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Our Nectar Mattress Protector

A mattress protector isn’t the kind of item you need, but it’s the kind of product you want to have because of several different reasons. Because it prolongs the lifespan of your mattress, a protector is a great way of saving money in the long run, as they can easily be removed from the surface of your bed, washed, and then put back again. Today’s focus falls upon one of the most well-known mattress brands across North American: Nectar.

About Nectar

Nectar may be a company that’s new to the mattress game if you consider how many years of experience they have. But if you were to judge this company based solely on how well it has performed since first launching its signature mattress, Nectar is definitely one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

What makes Nectar really special is the fact that it delivers quality bedding items at really competitive prices. They don’t stand out through their impressive product line-up, as they don’t really have a wide variety of products to offer, nor are they the oldest/wisest/ most eco-friendly bedding company we’ve ever seen. But Nectar creates products you can rely on, and people who shop at Nectar know they won’t be taking any chances.

Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

The shipping policy is similar across all the different products that Nectar has to offer. Nectar offers free shipping for its mattress protector to all the contiguous states in the US, but it charges a shipping fee of $150 from those ordering from Alaska and Hawaii.

One thing that will surprise you when you first receive your protector is to see how thick it actually is. In fact, at first glance, you may think they’ve got your order wrong and you received a duvet instead of a mattress protector. All wrapped up in a plastic package that can be opened from the side zipper, your Nectar mattress pad will seem very bulky because it offers so much more than a thin polyester mattress cover that you get at ridiculously low prices.

Offgassing is typically not an issue with quality mattress protectors (cheap products that are made from polyester might have a smell), and Nectar stands proof of that. Their pad doesn’t have any sort of weird smell when you first open it, but in case yours does, a simple washing or airing should do the trick.

Initial Impressions

Let me start off by saying the Nectar mattress protector is very different compared to any other similar product you may have seen so far. The thickness is the first thing that you’ll be most impressed with and that’s because of the construction of the product itself.

The Nectar mattress protector comes with a quilted cotton cover, which adds a little fit of extra fluff to your mattress. We wouldn’t go so far as saying that it feels like you’re sleeping on an additional comfort layer, but this is definitely one thick mattress pad. Frankly, I believe that “pad” is a much more suitable word for this product than “protector”.

Leaving semantics aside, there are plenty of things that you’ll love about this product if you can get over the fact that it’s thick (not really sure why anyone would be bothered by that aspect, but since it surprised us, we just want you to know what to expect).

Construction & Materials

Four words: Tencel and quilted cotton. This is the simplest way to describe one of the most unusual mattress protectors we’ve seen. Funny enough, we never imagined the possibility of associating a protector with comfort, because no one actually sleeps directly on the protector: we all use sheets on top. But the extra padding of the Nectar protector is definitely something you can look forward to.

When you buy this product, you can basically expect to get a fitted sheet with really deep pockets that are made from Tencel, and that comes with a quilted cover. The padded cotton top is really soft both when you touch it, as well as when you sleep on it.

Features and Benefits

There are a bunch of things that make this protector stand out of the crowd, not just its bulkiness. First of all, it is clear that the product is perfect for spills (a simple Google search will reveal tests that have been performed and point out that regardless of what you spill in bed, it will never get the mattress wet). And, aside from being waterproof, the material is also stain-resistant, which makes it super easy to clean even the most stubborn of stains.

Then, there’s the padding, which can be neglected and will provide a real benefit for those who want a softer mattress feel. It’s basically like sleeping on a mattress that has a duvet on top.

Size Options

If you want a suitable mattress protector for your particular mattress model, you should know all about the available dimensions, as well as the size of your mattress. Across the years, there have been plenty of complaints regarding bedding items that weren’t the right fit, so a simple mattress measurement will solve that problem. Of course, it’s easier for those who already own a Nectar mattress, because they can just buy the corresponding mattress protector.

For everyone else, here are the dimensions:

  • Twin size: 39 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL size: 39 x 80 inches
  • Full size: 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen size: 60 x 80 inches
  • King size: 76 x 80 inches
  • Cal King size: 72 x 84 inches

Note that the pockets of the protector are suitable for mattresses up to 22 inches in depth, and this measurement is the same regardless of the size chosen.

Heat Transfer

This chapter is also important for people that like to benefit from a cooling bed environment. There are two things that make the Nectar mattress protector is one of the most breathable products of its kind: Tencel and cotton. Cotton is a naturally breathable material, but also that can wick away moisture when it needs to. That means that if you ever get the midnight sweats, the protector won’t allow you to sleep in your body’s own humidity.

