My Personal Review of the Nectar Luxury Sateen Bed Sheets

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My Personal of the Nectar Luxury Sateen Bed Sheets

If you ever wanted to buy new bedsheets and got lost with all the terms such as “thread count” and “sateen weave”, I can’t say I blame you. Before my obsession with mattresses and bedding items, I too found it hard to understand what on Earth makes one product so much different than another. So I thought hey, instead of confusing you with terms, why don’t I just show and tell?

Today, I wanted to talk about my experience with Nectar’s sheet set. The reason why I felt these sheets deserved some attention is because of their price-to-quality ratio. You’d expect luxurious sheets to costs hundreds of dollars, but Nectar once again meets their customers halfway, so buckle up as I walk you through what this set has to offer.

About Nectar

Nectar may be a rather new bedding company, but it has managed to gather experience and record sales over a really short timeframe. Founded by Ran Reske, Eric Hutchinson, and Craig Schmeizer, this US-based company makes affordable bedding items, but is best known for its signature mattress.

Back in 2018, Nectar generated revenue of $315 billion, which is impressive, to say the least. Nectar may be well-known because of its mattress, but that’s not the only quality product it sells. They make some of the best pillows that money can buy, and even offer a luxurious set of cotton sheets, which are today’s focus.

Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

Nectar’s shipping policy is similar whether you purchase a mattress or a pillowcase. All items are sent for free across the continental US states. Additionally, people that live in Alaska or Hawaii can also order any product from Nectar’s website, but they will have to agree to pay $150, which is the equivalent of shipping fees. It normally takes about two to three business days to ship your order, but also take that error margin and assume the worst when it comes to shipping. I always do, so I’m never disappointed when my products arrive earlier than I calculated.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other Nectar product reviews, I’m not particularly impressed with how they package their products. The bed sheet set items are folded and compressed in a transparent plastic bag with a zipper that grants access to the content. What I did like is the fact that you can repurpose the bag, and use it to store other items inside, as I’m not a fan of wasting plastic. I did notice that my set didn’t come with a Nectar logo anywhere on the package. That’s not necessarily a disadvantage; it’s just something that I found to be rather odd.

Another thing that I appreciate is the bag is sealed in the way that it doesn’t allow any weird smells to penetrate the package, so my sheet set didn’t have any particular scent or major off-gassing. However, cautious as I am, I always like to wash sheets or new clothes, so I always recommend that you wash yours too, regardless of any smells they may or may not have.

Initial Impressions

Regardless of the things I dislike about the packaging, the moment I took these out of their plastic bag, they felt amazing. Considering that the sheets and pillowcases contain 65 percent cotton, they felt like 100 percent cotton to me (the difference shows later on when you use them).

When you first brush your hand against the fabric, you’ll notice that it feels rather different compared to traditional cotton sheets. The surface is much smoother, and it almost feels like your fingers are slipping across the surface of the sheets. It’s clear to me that the microfilament polyester adds shine and smoothness to the fabric, but I think it’s something most visible to people who have experimented with different types of sheet fabrics before.

When I first made contact with the fabric, I assumed that these are highly breathable, because the material felt really cool to the touch.

Construction & Materials

There are basically two types of sheet sets that Nectar offers:

  • First, there’s the cotton sheet set, which is made from long-staple cotton and without using any other types of fabrics in the process. This particular set has a crisp feel to it, but also takes pride in the durability of the fabric, consider that it’s made from combed and ring-spun yarn. This is a set for people who love the feel of actual quality cotton, but also for those who tend to sleep hot and need to be paired with a breathable fabric.
  • Second, you have the sateen bed sheet set, which is a combination of 65 percent ring-spun combed cotton, plus 35 percent of microfilament polyester. The major differences between the two types of sets lie in the heat transfer capacity, as well as the actual feel of the sheets. Compared to the set above, this one has a silkier feel to it, but also retains heat more. The durability is quite similar to that of the cotton set, since the cotton that’s actually used in making the sheets is also quality combed and ring-spun.

Features & Benefits

What you’re going to love about these sheets is that they feel like silk even if they’re priced like cotton. There are two things that I feel make these sheets stand out from an endless pool of similar products: durability and comfort.

I won’t get into product durability very much, since I’ll be talking about it later on in the article, but let me tell you this: the Nectar sheets are designed to be softer with every wash, and they absolutely live up to that promise.

Second: comfort. Comfort is a very subjective matter to discuss, but if you don’t take my word for it, there’s always the experience of other customers for you to consult. Long story short: the Nectar sheets have been praised for their comfort by many different sleepers so, as far as I’m concerned, they make for a very wise bedroom investment.

Other features that you might be interested in knowing include: fitted and flat sheets come with a “foot of the bed” label, the pillowcases feature and envelope enclosure for a snuggly fit, and there is free shipping and returns for continental US orders.

