Nectar Mattress Unboxing

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Finding that perfect mattress requires you to do your research, and, today, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a viable option if you’re looking to keep your budget under $1,000. I got my hands on the Nectar queen-sized mattress, and I’m going to be taking a close look at its components to help you decide if it could offer what you’re looking for in a sleep product.

Nectar arrives packaged a little bit differently than other mattresses I’ve unboxed to date. It’s wrapped up in a zippered bag and sealed with a high-durability plastic. I kept the zippered bag as it could serve as a great duffle bag capable of carrying a lot of weight.

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The Nectar Blend

Memory foam is very popular since it offers that visco-elastic component that allows the material to soften under your pressure to conform well with the natural curvature of your spine. Nectar is constructed of four special grade performance layers and a unique cooling cover. Its cover is Tencel and long staple cotton, fully removable, quilted and embroidered. It’s woven and prepared with a healthy aloe gel-based cooling layer.

Nectar uses quilted gel memory foam in the top comfort layer to help circulate air and contour your body. This is followed by a layer of gel memory foam to properly distribute weight and provide pressure relief. You then reach the adaptive hi core memory foam layer. This works to provide support, rebound, and bounce. The base layer of this product reinforces contour and has components to help it breathe.

What I Think So Far

I slept on my Nectar mattress last night, and I’d like to go ahead and share some of my initial impressions.


Nectar describes their mattress as medium-firm, and it does feel like many of the medium-firm products I’ve tried out. Medium products are a good fit for the majority of sleepers, and it also can serve well if your body mass index is between 19 and 25. It also typically accommodates all three primary sleeping positions well.

While I typically tend to prefer a mattress a little on the plusher side, I found the contour provided by the multiple layers of memory foam to be really comfortable.

Bounce and Responsiveness

When it comes to memory foam, traditional products are known to cause you to sink in and can make it difficult to move around. However, I don’t get that feeling with this product. While it does contour well with my body, it doesn’t take it long to bounce back. The support layers help offer this bounce while the upper comfort layers offer that added contouring effect. I think Nectar did a pretty good job marrying comfort and support.

As a combined unit, the Brentwood mattress bounces back quickly. The only exception is the memory foam top layer. Because the material is visco elastic, it takes a couple of seconds for it to return to its original form. If you sleep with someone else, you’ll appreciate the fact that the material combination limits motion transfer. If you do have trouble getting in and out of bed, memory foam may not be your best option. However, I really enjoyed the overall responsiveness of this product.

Full Review Coming Soon

I’ve gotten a small taste of what the Nectar mattress has to offer, but it can take some time to really adjust to a new sleep surface. Over the next week, I’m going to be using this product as well as taking a close look at how it’s made and what it has to offer. Be sure to check back to see what we discover. I’d also recommend taking a look at Nectar’s website.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop us a line below if you have any questions or comments!

**UPDATE** Nectar Mattress Review Here.

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