And then there’s Tencel or, as some people like to call it, the future of breathable fabrics.  Tencel is a natural fiber that’s derived from wood pulp plus a series of other sustainable resources. It’s eco-friendly, naturally cooling, and has really tiny fibers that make it highly breathable.


As always, you can understand more about a product’s durability by analyzing the materials and construction in question. With the Nectar mattress protector, you basically have to learn about cotton and Tencel to know what to expect.

Pretty much everyone knows what the deal with cotton is, so there’s the matter of Tencel. When Tencel is produced, it takes up less space and consumes less water than cotton. Surprisingly enough, Tencel is now considered a luxury fiber, in spite of the fact that it’s actually really sustainable to make.

So, the Nectar mattress protector is basically a combination of two really high-quality materials. When you add the overall construction of a product that’s clearly designed to be thicker compared to its competition, you get a durable mattress pad that checks all the boxes for survivability.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

This particular chapter is probably the first one you should read if you’re looking to buy a mattress protector sold by any brand, to be honest. Since the entire purpose of this product is to protect, that makes it prone to spills, dust, dirt, and plenty of other contaminants, which basically means that it should survive plenty of washing cycles to come.

Since the protector is designed with waterproof material, it’s important to note that you won’t be needing any other product to keep your mattress clean. The Nectar pad will suffice. Caring for it is also really easy because the pad can be washed in your machine and then tumbled dry on a low setting.

Of course, plenty of you might prefer to use a sheet on top of their mattress protector, but considering how soft the Nectar pad is and how efficient it can be in keeping spills at a distance, you might not even want to have another sheet getting in the way. (I still recommend one, though)

As for warranty, it comes equipped with a generous 5-year coverage. By then, you should be looking at a new protector anyways.

You will also benefit from a five-year warranty each time you buy a new mattress protector from Nectar.


As always, the cost of your Nectar mattress protector will depend on the size you need to purchase:

  • Twin size: $79
  • Twin XL size: $79
  • Full size: $84
  • Queen size: $89
  • King size: $99
  • Cal King size: $99

If you are eligible, you can also benefit from Affirm financing. With just a few bucks each month, you can buy this protector without having to pay the entire sum of money upfront. If you are selected, you will have to make a down payment.

Reviews and Feedback

Here’s the thing about buyer expectations: people are often skeptical to pay almost $100 on a mattress protector when they’ve seen so many products in the same category being sold for prices even lower than $15. When you are exposed to underpriced products (which are mostly of a really cheap quality), you expect all products in the same niche to be priced the same, and that assumption is false.

The Nectar mattress protector costs what it costs because it is a high-quality product, and even people who were skeptical about spending so much money on a mattress pad are able to vouch for its quality. Probably the only complaint other than price is the thickness of the product, which is why we wanted to be upfront with you about what you can expect. Other than that, the Nectar mattress protector is a hit amongst its users. It’s soft, fluffy, easy to clean, and actually does what it’s supposed to.

Who We Recommend the Nectar Mattress Protector For

One of the ways we use to tell if a product is actually good or not is by writing this particular section on our review. Normally, products are pretty niches and specialized so that they address a limited number of consumers. But when we discover a product that caters to the need of several buyer categories, we’re always happy to recommend it to those in need.

So, you might want to buy the Nectar mattress protector if you:

  • Have children that often make a mess in bed, not just by spilling things, but also by eating stuff and getting crumbs and bits of food all over the bed.
  • Have pets you share your bed with and want to prolong the lifespan of your mattress (no, cat’s claws don’t sink in that deep to actually reach the mattress if you have this baby placed on top).
  • Like to enjoy munching on snacks and treats while you’re still in bed. Also applies to coffee lovers, those who enjoy a midnight snack in bed, and those who eat their cereal still in their pajamas.
  • People who could use adding a little bit of softness and comfort to their mattress (and especially those who like to sleep on their sides and need as much pressure relief as possible).
  • People who tend to sleep hot and need fabrics that actually help air circulate underneath their bodies.
  • People who own a mattress that measures a maximum of 22 inches in height.

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Our Final Verdict

There are plenty of things that you can say about the Nectar mattress protector, and they’re all positive. Of course, to determine if this product is for you, you’re going to have to think long and hard about the three most important things that you need a mattress pad to do.

Does it have to protect against spills/be waterproof? Does it have to be breathable? Should it be moisture-wicking? Do you need extra padding? Are you on a strict budget and can only spend so much money on a mattress pad? The best part is that, even if you answered “yes” to all of these questions, the Nectar mattress protector can deliver everything you’ve asked for.