’ll work with you to find the firmness level that you want.
In any case, let us know how your purchase went!

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