Size Options & Colors

Knowing the size of your bed and mattress can save you a lot of frustration in ordering bedsheets of the right size. As far as Nectar’s sheets are concerned, you can opt between any of the standard sizes, such as:

  • Twin, which includes a flat sheet (67 x 98 inches), one fitted sheet (39 x 76 x 14 inches), and a pillowcase (20 x 26 inches);
  • Twin XL, which includes a flat sheet (67 x 104 inches), a fitted sheet (39 x 80 x 14 inches), and a pillowcase (20 x 26 inches);
  • Full, which includes a flat sheet (88 x 98 inches), a fitted sheet (55 x 76 x 14 inches), and two pillowcases  (20 x 26 inches);
  • Queen, which includes a flat sheet (92 x 104 inches), a fitted sheet (60 x 80 x 14 inches), and two pillowcases (20 x 26 inches);
  • King, which includes a flat sheet (110 x 104 inches), a fitted sheet (76 x 80 x 14 inches), and two pillowcases (20 x 36 inches);
  • Cal King, which includes a flat sheet (110 x 104 inches), a fitted sheet (72 x 84 x 14 inches), and two pillowcases (20 x 36 inches).

While your only color option is white, you do have a saying in the fabric of your bed sheet set, as you can choose between cotton or sateen, depending on which material you’re most comfortable in sleeping with.

Heat Transfer

These sheets feel cool, but they are not the coolest one I’ve ever tested. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’ll notice that the cotton does a good job in allowing the skin to breathe, but that 35 percent use of microfilament polyester makes a difference.

I’m the type of sleeper that doesn’t mind being wrapped in a sheet even during the summer, but these sheets felt warm sometimes even for me. However, their construction makes them perfect for winter use, because microfilament polyester is warmer compared to the basic microfiber alternative. What I would do is use these sheets in spring and fall, when temperatures are moderate (I guess that depends on where you live, though).

Despite the fact that these sheets aren’t the most breathable ones I’ve had the pleasure of sleeping with, they are comfortable enough to be used in any of the other three seasons, so they’re definitely something I’ll be using in the future as well.


Talking about the durability of a product that you haven’t tested for years is pretty difficult, so what I can do is make assumptions based on the construction quality of the sheets. You’ll notice that even after multiple washes, these sheets manage to look even better than the first time you’ve used them.

I didn’t notice any piling, plus it seems that the surface manages to stay smooth throughout multiple washes. There are no visible signs of wear and tear even months after using these sheets, so I’d definitely give them a thumbs up when it comes to durability.

Maintenance, Protection & Care

One of the best parts of owning cotton sheets (and people who’ve experimented with different types of fabric will surely agree with me on this one) is that they are super easy to care for. Most of today’s washing machines already have a special cotton program, with prewash and special care for this type of fabric.

As for the Nectar sheets, maintenance is a breeze. I just throw them in the washing machine, making sure I use non-chlorine bleach when I want to remove nasty stains (spoiler alert: it’s mostly coffee stains). When you put them in the dryer, make sure you tumble dry on medium. These do not require ironing.


If you’ve ever purchased products directly from Nectar’s official website before, you might have already noticed that they have a financing program. Affirm has some really convenient payment options, allowing you to pay as low as $11 per month. Otherwise, the price of the sheets varies depending on the size you choose:

Size Price
Twin size $109
Twin XL size $109
Full size $119
Queen size $119
King size $129
Cal King size $129

Reviews and Feedback

Normally, I like to read plenty of reviews before I actually buy a product. Not only do they help me make an informed buying decision, but even by reading them after I’ve tested the product myself, I might balance out a certain opinion I have on a product because, let me tell you, all product reviews have a drop of subjectivity in them. It’s all about a personal experience, so you can never be 100 percent objective.

I tried searching in the depths of the internet for negative reviews about these sheets, and I could barely find any. Even the negative reviews are ok because they mostly tied to the idea that the sheets feel average, compared to high customer expectations (which we never blame).

However, the vast majority of the people who tested these sheets have vouched for their comfort, claiming that they don’t really feel silky, but rather provide that original cotton feel that people have grown to know and love. All subjectiveness aside, it seems that people love and recommend these sheets.

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Who We Recommend the Nectar Luxury Sateen Bed Sheet Set For

While I’d love to find a product that would fit everyone, I know it doesn’t exist, not in the bedding industry or any other industry for that matter. So, the Nectar Luxury Sateen Bed Sheet Set is something I’d recommend:

  • People who love the feel of silk, but also want to get the benefits that long-staple cotton brings to the table.
  • People who are looking to make a long-term investment in quality bedding, as these sheets are clearly designed to last.
  • People who like their sheets to feel a little bit warm, making them perfect for all non-summer seasons.

Our Final Verdict

The Nectar Luxury Sateen bed sheet sets might have a few downsides, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits that you get from owning a product like this. It’s something that we’d mostly recommend for people who love the feel of sateen, but don’t want to spend too much money on sheets.

They are a long-lasting option, suitable for people that love to buy products from respected industry giants, as Nectar may not be a veteran in the bedding niche, but it has definitely become an expert in quite a short period of time.